Undefeatable – Ch477

Chapter 477 – Exchange Blood For Blood

A power that couldn’t be shaken!

Power in its purest form!

There was no trace of profound energy or immortal force. It was pure power from one’s physical strength!

This was a power that gave people a sense that it could rip the sky apart!

It was crushing against Luo Tian’s mind to the point that he couldn’t breathe. It was extremely uncomfortable, but Luo Tian maintained his will to not submit and roared into the air: “Agghhh~…!”

A series of explosions appeared around his body.

His entire body turned crimson red.

Facing the anchor coming right towards him, Luo Tian showed no fear and was actually quite excited.

The huge anchor descended.


The little carp shouted: “Stay your hand!”

The huge anchor stopped midair.

But even though this was the case, the water’s force still crashed down like crazy. The force of the backflow still smashed towards Luo Tian’s head!



The water impact was like an artillery shell smashing into Luo Tian’s fleshly body.

Luo Tian almost couldn’t withstand it. He could only clench his teeth and hold on with all his strength. His face turned red and his body tensed up. The water impact kicked up the sand and sediments on the seabed, causing visibility to instantly decrease. Luo Tian was currently struggling in the cloud of sediments.


Experience the power of the Titan race!

His heart was feeling extremely excited.

“This was a purely physical attack!”

“This kind of power is much stronger than profound energy or immortal force. Very strong. Very motherf*cking strong! No wonder the Titan race possessed the strength to rule the Tianxuan Continent many years ago. They could instantly kill any Profound Saint experts just with this power.”

Luo Tian’s cultivation had already reached the Profound Venerate 2nd rank.

He almost couldn’t handle the water force. If that huge anchor came down on him as well…

The consequences…

Would be unimaginable!

Luo Tian felt a burst of fear before his mind turned serious. He then said to himself: “The little carp is truly not simple. With a single shout by it, the titan actually stayed his hand. And his voice sounded like he was commanding the titan. Could it be that he’s really a part of the Titan race?”


Once the water force swept by, the sediments in the water started settling down. Below Luo Tian’s feet was a large piece of rock covered in dense runes. It was densely packed with runes which he couldn’t understand.”

“Young Lord!”

A sudden loud shout came from behind Luo Tian. That huge titan where one couldn’t see its entire body had suddenly kneeled down.

The little carp responded: “He isn’t a bad person.”

Luo Tian was dumbstruck. Even though he was mentally prepared, he was still thoroughly shaken. This little carp was actually the Titan race’s young lord? Isn’t the contrast a bit too big?

Seeing Luo Tian’s shocked expression, the little carp gave a helpless smile and said: “Do you think this is kind of ridiculous?”

Luo Tian shook his head and replied: “Not ridiculous, but more like beyond my imagination.”

“Beyond your imagination?”

“It is indeed beyond one’s imagination.”

The little carp softly sighed before saying: “Not long ago, my Titan race stood at magnificent heights and swept through this continent. Even in the outer space’s Ancient World, we were considered a hegemonic existence. But now…”

He shook his head bitterly.

The little carp was filled with grief, “Now, the only one left is a little carp that even a Ghost Merman Sect could bully. Out of the hundred thousand strong titan army, only an old servant is left. Now that is beyond one’s imagination.”

Luo Tian asked: “How did it turn out like this?”

“A curse!”

A powerful voice was suddenly heard.

The voice was similar to a boom of thunder.

But to the huge titan behind Luo Tian, the voice was rather soft like a whisper.

The little carp said with a bitter smile: “A curse that was just like a plague. In less than ten thousand years, the Titan race withered at a speed beyond imagination. Sigh~…”

“Is there no way to fix it?” asked Luo Tian.

“After searching the entire continent, the Ancient World, and even other outer worlds, we couldn’t find anything. During the process of searching, our Titan race suffered an unprecedented level of damage.”

Immediately after…

The little carp looked at Luo Tian and said: “Please let me off. I have just saved you and you have found someone of the Titan race. You can leave at peace now.”

Luo Tian didn’t move and said very directly: “I need your blood essence!”



The voice exploded out and almost broke Luo Tian’s eardrum.

Luo Tian continued saying: “I only need a single drop.”

“Kid, our Titan race has not fallen to such a level. If it wasn’t for the young lord’s face, you would have already become a dead corpse lying on the ground.”

Luo Tian’s brows furrowed. He leaped into the air until he was at the same height as the huge titan. He then shouted: “I hate talking to people while having to look up at them. And it’s not that easy to kill me, especially at the tombs of your Titan race.”

“You don’t wish to have this placed reduced to ruins, right?”

“You also don’t want the location of your Titan race to be revealed, right? Times have changed, and the Tianxuan Continent isn’t like it was in the past. It is no longer the era where your race is the dominant force, so you should stop treating yourself like you’re so high and mighty.”

Luo Tian was getting angry.

He was someone with a bad temper.

This huge titan was indeed very strong, but Luo Tian wasn’t afraid of him even if he was much stronger.

The little carp interrupted the huge titan and said: “I want to know what you’re going to do with our blood essence. Our bodies are currently cursed. Even if you gain our blood essence, there’s no way you can fuse with it. Not to mention that I can tell your body has already fused with a powerful bloodline. The dragon’s roar within Ghost Merman Sect should have been released from you, right? Out of the entire Tianxuan Continent, I only know of Murong Wanjian who was born with a true dragon’s bloodline. It is rather shocking to me as I’ve never imagined you would awaken an Azure Dragon’s bloodline.”

“Azure Dragon’s bloodline?!”

The huge titan’s voice faintly trembled.

Immediately after…

A thick killing intent exploded out from his body and covered the whole oceanic trench.

Also at this time…

The little carp shouted out: “Tai Lei, stop messing around!”

“Young Lord!”

“As long as we use his blood, we can remove the restrictions on you! Your body will be restored to its original state and our Titan race will no longer need to fear anything!”

Tai Lei was very excited!

He also wanted to get Murong Wanjian’s true dragon blood, but he was unable to leave this oceanic trench.

He was the tomb keeper.

He wasn’t allowed to leave this place no matter what.

In order to lift the curse from the Titan race, they had to use a dragon’s blood to purify their fleshly body. They required a lot of blood!

Dragon race!

They were much stronger than the Titan race!

For many years, he wanted to kill a dragon but the only thing he found to kill was a four-legged lizard of the Dragon race. Its blood wasn’t pure at all so it couldn’t break the curse on their bodies. Only the blood from the direct lineage of those divine dragons could the curse be lifted.

A true dragon or an azure dragon would do.

Those were considered a direct lineage of a Dragon God!

Luo Tian came down from high above and flew over next to the little carp. “How much blood do you need?”

The little carp looked at Luo Tian and a brief flash of excitement was seen. His voice was trembling as he said: “A lot! Around 90% of what’s inside your body!”


“If I gave that much blood at once, I would instantly die from blood loss.”


Luo Tian gave a faint smile and said: “Fine!”

“We will exchange blood for blood!”

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