Undefeatable – Ch476

Chapter 476 – Titan Tombs

Deep within the Dark North Sea.

Three days later.

Luo Tian was getting extremely tired after following the little carp for such a long time.

It was fortunate for him that he encountered many prehistoric sea demons on the journey and gained quite a bit of experience points. Otherwise, he would really have gone crazy these three days.

“Are we there yet?”

“Very soon.”

“You have the same reply every time. You aren’t messing with me, right?”

“I don’t dare, I really don’t dare to.”

“I doubt you would dare to. You saw how the whole Ghost Merman Sect was destroyed by me, so you should know what kind of person I am.” Luo Tian threatened him because he was really scared the little carp was messing with him. Time was getting less and less so he couldn’t afford to waste it.

There were only a few days left for the quest.

The least of his concerns was not being able to complete the quest if he couldn’t find the Titan race. The most important part was not being able to complete the four region’s blood.

This was one of the keys to opening up the ancient battlefield!

The little carp grinned and said in a pleasing tone: “I’m clear, very clear on it. Don’t worry; I’m not messing with you. I will definitely bring you to find the Titan race.”

“That’s good.”

“If not… heh heh…” Luo Tian showed an evil smile. Seeing the pitiful look on the little carp, he then said: “Be careful that those prehistoric sea demons don’t explode your rectum.”

“Cough~, cough~, cough~…”

“I’m really not messing with you. Big brother, your lordship, we’re really almost there. It’s just over there by the oceanic trench.” The little carp was so scared that he tightened his sphincter. Throughout the journey, he witnessed how Luo Tian brutally exploded the rectums of the demonic beasts and he couldn’t help shudder at the thought.

“That’s good then.”

Luo Tian gave a playful smile of satisfaction.

“Huuu~… huuu~…”

With a sudden surge of the torrents, Luo Tian became unbalanced and almost got swept along with it.

The little carp saw the whole thing and revealed a mysterious smile. Its speed increased while saying: “Hurry up; we’ll be there right up front.”

Luo Tian was startled by this as he noticed the little thing didn’t appear to be affected by the torrent.

Immediately after…

Luo Tian raised his awareness level.

He was very clear the little carp had never been serious in leading the way. Seeing the huge and dark oceanic trench exuding a terrifying aura, there was definitely something of great danger inside it. Luo Tian didn’t dare to be careless at this time.

Luo Tian pretended he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary and revealed an expression like he was under a lot of strain. “Wait for me; the torrents around here are too rough.”

“Wait for you?”


“You despicable human; you’ve been threatening me the entire journey. Now it looks like you can’t do anything to me!”

“I am not affected by these torrents while it will become more difficult for you as you travel further. You wish to find the Titan race? Keep dreaming buddy, heh heh…”

While saying this…

The little carp flicked its tail and dived into the darkness.

Being played with?!

Luo Tian’s mouth curved up as he said to himself: “I knew a little guy like you were up to no good. I will let you act complacent for the time being.”

Immediately after…

Luo Tian ingested a Stealth Pill he had prepared a long time ago. He then shouted internally: “Level 6 Berserk!”

The power of sixty-four times his base attributes was released.

His speed dramatically increased as he followed the little carp deep into the oceanic trench.

Luo Tian had an intuition that the terrifying aura was coming from those of the Titan race. At the bottom of the oceanic trench will definitely be members of the Titan race. And that little carp ahead must definitely possess some information about them or it wouldn’t have said those words while at the Ghost Merman Sect.


The little carp didn’t know Luo Tian was actually searching for the Titan race.

The little carp was swimming away happily and quickly. It even started humming a tune while occasionally turning its head back for a glance. It would then reveal a smug expression and say: “Humph! You dare to threaten me? Why don’t you take a good look and see who I am? Now you can tell how powerful I am!”

“A human with a cultivation like yours won’t be able to come in. Even if you do come in, you would be knocked away by the torrents.”

His expression was extremely smug.

It was similar to a repressed slave that had been suddenly freed by its own cleverness.

Luo Tian remained expressionless as he faced more resistance. Just like what the little carp said, the torrents were getting stronger and stronger. Only after continuously activating level 6 Berserk was he able to follow the little carp.

Half an hour later.

Luo Tian was almost exhausted.

The moment he entered a certain part of the oceanic trench…


A sound exploded in his eardrums and the torrents suddenly disappeared like he had entered another world. This world was so silent that it could easily make someone panic in fear. It was like a place that no one had stepped foot on for the past million years.

The little carp became serious as it entered this place.

It had a trace of a depressed look.

It was swimming slowly before sinking downwards.

Luo Tian slowly followed it. He became rather shocked when he looked at the walls of the oceanic trench. This trench looks like someone had chopped it apart with an axe and the sides of the wall were extremely smooth. Even though it was covered in seaweed, one can still sense a powerful force from it.

The oceanic trench reached the lengths of at least a few million kilometers.

What kind of power was needed to create this?

The lower they dove, the more shocked Luo Tian became.

As they dived to a certain depth, words appeared on both sides of the trench. Every character contained a powerful force. This kind of power made Luo Tian start to feel fear, and he unconsciously started breathing softer and more quietly.

Although he didn’t know what kind of words those characters formed, he could still sense the vicissitudes of life that made one feel saddened from looking at it.

Half an hour later.

They arrived at the bottom layer.

There were extremely huge tombstones everywhere!

This was the tomb of the Titan race!

The whole oceanic trench was filled with tombstones that seem to want to rise up and penetrate through the sky!

The little carp had a painful expression on its face. It was motionless in front of a large tombstone with tears in its eyes.

“He’s crying?!”

“Crying in front of a Titan race’s tombstone… could that little guy be from the Titan race?” Luo Tian started shaking his head, “Legends say the Titan race are huge and tall figures, so how can they be in the form of a little carp?”

“But why the hell would he cry in front of the Titan race’s tomb?”


Luo Tian’s whole body seemed to freeze while trembling at the same time. He managed to look upwards and noticed a pair of huge eyes staring right back at him. They were so big that they were like mountains!

Behind those eyes was a huge black behemoth holding an anchor-like thing. The chain links around the anchor then started making clunking noises.

At this moment…

Luo Tian was almost crushed to the point of exploding! The Stealth Pill lost its ability and his figure instantly appeared.

“Damn it!”

The time limit for the Stealth Pill wasn’t up yet but was crushed by a powerful pressure. This kind of power was too violent! Luo Tian could easily sense this power that couldn’t be described with words!

The anchor started moving.

Sounds of clanking from the chain started up as well. It was especially ear-piercing in this oceanic trench where it was usually silent.


The huge anchor was raised up by a huge hand before it suddenly chopped down towards Luo Tian!

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed as the power within him exploded forth. “Level 6 Berserk!”


“Nine Dragons and Elephants, level 4!”


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