Undefeatable – Ch459

Chapter 459 – Strong To The Point Of Being Outrageous


The black robed elder’s expression turned serious as he coldly sneered: “Is there a way to change my fate?”


Princess Dark North’s reply was simple and direct.

The black robed elder’s expression didn’t have any drastic changes. He showed a faint smile and said in neither fast nor slow manner: “Grand Elder said you had the abilities to predict the future. We would classify it as a power of fate, a power that does not belong to this continent but something from beyond. I really don’t understand why I would die. Who actually has the capability of killing me?”

While speaking to this point…

The black robed elder’s tone changed at the end of his sentence. His expression turned fierce as he coldly said: “Just relying on a kid that knows a bit about arrays?”

“Princess, I think you’re over thinking things.”

“That kid does have qualities that make him different from others, but not to mention me, he might not even make it through the Ghost Merman Sect.”

Profound Ancestor 9th rank.

That kind of cultivation realm was way too weak.

It really wasn’t considered much in the Ghost Merman Sect.

Even though Luo Tian’s cultivation had surpassed a portion of the Ghost Merman Sect disciples, Ma Sheng’s cultivation realm could absolutely suppress him.

And his own cultivation was above Ma Sheng, so there was no need for him to make a move personally!

Princess Dark North didn’t say anything else.

Her expression was very calm and showed no intention to argue about it.




Footsteps like thunder while their killing intent surged high into the sky!

Not long after…

Seven to eight hundred Elite Hall disciples rushed out like a surging tide.

Luo Tian was somewhat startled by this before coldly smiling. “Oh? Looks like there are quite a bit of mermen this time. I’m going to get a bunch of experience points again.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian said: “Wang Fu, you and the rest should back up. With your current strength, you guys won’t be able to resist for more than a minute. You will only distract me if you stay, so it’s best if you withdraw for now.”

Wang Fu and the others glanced at each other.

Immediately after…

Wang Fu replied with seriousness: “Brother Luo, please be extra careful then.”

After saying that, the four of them quickly retreated backward.

Luo Tian finally felt some relief when they retreated for quite a distance. Only when there was no one around him could he go crazy and not hold back anything.

Ma Cheng stepped forward and pulled out his sword. He then pointed it at Luo Tian and shouted: “Kill him for me!”




Their voices shook the sky!

Those elite disciples were like a flood of ferocious beasts as they charged towards Luo Tian. Every one of them was releasing their most powerful attacks towards him!

Luo Tian was clenching his fists. His gaze was locked onto Ma Cheng as he said to himself: “Capture the ringleader first before getting rid of the followers. Once I kill you, the emotions of those disciples will definitely become chaotic. At that time, I could easily kill them one by one.”

Watching those mermen charge over…

Luo Tian calmed his breathing and forced out all unnecessary thoughts. He seemed to have achieved a state similar to heaven and man as one.

His eyes were motionless, similar to a falcon that had locked onto its prey!

Inside the main hall.

Ma Sheng suddenly shouted: “Be careful little brother!”

“Damn dog thing!”

“If you dare to injure my little brother, I’m going to rip you up into tens of thousands of pieces!” Ma Sheng shouted in shock.

His figure then transformed into a beam of light and shot out.

Also around this time…

Ma Sheng’s voice finally arrived, but Luo Tian’s figure had already disappeared as he shouted: “Shadow Clone, Shadow Shift!”


His physical body became an incorporeal body that seemed to be made up of darkness.

Within an instant…

Luo Tian arrived in front of Ma Cheng and grinned. He had already condensed his powers before heavily smashing out with a devastating attack: “Skysoul Palms!”


Everything happened too quickly.

No one imagined Luo Tian would make Ma Cheng his first target. His movement was like a ghost so no one was able to see what happened.

When Ma Cheng heard his big brother Ma Sheng shout out in warning, he started focusing on his surroundings. But it was too late already. Even though he was an expert at the Profound Venerate realm, he wasn’t able to react in time so he could only resist Luo Tian’s attack with his physical body.

Two palm strikes landed on his chest.

His chest felt like it was about to split apart!

It was extremely uncomfortable! His body was like a piece of damaged thread as it was smashed flying.

Luo Tian frowned as he said to himself: “He’s not dead yet?”

The system would naturally sound an alert if his opponent dies. If there weren’t any alerts, that clearly meant they were not dead yet.

This was the most effective way to determine if someone was dead or not.

Right after that…

Luo Tian shouted: “Shadewind Steps, level 6!”


Without letting Ma Cheng’s figure fall down, Luo Tian had already arrived at his target location. His right leg stomped down and launched his body up into the air. An uppercut then accurately landed on Ma Cheng’s back.

Ma Cheng’s body was once again smashed into the air.

Luo Tian’s figure instantly appeared above Ma Cheng before clenching his hands into fists. He then sneered ferociously and said: “Let’s see if you’re going to die now!”

“Bang~, bang~, bang~…!”

Punches started raining down!

When Ma Cheng was first struck by Luo Tian, he was already dizzy from the attack. He was thinking that Luo Tian wouldn’t chase after him after being smashed flying. Who would’ve imagined that Luo Tian was a madman and had already calculated a backup plan? His speed and combat analytical skills were too strong!

No matter how strong Ma Cheng’s fleshly body was, he wasn’t able to change the outcome.


Ma Cheng’s body fell down from high in the air.

A huge pit appeared on the ground, and the sand and gravel from the seabed splashed out all over the place.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing Ma Cheng. You have gained 80,000 experience points, 8000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining…”

Luo Tian glanced at the loot explosion and his expression turned into disdain. “Shit, what a letdown. Everything that exploded out is garbage.”

The seven to eight hundred Elite Hall disciples were dumbstruck.

Their Grand Elder was killed just like that.

Accurately speaking – he was basically played to death and didn’t have any strength to fight back.

Everyone was clenching their jaws so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard. Several disciples in the lead shouted: “Kill him!”

They then turned around to charge straight for Luo Tian.

Luo Tian grinned. The instant they arrived, his figure disappeared and arrived back at his original position. He pulled back his arm and used his leg to support his arch. His figure produced a bright light before he charged forward.

His right hand then smashed forward!



He attacked again and caused another death!

Those Elite Hall disciples didn’t know that Luo Tian had already appeared to their rear.

Luo Tian was killing them like he was cutting up cabbage.

“Whoosh~, crack~!”

People kept keeling over and alert tones kept sounding off.

When the group finally realized what was going on, there were already dozens of corpses behind them. First, the Grand Elder was smashed to his death. And now, there were so many disciples being killed. Their momentum instantly became chaotic and their will to fight had disappeared. The only thought they had now was to escape!

“Big brother, is he still human?”

“Instant kill! It has always been instant kills! How come his Profound Ancestor 9th rank strength is completely different from the Ghost Merman Sect disciples who are also at the Profound Ancestor 9th rank?”

“First was the Meteorite Array. Then it was a powerful shadow shifting skill that directly killed the Grand Elder. What kind of powers is Luo Tian hiding? He is way too strong, to the point of it being outrageous.”

“What should I do? I’m starting to feel a sense of worship towards him.”

Wang Fu’s brows were furrowed. His expression became serious as he muttered: “The earlier he exposes his strength, the more dangerous the situation becomes. Ma Sheng will most likely be here soon.”

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