Undefeatable – Ch458

Chapter 458 – Death!

This was the first time Luo Tian engraved the Meteorite Array.

He didn’t have that much hope.


What he didn’t expect was a piece of rock the size of half a fist to come down. This made him unsure if he should laugh or cry about it.

He was not discouraged by failure though.

Since this was his first attempt, Luo Tian wasn’t too depressed about it.


Liu Kun was laughing so hard that he couldn’t even close his mouth if he wanted to! The one hundred elite disciples were the same as they mocked Luo Tian.

“This is too funny!”

“I thought the Meteorite Array was going to be something super powerful and almost pee’d my pants from fear. So it was actually just a pebble. Luo Tian, who are you trying to smash with such a large rock?”


“It’s really too hard not to laugh. I have never seen such a trashy person in my life.”

Sounds of insult and mockery started up.

The energy of the array was weakening.

At this time…

The sky gradually darkened. Even though they were in the depths of the sea, they were still able to see the sunlight above. Yet at this instance, the sky had darkened.


“It’s not night time yet, so is it going to rain soon?”

“It doesn’t look like rain clouds.”

“It’s getting darker. What’s going on? See how the other areas aren’t affected?”

Everyone was looking up.

They found a mass of darkness had covered them like a large ship had floated above their heads.

Wang Fu muttered: “What a large rock!”


There was an extremely loud sound on the surface of the water, very similar to a nuclear explosion.


Water splashed up and towered into the sky.

A violent shockwave shot outwards over ten thousand kilometers. The waves became bigger and taller and eventually formed a huge tsunami. It surged outwards like crazy and even swallowed up some smaller islands nearby.

Liu Kun still had a smile of ridicule on his face. When he looked up, his expression suddenly changed as he shouted in shock: “Run!”

His face immediately paled in shock!

A rock! A humongous rock that contained the energy to break through the void was barreling towards them!

Luo Tian had frightened himself, “Damn, this is a bit too strong! I was hoping a few rocks would descend and didn’t expect a single huge rock like that. This is going to be quite deadly!”

He was genuinely surprised.

He didn’t imagine that the first array he created would bring in such a large meteorite from beyond the atmosphere and make it descend smack dab on target.

At this time…

Those elite disciples who were previously smug to the extreme had become like frightened birds. They were trying to escape like that had lost their minds, but the array’s energy barrier was still up and hadn’t fully disappeared yet. With the addition of their emotional panicking state, only several disciples managed to escape from certain weak areas.



The huge rock smashed down heavily!

The explosion seemed to rock the nine heavens and the netherworld!

The impact caused shockwaves to surge out continuously.

The powerful force of impact surged out like a tsunami and triggered a volcano a hundred thousand kilometers away. Lava shot out and overflowed, causing the entire Dark North Sea to violently shake to no ends.

Somewhere known as the Dark North Abyss…

A pair of huge eyes faintly opened.





System alert tones kept ringing. Luo Tian almost couldn’t stand properly amongst the sand and dust blowing everywhere. Wang Fu and the others were directly forced tumbling backward since they were unable to resist such a powerful impact force.

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian…”


“Undefeated value +1.”

“Undefeated value +1.”

The congratulatory alerts by the system were ear-deafening.

As the huge rock descended, it covered the entire surface area of the array. Everyone had turned into meat paste underneath the huge rock.

The few that managed to escape were struck by the shockwave and could barely stand up.

Liu Kun was gasping for breath while leaning up against a boulder. When he looked at the humongous meteorite, his face paled like ash while his eyes clearly showed his thoughts and fear – this array is too powerful!


Luo Tian’s figure leaped over and landed next to Liu Kun. His mouth curved into a cold smile as he said: “Third Elder; weren’t you just laughing with such gusto? Come, come, come, laugh again for me to see.”

“Luo Tian!”

“Stop acting so arrogant! This place is the Ghost Merman Sect! What do you think you can do here?!”

“What can trash with a crippled dantian do here?!”


“You probably don’t know but the Dark North City you know of doesn’t exist anymore. The Princess Dark North you guys are trying so hard to protect has already been captured. She is inside our Ghost Merman Sect right now. Just relying on a piece of trash like you and you wish to destroy my Ghost Merman Sect?!”

“You’re basically dreaming!”

“If you know what’s good for you, you better scram far away from the Dark North Sea. Otherwise…” Liu Kun was glaring at Luo Tian and speaking in an over-the-top arrogant manner.

Luo Tian’s gaze turned ferocious.

He didn’t expect there would be such a sudden change to Dark North City.

Even Princess Dark North was captured!

One can imagine that Yang Lin was most likely dead then.

Even though Luo Tian didn’t really like Yang Lin, everything he did was for the good of Dark North City.

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed. He didn’t let Liu Kun finish his words and just directly stepped onto his face. This was a heavy and fierce stomp while he shouted: “You guys are all courting death!”

“Level 5 Berserk!”


Immortal force was released right afterward.

The energy exploded forth from his right leg.


Liu Kun’s head had burst from being stepped on! Fresh blood and brain matter splattered all over the ground!

Luo Tian looked back up in a certain direction before shouting: “Ma Sheng, you damn dog thing! You are absolutely courting death!”


Extreme rage!

Who would’ve imagined these Mermans were that despicable!

He didn’t know what had exactly happened inside Dark North City, but he was placing all the blame onto Ma Sheng.

Wang Fu rushed up in a hurry as they had all heard what Liu Kun had said. Rage was coursing through them as he asked: “What should we do now?”

“What else is there to do?”

“Kill our way over!”

“If those beasts dare to do anything untoward to the Princess, we shall f*ck up all eighteen generations of their ancestors!”

These four had received some forms of kindness from the Princess before.

It was time to repay that kindness.

Luo Tian smiled in a gloomy manner and said: “Your words are correct. We just need to directly kill our way over.”


Ghost Merman Sect’s main hall.


“Garbage! They are all garbage!”

“That dumb idiot Liu Kun actually told them everything!”

“Did shit somehow enter his brains?!”

Ma Sheng was yelling to vent his anger. He clenched his fists while his gaze turned cold before shouting: “Kid, I want to see what other abilities you have!”

“Ma Cheng, listen up for your orders!”

Grand Elder Ma Cheng was Ma Sheng’s biological younger brother. He walked forward and cupped his hands, “Please relay your orders, Sect Leader!”

Ma Sheng said with a smile: “Have all the disciples of the Elite Hall set out. That kid loves to play around with arrays, right? Let’s display our Merfolk race’s Dark Sea Ghost Array. Remember, I want him to die a horrible death!”

“Order received!”


Another area of the Ghost Merman Sect.

“Your ability can see the future and contains the power of fate. This kind of ability is really quite special.”

The black robed elder looked at Princess Dark North with a smile and asked: “So can you see my fate?”

He really wanted to know!

Princess Dark North replied with a calm expression: “Death!”

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