Undefeatable – Ch464

Chapter 464 – Spare Not A Single Person!

“Kill him!”

“Avenge our Sect Leader!”

“He has suffered a serious injury! That kid can forget about escaping even if he has wings!”

For a brief moment…

Those Ghost Merman Sect disciples all rushed over.

It was unknown when…

Wang Fu and the others dragged their injured bodies over and stood next to Luo Tian. He then said with a faint smile: “Brother Luo, you really did it! You really managed to kill the Ghost Merman Sect’s leader, Ma Sheng! Hahaha…”


“Admirations to you! If it’s possible, please accept this kneel from me since I cannot hold back my admiration towards you. You are practically a God! A God-like existence! Hahaha…” Wang Fu said loudly.

“With Ma Sheng’s death, the Ghost Merman Sect no longer has the ability to move against Dark North City.” Wang Lai added in.

At this moment…

The four brothers all had a faint smile on their faces.

They were preparing themselves for death!

Since Ma Sheng has died, they wouldn’t even show a frown if they had to die here right now. There was no way they were going to back off half a step when facing these Ghost Merman Sect disciples rushing over. There was no way Luo Tian could make them leave either.

Luo Tian replied with a faint smile: “It’s not over yet. It’s far from being over!”

Princess Dark North has been captured.

They didn’t know how Dark North City was faring right now.

There were too many things for Luo Tian to do.

The first thing he had to do was to kill off all the mermen from the Ghost Merman Sect to prevent future problems.


He had to put in some effort for his undefeated points.


Luo Tian started laughing madly before saying: “Since you guys are prepared to die, then we might as well go all out crazy! But the most important thing is to keep living. Something might have happened to your General Yang, so Dark North City cannot do without you guys!”

Wang Fu’s heart sank. He clenched his fists while his gaze focused on those Ghost Merman Sect disciples. He then roared into the air: “Kill!”

The other three were the same. They charged out like they were enraged while shouting: “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Luo Tian instantly cast four beams of Healing Art to lessen their injuries.

Right after…

He also cast Healing Art on himself. But what made him surprised was that the pain he was experiencing didn’t lessen at all. “Huh? What’s going on? Is Healing Art broken or something?”

It was completely useless!

Was Healing Art broken?

Luo Tian tried again and the results were the same.

His heart sank as he said to himself: “Could it be that the sequelae of Sharingan cannot be alleviated by any medicinal pills or healing skills? Shit! Your sister, you damn system!”


A sudden loud sound was heard.

This disrupted Luo Tian’s thoughts. At this time, Wang Fu and the others had started fighting with the Ghost Merman Sect disciples.

Luo Tian took a step forward.


Heat and steam started rising below his foot. Even though they were in the depths of the sea, the steam still managed to rise because it was made up of pure energy.

His body slanted forward a bit before his rear leg stomped down. His figure shot forward while his arms were pulled back behind him. His fists turned crimson red and looked like a meteor. His grim reaper’s path of slaughter aura was surging out of his body and enshrouded the entire Ghost Merman Sect.

This time…

Not a single Ghost Merman Sect disciple will be spared!


Luo Tian’s fists were like harvesters; they crazily suppressed and killed all those before him. A series of fists covered in fire smashed out, and each strike would steal the life of a Ghost Merman Sect disciple. His experience points, profound energy, and undefeated points kept rising!

A massacre!

This kind of feeling was too great!

There was a large gap in the number of people and their cultivation realms.


Luo Tian brought Wang Fu and the others and steamrolled over everyone, creating a one-sided situation. Those once-powerful Ghost Merman Sect disciples had now become cabbage and radishes as Luo Tian suppressed them all alone.

They had no way of resisting.


“They are getting scared!”

“Do you see how they are pissing and farting in their pants? It’s all caused by fear!”

Wang Fu and the others started laughing madly.

The longer they fought, the more courageous they felt. This allowed them to demonstrate the highest degree of powers they were capable of.

They were extremely grateful inside their hearts.

They were grateful to Luo Tian for giving them this opportunity. They were grateful to Luo Tian for casting some type of healing skill on them. The emotions they were feeling inside had reached an indescribable level!

Luo Tian was laughing madly as well before saying: “Kill! Don’t spare a single one of them!”

On the side of the Ghost Merman Sect.

Those Elders were continuously shuffling backward in retreat.

The entire Ghost Merman Sect had entered a scenario where they couldn’t block Luo Tian, who was just a single person!

“Fifth Elder, didn’t you say that kid had suffered a serious injury?”

“Second Elder, didn’t you say you were going to kill him to avenge our Sect Leader? You should go up then. That kid’s cultivation is only at the Profound Venerate 1st rank while you’re at the Profound Venerate 6th rank. You can easily kill him. Go on up!”

“Go your grandpa! Why aren’t you going?”

“Elite Hall disciples, go and hold him back!”

“Hold him back with all you’ve got!”

Those Elders started fleeing madly.

Seeing how the Elders were running for their lives, the disciples no longer had the will to fight and started running as well.

Ma Sheng was the Ghost Merman Sect’s core.

Everyone started panicking once he died.

If the members of the Ghost Merman Sect resisted to their last breath, most likely even ten more Luo Tian’s here would still die. When Luo Tian saw them like this, he couldn’t help thinking of Mount Hua Immortal Sect. A single core person for an immortal sect wasn’t enough. If he wanted to make changes to Mount Hua Immortal Sect, he had to develop more people.

If one person fell, there had to be another person that could step up!

“That’s right!”

“The Starsea Envoy; he’s still staying in our Ghost Merman Sect. He can definitely take care of that kid and easily kill him off.”

“Quick, quick, quick! You guys block him while I’ll immediately go find the Starsea Envoy!”

One of the Elders remembered the Starsea Envoy hadn’t left yet and suddenly found a trace of hope.

Ghost Merman Sect.

The black robed elder had a sneer that clearly showed his anger. He frowned while gazing at the Elder gasping for breath. His body moved and directly penetrated through that Elder’s figure before commenting: “Garbage!”

As his voice faded…

That Elder’s body immediately exploded.

Too strong!

Princess Dark North said calmly: “I already said that Ma Sheng will die.”

The black robed elder turned around and coldly scoffed: “Even if he didn’t kill Ma Sheng, I would’ve killed him myself. It doesn’t matter if he dies by that kid’s hands or dies by mine, he had to die anyway. You only saw Ma Sheng’s death but when it comes to who did it, you couldn’t see it.”

“You said I would die.”

“Who in this world won’t die? Even Profound Gods and Profound God Sovereigns have a limit to their longevity. You will die and they will die eventually too.”


“I may die, but it absolutely won’t be today or at the hands of that kid.”

The black robed elder said this in neither fast nor slow tone.

He believed Princess Dark North had a special ability because the Starsea Immortal Sect’s Grand Elder believed in it. This was why he had complete faith in it.


He refused to believe he would die soon, at least not today!

Princess Dark North didn’t reply and only smiled faintly in response. Her smile was so beautiful that it looked like a gorgeous Flower of Death.

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