Undefeatable – Ch472

Chapter 472 – Drawing A Divine Artifact

There were many special abilities in the Tianxuan Continent.

An Chunchun’s power of luck.

Princess Dark North’s power of fate.

These were special abilities that transcended all others.

Anyone grasping such an ability would become an extremely powerful existence. This was also why she was eyed by those supreme experts.

Compared to An Chunchun’s power of luck, Princess Dark North’s power of fate was a bit stronger and mysterious.

Luo Tian only believed in his own fist. As for fate or destiny, he didn’t really believe in those things.

The only thing he couldn’t wait for was the 100,000 favorability from Princess Dark North. He was really curious about what kind of special attribute he would gain from her.

Princess Dark North looked like a goddess that wasn’t affected by the worries of mortals. She walked to the side of Luo Tian and had a look of hesitation in her eyes. She then took off her gauze veil and revealed her peerless face before him.

Beauty without any flaws!

She really looked like a goddess from the heavens!

Her body was giving off a distinctive aura that made one intoxicated with just one look.

“So beautiful!”

Luo Tian couldn’t help praising her out loud.

An Chunchun, Da Ji, Tang Tang, Qin Yue’er, Leng Hanshuang, and Li Xue’er were all beauties capable of toppling kingdoms. So what kind of beautiful girls has Luo Tian not seen before?

But he still couldn’t help complimenting her.

Princess Dark North’s beauty was different from the others. He couldn’t say who was prettier since they each had their own special characteristic. Maybe it was the power of fate that gave her the distinctive and extraordinary looks. One look at her and they would forever imprint her image in their hearts and unable to forget it.

The moment Princess Dark North was taking off her veil, Luo Tian wanted to stop her.


He didn’t want a blossoming girl like her to bet her life of happiness on a guy just because of a veil that covered her face.

The feelings he had towards Princess Dark North wasn’t love.

In the beginning, it was just a joke and out of pure curiosity to see what she looked like. He had absolutely no improper thoughts.

But now that he saw her peerless beauty, Luo Tian’s heart unconsciously shook. He felt a bit of panic and couldn’t understand why. This feeling was completely different from when he saw any beauties before.

Luo Tian then said: “I was just joking with you back then. You didn’t have to take off your veil and use your life of happiness as a gambling stake.”

Princess Dark North’s eyes briefly flickered. She revealed a faint smile and asked in a gentle voice: “You don’t like me?”


Luo Tian couldn’t help start feeling anxious while saying internally: “Damn, this is moving too fast! She’s so sudden and direct! I’m still a virgin man, can you at least give me some time to prepare myself?!”

Princess Dark North’s expression became a bit sad.

There were two things that Luo Tian couldn’t handle: Number one was people acting arrogant in front of him and two, the tears and sadness of a woman.

Seeing her reaction, Luo Tian had the sudden urge to embrace her. He then replied: “How many men in the world would dislike you when you’re so beautiful? I just feel like it’s too hasty of you to take off your veil. What if I’m a scoundrel, a bad man with plenty of wives, what are you going to do then?”

Without waiting for Luo Tian to continue, Princess Dark North interrupted him and said: “I don’t care!”

Very feisty!

She didn’t show any hints of shyness. She was someone that was firm and would not change her decision once she has made one.

She had once vowed to the God of Fate that she was only going to take off her veil in front of the man she liked. She only promised Luo Tian back then because she was trying to save Dark North City. Now, she was taking off her veil in front of Luo Tian out of her own free will.

She was somehow attracted to Luo Tian now.

No matter what type of person he was, what past he had, how many wives he had, she didn’t care about any of those just because she liked him!

This reason alone was enough for her!

Luo Tian was dumbstruck when she saw how serious Princess Dark North’s face was. He wouldn’t be qualified as a man if he didn’t express his feelings right now! He raised his hand and gently touched Xin Er’s face. Looking at that slightly pursed and stubborn looking small mouth, he fiercely gave her a kiss in the most barbaric fashion!

It’s unknown why…

But Luo Tian just wanted to kiss her.

Princess Dark North’s small mouth was too provocative.

Princess Dark North didn’t resist and went along with it.

She panted delicately with a faint moan in-between while her body started becoming hotter. There was a strong intense feeling inside her that almost made her lose control. She wanted it… she wanted it desperately…

It was the same with Luo Tian.

The virgin fragrance coming from Princess Dark North’s body made the evil flames in his crotch surge into the sky! Extremely fierce and murderous!

But at this time…

The system suddenly gave off an alert.


Luo Tian couldn’t help curse out. This was the first time in history that he hated the sound of the system’s alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for completing the quest – Save Dark North City.”

“You have gained the quest reward…”

“You have gained 100,000 favorability points from Princess Dark North!”

Since the alert tone sounded off, Luo Tian attentively listened to it. He really wanted to know what attribute would trigger from 100,000 favorability points.

An Chunchun gave him 100 points in luck!

Princess Dark North grasped the power of fate, so would he get 100 points in the power of fate?

What the hell would he do with the power of fate?

Defy the heavens and change his fate? Luo Tian never believed in it as he always believed that a person’s will can conquer the heavens.


The system gave off another alert tone. Luo Tian started thinking to himself: “It really is going to trigger an attribute growth.”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining 100,000 favorability points from Princess Dark North. You have triggered a new attribute!”

“Your reward is the Power of Fate…”

“Shit, it really is fate power!”

Luo Tian started complaining internally.

Around this time…

The 100 points in luck suddenly flashed red.

The system seems to have short-circuited as it didn’t continue speaking. The attribute description for the power of fate also wasn’t displayed. Luo Tian was a bit startled by this and said to himself: “What’s going on? Is the luck value interfering with the system?”


“System alert: Because player Luo Tian is a transmigrator and not in the control of the God of Fate, he has transcended the reincarnation cycle. The Power of Fate has been withdrawn!”

“What the hell?!”


“Lord System, the power of fate is considered an attribute so you can’t just take it back because I’m a transmigrator, right? You are prejudiced against transmigrators! Do you believe that I’ll file a complaint against you?!” Luo Tian started raging about.

It was very uncomfortable when someone deprived you of something you deserved.

He then started shouting internally: “Compensation! You definitely must compensate me!”

The system seemed to be played to the point of breaking down.

It didn’t have any reaction for a while.

Only after a few seconds did the system give off an alert tone.


“System alert: To compensate the player’s loss, the system will give the player a random supportive artifact!”

Without giving Luo Tian a chance to respond, the system started its random process.

At this time…

The 100 points in luck started flashing red once more.

The power of luck was activated!


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining The Legend of Mirs’ Skill Necklace as a reward


“I drew a divine artifact!”

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