Undefeatable – Ch462

Chapter 462 – Sharingan, Eye Skill

The moment he leveled up…

Luo Tian didn’t bother looking at the system interface to see what new martial skill he had gained.

When the system alert prompted whether he was going to cultivate the skill or not…

There was no hesitation as he just said “yes!” in his mind.

At this time…

When dealing with Ma Sheng’s tsunami-like pressure, Luo Tian didn’t move. His mouth curled up into an incredibly cold smile as he said: “You still wish to use your oppressive pressure to restrict me? Ma Sheng; you think that by being a few small realms higher than me, you can still crush me with pressure?”

Releasing one’s oppressive pressure was used by someone of higher cultivation to deal with those at lower cultivation.

Under normal circumstances…

Those at the lower cultivation realm will have a hard time resisting it.

Once one releases their oppressive pressure, those at a weaker level wouldn’t be able to move. This was a cultivation law of the Tianxuan Continent that couldn’t be broken.

The best method to deal with Luo Tian, which is also the more direct method, was to use one’s oppressive pressure so he couldn’t move and then kill him with a single strike!

Ma Sheng started laughing in a crazy manner before saying: “Profound Venerate 1st rank? No matter how much stronger you’ve become, there’s no way you can resist against my pressure attack. Luo Tian, you’re not even comparable to an ant in my eyes. Do you really think you are capable of resisting my pressure?”

While saying this…

Ma Sheng made the pressure stronger.

An incomparably dense power crushed down!

Luo Tian’s body faintly lowered while his sea of consciousness started becoming turbulent. His gaze tightened as the feeling of having a mountain weighing on top of his brain didn’t feel too good. He was getting super pissed now as he said internally: “You enjoy using your oppressive pressure as an attack, huh?”


“This daddy will let you use it as much as you want!”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian’s body sank lower as he revealed a painful expression. His body kept sinking lower as he started struggling fiercely.

He didn’t put up any resistance in his sea of consciousness.

Under Luo Tian’s control, his grim reaper’s path of slaughter had concealed itself while lying low.

He was waiting.

Waiting for the optimal opportunity!

“This is bad!”

“Luo Tian is only at the Profound Venerate 1st rank while Ma Sheng’s cultivation is much higher than his. If he uses his oppressive pressure against Luo Tian, there’s no way out for Luo Tian to avoid it.”

“Ma Sheng, you are truly a despicable individual!”

“If you have the skills, don’t use your oppressive pressure! Fight him fair and square if you have the guts!”

Wang Fu and the others became anxious.

They couldn’t help out in any way so they could only open their mouths and start scolding.

Ma Sheng’s gaze turned gloomy. He looked over at Wang Fu and the others and flicked his sleeves. A raging wave directly swept out while he shouted: “Scram aside for me!”

The energy wave surged over.

Wang Fu was incapable of blocking it.

The four of them were instantly smashed flying by it!

They were thrown a thousand meters away!

Their cultivation was too low so there was no way for them to deal with Ma Sheng’s powers.

Ma Sheng coldly scoffed before turning his gaze back to Luo Tian. “It’s finally quiet now. Luo Tian, it’s not very comfortable being crushed by my pressure, right? Hahaha…this is the result of having a low cultivation realm! And you still wish to fight with me?”

“And you dare say crap like destroying my Ghost Merman Sect?”

“Just relying on a piece of trash like you?”


“I’m unclear on what kind of special ability Princess Dark North has, but the person that destroys my Ghost Merman Sect will absolutely not be you. If I can’t even take care of a piece of trash with a crippled dantian, then how would I, Ma Sheng become the Dark North King?”


Ma Sheng started laughing madly filled with smugness. After speaking each sentence, he would take a single step forward and eventually reach next to Luo Tian.

Those Ghost Merman Sect disciples behind him were all shouting: “Dark North King! Dark North King! Dark North King…!”

Their voices shook the sky!

For them, Luo Tian had already become a fish on the chopping board. He could be gotten rid of easily with just a single slash.

He walked up next to Luo Tian.

Ma Sheng’s mouth curled into a disdainful smile as he said: “Kid, you can go to hell for me now.”

His right hand moved.

All the immortal force from the previous inner core he used surged out as he reached towards Luo Tian’s head.

At this moment…

Luo Tian suddenly looked up.

His body was wound tight like a bow. With a shout, the grim reaper’s path of slaughter hiding in his sea of consciousness suddenly charged out. The oppressive pressure from Ma Sheng was instantly killed off without a trace left behind!

Also at this moment…

Luo Tian roared madly as ten inner cores’ worth of energy exploded forth. He then shouted: “You’re the one that’s going to die!”

His tone was beyond arrogant!

His body was like thunder as he charged out!

“Skysoul Palm!”


Too sudden!

How could Luo Tian, who was being held down by the oppressive pressure suddenly explode forth with such ferocious might? Wasn’t he unable to move from the pressure?

No one could understand what was going on!

Luo Tian’s sea of consciousness had increased by ten thousand times at Dark Mountain Corpse City.

When he was still in the Profound Ancestor realm, it was true that he was unable to break past Ma Sheng’s pressure. But now that he reached the Profound Venerate realm, he already had the ability to shatter Ma Sheng’s pressure and was no longer hindered by it.

In other words…

Luo Tian leveled up while Ma Sheng’s cultivation remained the same.


Luo Tian no longer feared Ma Sheng’s oppressive pressure. If it was a short while ago, he really had no way to deal with it. But now…

Luo Tian’s steps were like thunder while his palms manifested a thousand phantom images. The palms continuously slammed into Ma Sheng’s chest while he shouted: “Using your oppressive pressure on this daddy, huh?! Mocking this daddy, huh?! Acting arrogant in front of this daddy, huh?!”

“Do it again!”

“Do it f*cking again!”




The attacks were striking like crazy!

Ma Sheng’s body was caved in and his chest looked like they were being penetrated by Luo Tian’s palms. He was feeling extreme discomfort! With his cultivation level, his fleshly body had been raised to an extremely high realm so your typical attack was useless against him.

But Luo Tian’s attack contained immortal force!

Immortal force exploding out from ten inner cores!

One can imagine how powerful those attacks were!

“Puff~… puff~… puff~…”

Blood spurted out like crazy!

Ma Sheng felt like his internal organs had been shattered.

His face turned extremely pale!

Ma Sheng was truly very strong. Even under the barrage of heavy attacks from Luo Tian, he never lost his ability to put up some resistance. One of his feet stomped down and propped up his body that was sliding backward before he threw a retaliatory palm strike at Luo Tian.

Luo Tian furrowed his brows as he shifted his body.

The time it takes for a spark to fall off a flint…

Ma Sheng’s body suddenly shot back as he jumped over a thousand meters away. He was covered in cold sweat and was gasping for air. If Luo Tian had taken that palm strike of his, head-on, and kept on continuously striking him, he would most likely be smashed to death at that point.


Since he had escaped the barrage of attacks, he will no longer die.

“Fuuu~… fuuu~… fuuu~…”

Ma Sheng was panting like a cow while his eyes glared at Luo Tian like he was going to swallow him whole. He clenched his teeth and said: “You have completely enraged me now, and you will suffer the consequences for it.”

Luo Tian smiled coldly and replied: “Weren’t you already enraged by me early on? Didn’t you want me to die as well? So have I died yet? Nope, I am still alive and well. Now, I would really like to see how you’re going to make me suffer the horrible consequences of it.”

Ma Sheng roared into the air: “Beast Transformation!”

His body started changing like crazy!

He transformed into a huge prehistoric-looking fish!

His entire body was brimming with tremendous power. Most likely even immortal force couldn’t penetrate that fleshly body of his!


Luo Tian’s expression changed as he said to himself: “Oh damn!”

At the same time…

Luo Tian’s mouth curved into a confident smile before saying, “If that’s the case, then I’ll let you experience the martial skill that I have been recently training in!”


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