Undefeatable – Ch475

Chapter 475 – Just Let Him Go Die

Mount Hua Immortal Sect.

The outer sect’s meeting hall.

Xu Shan asked: “How many disciples are left in Heaven’s Boundary?”


The disciple replying softly said: “They are the four placements Luo Tian requested – Yun Ling, Yun Yi, Zhao Chen, and Han Hua. Mount Hua Immortal Sect only has those four left bitterly struggling on, but I estimate they can’t hold on much longer.”

“Those other immortal sect disciples have gone too far!”

“Beating and cursing us, they aren’t treating our Mount Hua Immortal Sect seriously. We were already forced to the outer edges of Heaven’s Boundary but they still didn’t let us off.”

“Elder, we can’t let it go just like that.”

“That’s right!”

“Out of twenty disciples, seven have died and four are seriously injured. If the five of us ran any slower, we would’ve died in their hands already. You guys don’t understand how strong the influence those immortal sects have over us. In their eyes, we are practically beneath dogs!”

The five of them were kneeling down inside the hall with swollen faces.

Each of them showed expressions of resentment.

Xu Shan frowned and said to himself: “Out of twenty disciples, there’s only four left…”

“Those four have definitely suffered for a long time.”

“Those other immortal sect disciples are too tyrannical.”

“Elder, not to mention twenty disciples, we won’t be able to even enter Heaven’s Boundary anymore if this continues on. It’s a place our old ancestors left for us to cultivate. Back then, our Mount Hua Immortal Sect was so strong but now…”

“The placement of those four came from dubious reasons. They’re probably holding on bitterly just to make it look good, so there’s no need to bother with them.”

This was said by one of the Martial Hall Elders.

Xu Shan’s face turned gloomy and immediately refuted: “No matter how dubious, they’re still disciples of our Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Moreover, they are still there holding on.”

“So what?”

“If it weren’t for that trash Luo Tian stirring shit up, why would Grand Elder even agree to it? With so many disciples dying, how come that bunch didn’t die? I even suspect that it’s the Imperial God and Starsea Immortal Sects deliberately retaliating against us. It’s definitely because Luo Tian killed the Starsea Envoy. This whole situation started because of Luo Tian, so he should take all the responsibility for this,” said one of the Elders.

Many of them didn’t like Luo Tian.

Xú Hao was one of them because Luo Tian took away exactly four placements from his personal disciples. This made him incredibly pissed off.

Xu Shan’s expression changed as he started getting angry. “Elder Xú, what are you trying to say? Don’t try to force all responsibility on Luo Tian’s head. Everything was agreed to by the Grand Elder. If you’re trying to find people to hold accountable, doesn’t that mean you want the Grand Elder to be held responsible as well?”


“Xu Shan, I know you got some benefits from that kid. He was able to buy you off with a single inner core, huh? You really don’t cost that much.” Xú Hao’s voice was raised a level higher as he continued: “If it wasn’t for that kid, would our Mount Hua Immortal Sect be in such a sorry situation? If it weren’t for him offending the Starsea and Imperial God Immortal Sects, would our Mount Hua Immortal Sect disciples be driven out of Heaven’s Boundary? Everything was due to that piece of trash! Humph~!”

One of the Martial Hall disciples then said: “The Starsea and Imperial God Immortal Sect disciples treated us the most viciously. They kept forcing us to fight with them and once we went up, they would use fatal attacks. Senior brothers Liu and Chen were killed like that by palm strikes. In the past, they would injure us from despisement but never kill us. It’s definitely due to some other conflict for them to change their stance. What Elder Xú said should be right – the reason was definitely due to that kid.”

“That’s right!”

“It’s because of him.”

“If it weren’t for him, we would still be cultivating in Heaven’s Boundary. I’m actually about to break into the Profound Venerate realm.”

“I’m about to breakthrough as well. If it weren’t because of the interference, I would’ve broken through already.”

“Elder Xú, we can’t let that kid off. It was him that caused all of this.”

They had found a reason to drive him out now.

For a brief moment, the spearhead was all pointed at Luo Tian.

They had been hiding their timid and cowardly ways all this time!

Xú Hao had a smug look on his face before saying: “We need to take care of that kid when he comes back. If we don’t teach him a lesson, he will really think there’s no one capable in our Mount Hua Immortal Sect. We cannot let him continue acting lawlessly here.”

Xu Shan’s eyes tightened while he said with a smile: “Just based on you? I’m not trying to start anything but Elder Xú, don’t think you’re all that just because your cultivation is at the Profound Venerate 8th rank. Do you dare to get onto the Life and Death stage with Luo Tian? Do you think of yourself as a capable opponent against him?”


“In my opinion, you probably won’t dare to.”

Xú Hao’s expression instantly changed like he was poked in a sore spot. He then shouted: “I may not be able to handle him but there’s still the Grand Elder around! Above the Grand Elder is still Lord Sect Leader! And above him is the Prime Elder! I refuse to believe we can’t handle a piece of trash with a crippled dantian!”

Xu Shan was too lazy to keep arguing with him and said: “There’s still four of our own in Heaven’s Boundary. We should send someone to pick them up and bring them back.”

“I object!”

“It’s best if those four die in Heaven’s Boundary.”

“Don’t offend the other immortal sects just because of those four. Our outer sect has suffered a heavy blow that hasn’t been seen in a century. Even the inner sect assessment might have to be pushed back. Now you want us to save those four… Elder Xu, what benefits have you gotten from them?” Xú Hao was the first to object.


Xu Shan was clenching his fists and his jaws so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard.

When Xú Hao saw Xu Shan’s angry look, he said with a smile: “Doesn’t Luo Tian think he’s very strong? You can have him go save them since the Martial Hall won’t be sending out any disciples. My guess is that they’re already dead by now.”

“With their weak cultivation realms, they might as well go ahead and die so that our Mount Hua Immortal Sect can save some face.”

The other Elders didn’t say anything.

Xu Shan’s gaze turned gloomy. He then stood up and said: “Fine. Since you guys aren’t going, I will go!”


After saying that, Xu Shan flicked his sleeves and strode out towards the direction of the teleportation array.

Mount Hua Immortal Sect, inner sect.

“Those immortal sects have gone too far this time.”

“Heaven’s Boundary was originally discovered by our old ancestor. Back then, he wanted all the immortal sects to quickly grow stronger so only then did he share it with everyone. Who would’ve imagined that now, our own disciples aren’t even allowed to go there.”

“They’re bullying us to the extreme!”

“There has to be a reason why this started. If it wasn’t for Luo Tian offending the Starsea Immortal Sect, this incident wouldn’t have happened. It wasn’t like this before, so most likely it’s that kid’s fault. He has put Mount Hua Immortal Sect in an even more miserable state.”

“I already said before that we can’t let that kid stay!”

“It’s too late to say such things. You all know that we have fewer outstanding inner sect disciples this year. And it’s hard for the outer sect to have a talent like Zhang Kuang appear, yet he has died now. Since our outer sect has suffered such a heavy loss, what should we do going forward? We also don’t know what’s going on with those disciples behind deep closed-door seclusion.”

“If this trend continues, how are we going to deal with next year’s immortal sect competition? If we lose again, our Mount Hua Immortal Sect might really have to…”

All the Elders became silent in thought.

“Sect Leader, should we send someone to Heaven’s Boundary?”

“We can’t just do nothing when we’ve been bullied to this extent. Besides, we still have four disciples at Heaven’s Boundary…”

“Since it has come to this, we shouldn’t complicate it further. If those other immortal sects get angry, it wouldn’t be as simple as being driven out from Heaven’s Boundary anymore. From the way I see it, we should just let the matter stop here. We’ll just let fate decide whether those four disciples live or die without interfering.”


“The outer sect Elder Xu Shan used ten thousand merit points to exchange for the use of the teleportation array. His target destination is Heaven’s Boundary.”


“The inner sect hasn’t even made a decision yet, but an outer sect Elder like him dares to be this arrogant? Since he isn’t putting us in his eyes, then we can just let him go die!”

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