Undefeatable – Ch469

Chapter 469 – Fusing With The Azure Dragon Bloodline

Lei Zhen lost control!

The humiliation of losing his hands made him berserk!

He released his most powerful strength along with the pure energy from ten inner cores.

Immortal force surged into the sky!

It felt like a landslide from an earthquake!

The entire main square turned silent, and those Ghost Merman Sect disciples who had been hiding all along were instantly forced into a sprawling position by the tremendous amount of immortal force.

Wang Fu and the other three were struggling with all their strength as they had been forced to the ground as well. Their faces were pale and they couldn’t breathe like someone was gripping their throats.

Luo Tian’s body sank down.

His entire body from top to bottom was feeling an indescribable discomfort.

It was similar to being bound by something. His fleshly body continuously struggled and wanted to break free. It then realized no matter how hard it tried, it was all useless! This was suppression by absolute strength!

The gap between one’s cultivation!

Even Luo Tian’s devil sovereign fleshly body couldn’t change a thing!

Luo Tian’s expression turned gloomy while his body was trembling. He was glaring at Lei Zhen while his thoughts were on fast forward. He kept looking for a solution but couldn’t come up with a thing. The cultivation gap between him and Lei Zhen was simply too large.

The devil sovereign fleshly body was restricted by Luo Tian’s cultivation realm.

He couldn’t release its true strength even if the body possessed the most supreme of powers.

The primal instinct of Devil Sovereign Xingtian exploded out as he roared in rage!

Lei Zhen walked over one step at a time. With his approach was the wildly overbearing pressure crushing everything in his path. He then smiled mockingly, “This is the power of my fantasy bloodline. Kid, it is your honor to be dying by my powers and you should be content.”


“It’s the damn bloodline powers again,” said Luo Tian through his clenched teeth.

Lei Zhen continued with his mocking smile: “How can a piece of trash like you understand the powers of a bloodline? I really don’t know why Mount Hua Immortal Sect would accept a disciple like you that doesn’t even have an innate bloodline. You are considered a deviation. I’m going to make a guess that you’ve been ostracized at Mount Hua Immortal Sect and life there isn’t too happy for you. Otherwise, why would you come to this place all alone?”

“It’s good that you didn’t choose to come to Starsea Immortal Sect back then. Or else, I would have sent you flying 108,000 kilometers with a slap!”

Lei Zhen kept his oppressive pressure on Luo Tian!

He kept displaying his mocking expression!

He was enjoying this scene with extreme complacency!

He enjoyed seeing his opponent being oppressed to the point that they couldn’t even move or resist a tiny bit.

He couldn’t help feel joy and satisfaction.

Luo Tian was frowning as he said to himself: “Bloodline… bloodline… are innate bloodlines really that powerful? I don’t have a bloodline? I don’t have an innate bloodline?”


It was an inherited power.

It was a type of unparalleled power.

It can raise one’s cultivation speed, raise one’s comprehension ability, make one’s body naturally become stronger, or even gain a special power specific to that bloodline.

Murong Wanjian was acclaimed by everyone because he had a True Dragon’s bloodline. That’s why he was known as the son of a true dragon.

There were many kinds of bloodlines.

The stronger the bloodline, the more power you will gain in the future.

A powerful bloodline can change the fate of a person!

Lei Zhen possessed the fantasy bloodline and was considered a relatively advanced innate bloodline. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been recognized by the Starsea Immortal Sect and become qualified as a subordinate to follow a Grand Elder.

“What a pitiful person.”

“How can you have a foothold in an immortal sect if you don’t have an innate bloodline?”

“That dumb daoist Wu Nian actually brought out his Mount Hua’s Divine Token for you. I think shit had really entered his brains. A random main street would be filled with pieces of trash just like you, hahaha…” Lei Zhen started laughing arrogantly.

He was walking one step at a time towards Luo Tian.

Luo Tian’s body was pressured to the point of his body bending down and his legs shaking. He was howling in rage inside!

Lei Zhen revealed a mocking smile and said: “Very uncomfortable, right? Hahaha… Kid, a trash like you wants to get close to our young phoenix? She wouldn’t even glance at you now, so qualifications do you have to make her fall for you? What qualifications do you have to compare with Murong Wanjian?”

“Crippled dantian.”

“A lack of innate bloodline.”

“In the mortal realm, you might be someone with a bit of strength, but you are nothing among the immortal sects. The most you can be is a piece of residual waste.”

“Seeing how tiring it is for you to live in this world, you should just go die instead!”

Lei Zhen kept layering on the words and when he saw the painful expression on Luo Tian, he became even happier.

Luo Tian was clenching his teeth so hard that cracking sounds could be heard.

He was repeatedly insulted.

He was repeatedly looked down on.

This kind of feeling made him extremely annoyed and his flames of rage surged up.

At this moment…

His gaze suddenly changed.

The muscle on the corner of his eye was twitching uncontrollably. His eyes looked like they were spraying out flames of rage.

Lei Zhen smiled coldly and said: “What? Not submitting? Not feeling good? Hahaha… I am so happy to see your uncomfortable looks! Hahaha… hahaha… Princess Dark North, didn’t you say I was going to die?”

“Who’s the one that’s going to die, now?”

“I told you that I won’t be dying today, and I definitely won’t be dying to a piece of trash that doesn’t even have an innate bloodline.”

Crazy laughter!

Wild and unrestrained crazy laughter!

Lei Zhen seemed to have lost his mind.

The boss is going berserk!

Princess Dark North had an extremely anxious expression on her face. Her hands were clenching even tighter as she said to herself: “Oh mighty God of Fate, I am willing to be your faithful servant for life. I am begging you to save him. Please, I’m begging you.”

While saying this…

Princess Dark North kneeled on the ground.

She didn’t really believe in fate…

But right now, the only thing she could do was beg fate.

This was a rather ridiculous matter.

She couldn’t find any other way to help Luo Tian. She also wasn’t sure if doing this was of any use, but she was out of choice. When she saw how Luo Tian was being continuously suppressed, an inexplicable pain arose in her heart.

It was because of her that Luo Tian came to the Ghost Merman Sect.


Luo Tian did help her destroy the Ghost Merman Sect and kill Ma Sheng.

But no one would’ve imagined that the Ghost Merman Sect would have a Starsea Immortal Sect Elder level expert staying here. This was something no one could’ve imagined.

“I’m begging you.”

“Please save him.” Princess Dark North was kneeling on the ground while staring up at the sky piously.

“Kill him!”

“Hahaha… Lord Envoy, kill him! Kill that kid!”

“Kid, weren’t you just very arrogant back then? How come you can’t even speak a word now? Keeping acting arrogant! Hahaha…”

“Kill him!”

What’s left of the Ghost Merman Sect disciples all started shouting.

They became extremely excited when they saw the painful expression on Luo Tian’s face.

This malignant star was about to die.

Luo Tian’s legs almost couldn’t stand anymore. His face was pale white and all the powers within him were being suppressed. His entire body was being restricted. His eyes were bloodshot but he still glared at Lei Zhen unwaveringly.

Lei Zhen was looking at Luo Tian in a playful and smug manner. “I can’t help become happy when I see your painful expression, hahaha…”


“Weren’t you acting very arrogant in front of me just now? Why don’t you take a good look at yourself and realize what kind of crap you are?!”


Luo Tian couldn’t endure anymore.

He clenched his fists forcefully and caused loud cracking noises from the joints. He was also clenching his teeth so hard that cracking noises could be heard as well. He then roared internally: “Fuse with the Azure Dragon’s bloodline!”

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  1. Belkar says:

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  2. Gledid Hamzi says:

    What is happening here!!!? I thought that the Author had planned for Luo Tian to obtain all four bloodlines and fuse them together!? Why the fuck is the Author changing the script?! Isn’t Luo Tian a Devil Sovereign?! Shouldn’t he have the blood of the Devil Sovereign in his body already?! Why does he need a bloodline to fight against enemies with bloodlines?!!!! That’s bullshit!! 64 Times the power, Dragon and Elephants, Devil Core, The ability to charm Beasts thanks to his luck stats being 💯, Immortal Firce from cores and moreover Divine Axe!! His Attack power should be more powerful then his opponents!! This is bullshit!! Now everyone is going to treat him like a superstar, I liked it better when people underestimated him and laughed at him.
    This isn’t fair! He should be capable of killing the guy.
    I feel so shocked right now….
    Will Luo Tian never have the chance to fuse with the other bloodlines again???


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