Undefeatable – Ch468

Chapter 468 – The Boss Is Going Berserk!

Sharingan could see through everything.

No matter how powerful the black-robed elder had trained his Divine Fantasy Palms to, and no matter how real his palm strikes looked, they were unable to escape from Luo Tian’s Sharingan.

Even though his eyes were only at level 1 with a single comma shape, it was still incomparably powerful.

A fleshly palm was hidden with the illusory.

Luo Tian had leaped into the air and accurately slashed his axe down while shouting: “Chop it off for me!”


The powers of the Sky Splitting Divine Axe directly penetrated past everything.


A pair of hands flew up into the air.

The blood looked like arrows spurting all over the place!

Even in his dreams, the black robed elder would never have expected someone could see through his sixty-four Divine Fantasy Palms. How could this be possible?

Countless Profound Venerate realm experts had died under his Divine Fantasy Palms.

Not a single one of them could see through it!

Even the Grand Elder, who possessed heaven shaking abilities, wouldn’t be able to see through his move in such a short time. How did Luo Tian see through the illusions and pinpoint the physical one?


That doesn’t sound right!

Luo Tian’s eyes had a very determined look on them, and he hadn’t moved a step from his spot. One can imagine that he already saw through it. What kind of eyes are those blood-colored eyes of his?

The black robed elder immediately sealed the meridians to his arms and the fresh blood stopped spurting out. He jumped back several times and only stopped when he was a few hundred meters away. His face was pale white as he stared at his amputated hands not far from him. The rage in his heart was practically surging out like crazy!

His eyes glared at Luo Tian like he wanted to eat him alive.

Both hands had been chopped off!

Luo Tian chuckled before saying: “Does it feel good?”

Also at this time…

Luo Tian’s face turned red before he sprayed out two mouthfuls of blood. His face became pale white and his body was slightly trembling. He then started scolding internally: “You damn system, you really deserve to die! Why did you have to come up with such a crappy sequelae?! This daddy is going to die from pain!”

One-tenth of his health was instantly taken away!

Add on the previous usage, Luo Tian only had 80% of his health left.

It was extremely uncomfortable.

Sharingan was similar to that Seven Injuries Fist inside novels, where you damage your opponent but also receive some damage yourself. This was the exact definition of a self-mutilating martial skill.


When the black robed elder’s hands were chopped off, his health bar instantly dropped by two million points. Compared to his own 10% damage, the black robed elder’s injury was much more serious.


“Kid, I didn’t expect that you’ve cultivated such an evil martial skill. You’ve injured me 100% but you end up suffering 80% of the pain. It doesn’t feel good, huh?” The black robed elder was smiling in a gloomy and disdainful smile.

Luo Tian grunted out a reply: “I don’t feel good but what about you? Do you enjoy the feeling of having my axe chop off both your hands? Hahaha… How did the Starsea Immortal Sect cultivate such a piece of garbage like you? I was giving you guys a lesson last time when I killed the Starsea Envoy – a proper person needs to be low-key and not act so arrogantly.”

The corner of the black robed elder’s eye twitched while his eyes were emitting a large amount of cold killing intent. He clenched his teeth and his arms opened up while shouting: “The sun and moon rotate, the compensation of heaven and earth, Regeneration Heavenly Art, give me life!”

The immortal force inside his body surged out wildly.

It looked like dozens of earthworms had appeared under the skin of his arms before crazily heading towards his wounds.

Black colored blood was then squeezed out from the injury.

Immediately after…

A pair of slimy infant hands started growing out!

This was regeneration!

Luo Tian’s eyes were filled with shock. His body unconsciously started shaking from watching what was happening in front of him. He then became ecstatic internally: “A regeneration skill? Damn! This daddy has the Uchiha clan’s Sharingan eyes, so could this guy have Orochimaru’s body-replacement technique?”

“What the hell is going on?!”

Of course…

The black-robed elder’s martial skill was indeed a regeneration martial skill, but it was definitely not related to Orochimaru in the Naruto anime in any way.

This was a kind of secret skill.

To be accurate, it should be a secret skill from a particular immortal sect. It was similar to the inner core production skill that Luo Tian had learned.

Only a handful of powerful immortal sects that have been established for several tens of thousands of years would inherit secret skills like these.

This kind of secret skill was extremely powerful.

The regeneration skill that the black robed elder cultivated was one of the secret skills of the Starsea Immortal Sect!

“His hands…”

“Oh heavens! The chopped off hands of his have regenerated! The Starsea Envoy is too strong! He even knows such a heaven-defying regeneration skill!”

“The kid possesses a special eye that can see through the real from the false of the Envoy’s sixty-four changes. This time, the Envoy will no longer use his Divine Fantasy Palms so the kid’s eyes will be useless.”

“There’s definitely no good ending for someone who is going against the Starsea Immortal Sect.”

“The world’s number two immortal sect naturally possesses unparalleled power. The Starsea Envoy’s cultivation is just too strong.”

When they saw how the black-robed elder got his hands chopped off by Luo Tian, the disciples and Elder’s felt like they had been fiercely slapped a few times. They were so scared that they couldn’t even speak anymore. Now that they witnessed the black-robed elder display a secret skill, it made them excited again when they found out a pair of amputated hands could actually be regenerated.

“So powerful!”

“This secret skill is truly very powerful!”

“I wonder if this regeneration skill can heal the sequelae from using Sharingan. If it can, then… it would be too awesome! Wouldn’t that be the equivalent of the Uchiha clan member and Orochimaru combining together? Hahaha…” Luo Tian started to go mad from happiness.

He then clenched his fists and shouted: “I have to explode you!”


The black robed elder clenched his fists and caused layers of skin to shake off. There were no signs of scars on his arms or hands like he was never injured in the first place. He then smiled gloomily and said: “Kid, I can’t deny you have some abilities. You are the first person ever to have the strength to chop off my hands.”


“A pity. Such a pity that you offended my Starsea Immortal Sect. It’s also a great pity that you’re a toad who wishes to eat swan meat, delusional enough in wanting to be with our saintess, the young phoenix. A person like you truly cannot be allowed to live in this world.”

“Though, you cannot change anything even if you continue living…”

“In less than two years’ time, the young phoenix will become the wife of the true dragon Murong Wanjian. You cannot change anything. In the eyes of the Imperial God and Starsea Immortal Sects, not to mention you, even your Mount Hua Immortal Sect is merely an ant that cannot amount to much.”

“You can’t afford to play this game!”

While saying this…

The black-robed elder took a step forward.


The thick layer of seabed rocks beneath that foot was shattered into powder before floating away with the current. His figure then disappeared without a trace.

His power had become stronger!

“Could it be that the regeneration skill made his powers stronger?”

Luo Tian asked himself.


Luo Tian furrowed his brows while his mouth formed a cold sneer. “I thought your regeneration skill would make you stronger but you had actually used an inner core. An envoy from the Starsea Immortal Sect is merely so-so.”


“Kid, there’s no use in you saying those things.”

“It doesn’t matter what methods I use because no one will remember. They will only remember that you died by my hands. You died by my fantasy bloodline, Lei Zhen’s hands” said the black robed elder in a fierce manner.

He had directly crushed ten inner cores at once!

Immortal force flowed around him like crazy!

At this moment, the entire Ghost Merman Sect was enshrouded by Lei Zhen’s immortal force. The powerful energy was pressuring everything in the vicinity!


Extremely uncomfortable!

Lei Zhen was going berserk!

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