Undefeatable – Ch465

Chapter 465 – A Boss Appears!


It was something that cannot be seen or touched.

Some people believed in it while some didn’t.

Luo Tian never believed in fate because he only believed in his own fists.


This was originally an act that defied the heavens.

Striving against the heavens, fighting against the heavens.

Surpassing all shackles and reaching a height beyond what the heavens could control.


Most people were dancing in the palms of fate.

The black robed elder believed in fate, but he didn’t believe in the words of Princess Dark North. Even if he dies, it wouldn’t be in a place like this or in the hands of that trashy kid, Luo Tian.

Ma Sheng died because he was careless.

It was because Luo Tian just happened to stab him in a vulnerable spot by luck.

He wasn’t Ma Sheng and didn’t have any special vulnerable spots. His strength was much greater than Ma Sheng by a lot!

The black robed elder’s eyes turned cold as he said with a faint smile: “You wait here obediently and watch how I’ll twist his head off for you to see!”

Princess Dark North remained silent like always.

Even though she had the power of fate, she was someone like Luo Tian who didn’t really believe that it was fixed. She too believed in herself. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have tried a few times to change the future and to change the fate of some people.


She hadn’t succeeded once!

It wasn’t because the heavens had already arranged everything, it was because her strength wasn’t sufficient to change fate yet.

There were times when she really hated her ability.

She could see the future yet unable to change it. The pain she feels from it was greater than most people could imagine.

The black robed elder created a barrier when he left the small courtyard before turning into a beam of light and flying away.

Princess Dark North walked over to the entrance and looked off into the distance. She clasped her hands together and started praying: “Oh mighty God of Fate, I am sincerely begging you to protect him. I am willing to be your most loyal servant and dedicate my life to serving you.”

She only saw the death of the black robed elder.

Just like what the black-robed elder said, she didn’t see when he dies or whose hand will cause his death.

At this time…

She started worrying about Luo Tian.

After all, the gap in strength between those two was simply too large.

The black robed elder was much stronger than Ma Sheng. And since he was someone from the immortal sects, his control over immortal force was definitely much more proficient than Ma Sheng as well.

Princess Dark North was praying in a devout manner.


One killed every second!

Behind Luo Tian were corpses everywhere.

The corpses’ were slowly rising up in the seawater. And with the flow of the current, those merman corpses gradually disappeared into other parts of the dark sea.

Luo Tian was covered in blood. He didn’t show these mermen any mercy and just killed whoever he saw. Every time he killed someone, he would say a number which made Wang Fu and the others confused.




This was the number of Undefeated points!

Luo Tian would say the number of Undefeated points he had after each kill. He was secretly ecstatic while saying to himself: “I’m only missing 200+ points before I can exchange for my third bloodline! Then, I will only be lacking one more from the four divine beast bloodlines. One year’s worth of time should be enough! Hahaha…”

“Murong Wanjian!”

“By that time, your true dragon’s bloodline can only tremble in front of me. This daddy will definitely explode you! You wish to fight with me over a woman? You just wait there quietly for me!”

“Brother Luo, the left side!”

Wang Lu advised him.

Luo Tian’s left arm moved and instantly killed that merman. He then coldly smirked before saying “ 1771!”

The entire time…

Wang Fu and the other three only took action several times. Most of the time, they were only watching the surroundings and alerting him to attacks. Because of Luo Tian, these four were basically uninjured.

Those four were very clear…

Luo Tian had a special ability where killing sea demonic beasts allowed him to make breakthroughs. Killing these mermen from the Ghost Merman Sect was also the same, so they would beat a Ghost Merman Sect to the edge of death before sending them over to Luo Tian to kill.

“Where’s the Envoy?”

“Where’s that Starsea Immortal Sect Envoy?”

“How come he hasn’t come yet? That coward Second Elder must have run away instead! I knew all along that he had evil intentions. He ran away after using the excuse of looking for the Envoy! Our entire Ghost Merman Sect is ashamed of having someone like him!”

“What should we do?”

“What should we do? That kid has already killed his way to the outside of the main hall. If no one else can block him, our Ghost Merman Sect will really be finished.”

“What a despicable bastard!”

“Fifth Elder, quickly think of something! We can’t just sit here and wait for our death, right?”

“What solution do you think I can come up with? Even the Sect Leader was stabbed to death by his sword, so whom among us is his opponent?”

The main hall was filled with the members of the Ghost Merman Sect.

Everyone was in fear.

Luo Tian was just too terrifying.

The ghastly killing intent coming from Luo Tian made every one of them feel like they had entered the lowest level of hell. It was so uncomfortable that it was similar to the grim reaper’s scythe resting on their necks right now. The slightest movement and they would lose their life right away.


“So awesome!”

“The Ghost Merman Sect would actually have a day when they know the word fear.”

Luo Tian brought Wang Fu and the others and stepped into the Ghost Merman Sect’s main square that was right outside the main hall. Luo Tian gave a roar that enshrouded the entire Ghost Merman Sect: “Quickly hand Princess Dark North over! You better hurry it up if you don’t want to die!”

His voice shook the sky!

Inside the main hall.

“Quick, quick, quick! Quickly get that woman and hand her over to him!”

“He’s a madman!”

“He practically destroyed our Ghost Merman Sect for just a woman!”

“That won’t do. The woman has already been handed over to the Starsea Envoy. I’m afraid we will…”

“What should we do then?”

Everyone was panicking.

They were like a bunch of ants running around a hot pot without any solutions.

They also lacked the ability to fight back!

They were really screwed over by Luo Tian this time.

Within the main square, those disciples kept inching backward while Luo Tian kept walking forward.


Luo Tian frowned while he raised his hand to block Wang Fu and the others. “Watch out!”

As his voice faded…

A black shadow descended from the sky!

In the eyes of others, a black shadow had landed. But in the eyes of Luo Tian, it was a blinding golden light! He started smiling with excitement, “I knew the Ghost Merman Sect would have a stronger boss! You have finally appeared!”


Below the elderly person’s feet was a powerful shockwave that rippled outwards.

Those Ghost Merman Sect disciples had their heart meridians shattered by the ripples of pure energy. They instantly died as a result!

Luo Tian’s face paled as he was forced backward several steps before he could regain his balance.

Wang Fu and his group were directly sent tumbling for over a dozen meters before crashing to a stop against the main square’s wall.

When Luo Tian saw that over a hundred Ghost Merman Sect disciples were killed by that black-robed elder, his anger surged into the sky! He started scolding: “F*ck all your ancestors!”

Those were his undefeated points, experience points, and profound energy!

Luo Tian felt like his heart was bleeding!

How can he not scold when over a hundred undefeated points disappeared just like that?

The black robed elder’s eyes widened. His right made a movement and a pure immortal force shot out. His eyes contained a strong look of disdain as he shouted: “Courting death!”


The black figure flashed over.

The speed was shockingly fast!

Luo Tian’s gaze tightened. If it weren’t for the sudden golden glow surrounding the black-robed elder, most likely he wouldn’t have had time to react. His mind turned gloomy as he protected his heart meridian. He then clenched his teeth as he didn’t have any way out but to take the brunt of the attack.

His immortal body slightly relaxed a bit.


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