Undefeatable – Ch470

Chapter 470 – Power Of The Azure Dragon

A dragon’s roar echoed into the sky!


It reverberated up to the nine heavens and down into the netherworld.

The entire Tianxuan Continent started shaking.

The dragon’s roar made the entire Tianxuan Continent tremble!

Within an instant…

The power shockwave spread out over a million kilometers and a suppressive atmosphere enshrouded the whole Ghost Merman Sect. The aura coming from Lei Zhen lasted less than half a breath before it was crushed into exploding!

“What kind of sound was that?”

“A dragon’s roar… a dragon’s roar… Oh my heavens, it’s actually a dragon’s roar.”

“Who made that sound?”

“Who is it?”

“More than ten years ago, a dragon’s roar came from Shattered Sky City and shook the whole continent. This dragon’s roar is a bit different but its power isn’t weaker than a true dragon. Could it be that someone had just awakened their bloodline?”

“Another true dragon’s bloodline?”

“My heavens!”

Unparalleled shock!

The whole continent was boiling over and those hidden experts all came out from hiding.

The sect leaders of all ten great immortal sects leaped into the air trying to detect who awakened a true dragon’s bloodline.


The size of the continent was too vast, so even those supreme experts at the Profound God realm weren’t able to observe everywhere. Some people believed that the dragon’s roar that reverberated through the continent came from Murong Wanjian.

He was the only son of a true dragon!

Only a small minority knew the truth. This dragon’s roar was slightly different from the one when Murong Wanjian awakened.

The entire continent was shaking.

As for the main square of the Ghost Merman Sect…

Luo Tian’s figure stood up and instantly broke Lei Zhen’s suppressive pressure. His neck snapped up straight once again with a crack from his joints. Luo Tian’s mouth curved into a cold smile as he briefly sensed the Azure Dragon’s bloodline coursing through him.

Seeing Lei Zhen’s shocked expression, Luo Tian asked coldly: “What? Are you very shocked?”

Lei Zhen’s face was pale white and his expression looked like he had just eaten a fly. He then said with a trembling voice: “You, you, you, the bloodline you, did you wake up your bloodline? What, what is it?”

He was very clear it was the sound of a dragon’s roar!

At such a close distance, the shockwave he experienced was the greatest.

Therefore, he was naturally the most shocked. It was hard to believe Luo Tian could awaken his bloodline at a time like this. If he could wake it up, it should have already been woken up long ago, so why wait for now?

He couldn’t understand this!

He was very clear on Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s assessment rules.

If Luo Tian had an innate bloodline, it would have been discovered already. How come they didn’t? How come it woke up only now?

An innate bloodline wakes up prior to a person reaching ten years of age. If the bloodline doesn’t awaken by ten years of age, then it will never awaken in the future. For someone like Murong Wanjian, his bloodline was awoken the moment he was born. Could Luo Tian be a child under ten years old then?

Luo Tian gave a gloomy smile. His hands made a slight movement and the seawater was instantly forced away. The current power he possessed seems to be capable of shattering space at the slightest effort. Excitement started surging inside his heart, “The powers of a bloodline are truly too strong. No wonder they are the standard for immortal sects to recruit disciples.”

Luo Tian took one step forward.


A green light appeared below his foot and directly suppressed Lei Zhen. Luo Tian maintained his gloomy smile and said: “You should be clear on what kind of bloodline I’ve awakened, right? Weren’t you just mocking me that I didn’t have a bloodline? Weren’t you just mocking me as trash?”


“Who’s the trash now?”

“Fantasy bloodline? What kind of dog’s fart bloodline is that?”

“Do you know what bloodline this daddy has?”

“Azure Dragon!”

When the two words Azure Dragon was spoken, everyone in the Ghost Merman Sect became dumbstruck.

Also at this moment…

The clear sound of a dragon’s roar came out from within Luo Tian again. It surged into the sky and exploded through the nine heavens again. It contained a wild and unrestrained power like a divine dragon exploding out from the sea. All nine heavens started shaking from it!

The Azure Dragon’s power was not an ounce weaker than a true dragon!

Lei Zhen was scared stiff! His face looked like he was suffering from facial paralysis as he fell to the ground on his butt. His teeth were chattering loudly as he said: “Im, Im, Impossible! Azure Dragon… the Azure Dragon cannot appear in the Tianxuan Continent.”

“Of course it’s impossible for garbage like you.”

“How can this daddy’s height be seen through by garbage like you?” Luo Tian walked over one step at a time, and wrapped around his body was a phantom image of an Azure Dragon. This was a Chinese dragon with its whole body covered in green scales. It was glittering with light that contained the power of divinity – the embodiment of an existence that looked down on the world and despised the common mortals. This kind of power was so strong that it made Luo Tian excited to a complete mess!

Lei Zhen’s body was trembling.

The crotch area of his pants became wet as he was scared to the point of pissing himself!

He kept retreating backward with a pale face. He didn’t even have the courage to raise his head to look at Luo Tian anymore. Fear had completely invaded his heart. The powers inside him were completely suppressed by the Azure Dragon, so his current predicament was just like what happened to Luo Tian previously.

Luo Tian had a fierce expression as he walked forward slowly. He then said with an arrogant smile: “Weren’t you just mocking this daddy? Come, come, come mock me again. Do it!”

As his voice faded…

Luo Tian directly slapped out.

The slap made Lei Zhen fall to the ground and roll over a dozen meters.

Without giving him a chance to stop rolling, Luo Tian’s figure charged over and landed next to Lei Zhen. His eyes contained endless rage as he shouted: “Motherf*cker! Keep acting smug for this daddy to see!”

Not giving Lei Zhen a chance to speak, Luo Tian threw out another fierce slap.


Lei Zhen rolled another dozen meters while his face became swollen red. When has he, standing high above others, ever suffered such humiliation? Lei Zhen wanted to retaliate! His powers kept smashing against a formless barrier but it was useless no matter how hard he tried.

He couldn’t break through the suppression of an Azure Dragon!

Luo Tian said in a gloomy manner: “You should feel honored because I hadn’t planned on fusing with the Azure Dragon’s bloodline. I was originally planning on doing it at Shattered Sky City to trample on top of Murong Wanjian, but you completely pissed me off.”

“Your attitude of being superior to all others pissed me off.”

“Every word you said pissed me off.”

“There was no other way except for fusing with the Azure Dragon bloodline. Therefore, you should rejoice at such an occasion because you will be the first person to die under the powers of an Azure Dragon.”

Luo Tian was extremely angry.

Extremely pissed off.

He had planned everything just so he could deal with Murong Wanjian.

But he couldn’t hold back anymore!

He couldn’t endure anymore. When he was back at Mount Hua Immortal Sect, he had thoughts of fusing with the bloodline already. But he held it back!

He didn’t want to expose himself.

But he just couldn’t endure anymore today. Not because he couldn’t resist against Lei Zhen’s attack, but it was due to him being extremely pissed off. The words Lei Zhen said had triggered his rage, especially when he mentioned Li Xue’er and Murong Wanjian.

Lei Zhen was extremely fearful, “You cannot kill me! I am the Starsea Immortal Sect’s envoy! If you kill me, the whole Mount Hua Immortal Sect will be implicated by it. If you kill me, your Mount Hua Immortal Sect will be wiped from this world. Luo Tian, my advice is that you need to be smart about this. You can’t afford to offend Starsea Immortal Sect and the Mount Hua Immortal Sect behind you. Don’t think you’re all that just because you have the Azure Dragon bloodline. Compared to Murong Wanjian, you still aren’t qualified to carry his shoes…”

Not letting him finish…

A single punch from Luo Tian caused Lei Zhen’s head to turn into mush.

At this moment…

The system gave off an alert tone.


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