Undefeatable – Ch467

Chapter 467 – Chop Off Your Hand

A health bar at nine million points!

Strong! Very strong! What a difficult task!


Luo Tian was excited because he could break through the guy’s defense! His previous attack was able to do some damage, which meant he had a chance!

Under the enhancement of level 6 Berserk…

The power of sixty-four times his base attributes exploded forth, yet the damage he dished out was only a bit over a thousand points. To be honest, Luo Tian was actually quite unhappy about this. But the stronger the black robed elder was, the more excited he was feeling as well.

Only powerful bosses will explode with good loot!

Would this boss trigger a special reward from the system?

Luo Tian cast a series of Healing Art over himself. The wounds on the surface of his skin quickly healed but the internal pain inside him persisted. He then said with a gloomy smile: “Let’s do it again! If you have the guts, show me that dog’s fart sixty-four change Divine Fantasy Palms again!”

When he suffered the strikes…

Each of the sixty-four palm strikes appeared to be real, but they were in fact not.

This was a type of supreme illusion skill.

Just as the name of the skill indicated – Divine Fantasy Palms!

Only one of the palm strikes was real while the other sixty-three were illusory. It was only because of the black-robed elder’s powerful cultivation that he was able to train his other sixty-three palms to the extreme. No one was able to differentiate them so the attack felt like sixty-four palms strike bombarding into you at once.

The black-robed elder’s mouth curved up into a cold smile as he said: “I possess the fantasy bloodline so my Divine Fantasy Palms is my innate divine skill. For you to be able to die under my divine martial skill, it can be considered the fortune you have saved up from eight lifetimes.”

“Damn dog thing, you should be content with this.”

“Stop daydreaming when you’re about to go to hell. There are some things that people like you will never be able to reach in your entire life, hahaha…”

The black robed elder started laughing madly.

Immediately after…

His figure moved and his body exploded with power much greater than before.

His palms were moving and sixty-four palm images appeared in front of him.

At this instant…

His movement changed as he shot forward like a bullet. He aimed right at the center of Luo Tian’s brows as he shouted: “Die for me!”

He was quite annoyed when his previous strike didn’t instantly kill Luo Tian.

This time…

He will absolutely kill with one strike!


Luo Tian took in a deep breath while closing his eyes. The moment that the black robed elder attacked, his eyes suddenly opened! “Sharingan!”

His eyes changed…

Into a crimson red color. The level 1 comma shape appeared in his pupils, making Luo Tian look just like a demon.

“It’s those strange eyes again!”

“Back then, the Sect Leader died to those eyes.”

“Would the Starsea Envoy…”

“Impossible! No matter how strong that kid is, there’s no way he’s an opponent for the Envoy who is much stronger than our Sect Leader. There’s no way that kid can block this next attack. It just pisses me off whenever I see that kid’s arrogant expression!”

“Fifth Elder, you should go fight him if he pisses you off. Previously, you were the fastest one to run away.”

“I, I, I, I was doing a strategic retreat! You don’t know jack shit!”

“Stop arguing and watch how this kid is going to die.”

At this moment…

Luo Tian shouted once more: “Become a devil!”

His body drastically changed.

A strong physique and the unrestrained aura of a devil sovereign surged out! His hand moved and the Sky Splitting Divine Axe appeared in his hand. His pupils still had the comma shape denoting his Sharingan mode. Under those eyes, the flow of the black robed elder’s energy was completely seen by Luo Tian!

It was also extremely clear which out of the sixty-four palm strikes were real!

The black-robed elder’s expression secretly changed as he said with disdain: “I didn’t expect a kid like you would have such a move. You are actually able to transform into the devil sect’s Battle God Xingtian. But it’s still useless even if you can transform into a devil god because your cultivation is only at the Profound Venerate 1st rank. Your fleshly body, aura, and sea of consciousness have only become a bit stronger after the change. Those things are absolutely useless in my eyes, so you still need to die!”

So what if you can incarnate into a devil sovereign?

Luo Tian was being restrained by his original body. Even if he had stronger abilities, there was no way for him to display it!

The black robed elder was an expert who had cultivated for a few hundred years.

Even though he has always been a subordinate of the Grand Elder, his authority was even higher than some of the formal Elders!

The things he had experienced were too numerous to count.


He had a pair of penetrative eyes and easily saw through everything about Luo Tian!

The only exception was that he couldn’t figure out what was up with Luo Tian’s eyes.

“You can quit pretending, it’s only a pair of slightly special eyes. This old man will see what kind of tricks you can pull off.” The black robed elder’s speed didn’t slow down and actually increased. The moment he charged forward, sixty-four Divine Fantasy Palms made up of immortal force smashed over straight for Luo Tian.

Compared to the last palm strike, this one was at least double the power!


“Go die for me!”

Luo Tian’s mouth faintly curved up. His eyes were locked onto the only real palm strike out of the sixty-four.

He was waiting!



Sometimes, waiting was a very painful process.

It was extremely difficult to bear.

Using Sharingan required the consumption of ten percent of his health. He used it once when he killed Ma Sheng and the sequelae was extremely painful and unbearable. He was going to use it again this time and the price he had to pay was another ten percent of his health.

He was able to kill Ma Sheng last time. So this time, the minimum was to give the black robed elder the greatest blow possible!

Therefore, he had to wait!

Wait for the instant the black robed elder’s fleshly palms extend forward.

Luo Tian closed his eyes while saying to himself: “Closer, closer, only 3 seconds, 2 seconds…”

Every second felt like a year.

Luo Tian was clenching the Sky Splitting Divine Axe in both hands. The 100,000 jin heavy divine axe was faintly trembling in his hands in a fierce manner. It was like there was something inside the body of the axe clashing together.

“Watch out, brother Luo!”

“Dodge it!”

“Quickly run!”

Wang Fu and the others were yelling this with pale faces.

Inside the Ghost Merman Sect’s main hall.

Both disciples and Elders had smug looks on their faces.

“Hahaha… The kid has been scared stiff by the Starsea Envoy. Do you guys see how he’s so scared to the point that he can’t even move at all? Hahaha…”

“Let’s see if he’s going to die or not now!”

“This is the outcome for acting arrogant in our Ghost Merman Sect.”

“Go to hell kid!”

Every single one of them hated Luo Tian. It was Luo Tian that ruined everything for them. The Ghost Merman Sect had been established for a thousand years now, and this was the very first time they’ve fallen into such an embarrassing situation where their vitality was completely sapped.

This was all because of Luo Tian!

They were hoping that Luo Tian could be ripped into 108,000 pieces.

They wanted to eat his flesh and drink his blood.

Seeing how Luo Tian was standing there without moving, they were all smiling in joy. This scourge was about to die at any moment!

The black robed elder also had that thought.

In his eyes, there was no way a Profound Venerate 1st ranker had any ability to retaliate. Was there anyone that could live after facing against his Divine Fantasy Palms?

“Just die quietly like that then.”

“A toad like you can only look up at the vastness of the stars, yet you wish to snatch the bride? It looks like you’re tired of living, hahaha…” The black robed elder started laughing loudly in mockery.

Also at this moment…

Luo Tian raised his arms and roared into the air: “Level 6 Berserk!”

“Myriad Devil!”


The aura around his body instantly changed as he charged into the sky. His hands were tightly clenching the Sky Splitting Divine Axe as he shouted: “Pangu’s Divine Slash, chop off his hand for me!”

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