Undefeatable – Ch478

Chapter 478 – Titan God’s Might


The little carp didn’t say a word while Tai Lei said: “Young Lord, your blood is extremely noble so how can you exchange blood for blood with a mere mortal? Just kill him! I can easily accomplish it and by that time…

“Tai Lei!” The little carp shouted.

His eyes were glaring at Tai Lei who was frozen in midair. He then said angrily: “Do you think you’re capable of killing him? Do you know who he’s the reincarnation of? I know you’re only doing this for me, but you need to be clear on the other person’s background!

“He has another identity…”

“And that’s Devil Sovereign – Xingtian!”

The little carp knew what happened at the Ghost Merman Sect.

Tai Lei became dumbstruck!

His body started shaking and countless pieces of rocks fell from it. The pupils in both eyes widened as he stared at Luo Tian. His expression was filled with shock, “Devil Sovereign… Devil Sovereign… Xingtian… him? Him? Reincarnation?”


Luo Tian was slightly surprised as he said to himself: “Could there be some relationship between them and Devil Sovereign Xingtian?”


He was too lazy to bother about it.

Luo Tian was also too lazy to bother with what Tai Lei had said. Many loyal subjects were protective of their lords. If Feng Lei was here, he too wouldn’t agree with the exchange.

This was something he could understand from Tai Lei’s point of view.

The little carp faintly smiled while his eyes contained incomparable excitement. “I agree to the exchange, but you need to reconsider carefully since you will be losing 90% of your blood. A human will immediately die if they lose that amount of blood, so…”

Luo Tian replied with a smile: “Don’t worry; I will naturally not die if I’ve made an agreement with you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have agreed to the whole thing so easily.”

This will obviously not work for others.

But he was Luo Tian!

His abilities have always exceeded everyone’s imagination.

He would never mess around unless he had absolute confidence.

The little carp looked at Luo Tian with a curious gaze. After thinking for a while, he said: “There’s still one problem – we are exchanging blood for blood… If I want to remove the curse on my body, I have to connect with the Azure Dragon’s bloodline inside your body. In other words, our wounds need to be connected with each other and you have to release the Azure Dragon’s power at the same time.”

Luo Tian then asked: “So you want our wounds touching and let the blood exchange freely that way?”

“That’s right! When my blood enters your body, you will feel a powerful force of impact. Even though my blood is of a carp right now, it’s still going to wreak havoc inside your body once the curse is removed. By that time, you will be experiencing pain beyond your imagination. I don’t wish to hide this from you because Devil Sovereign Xingtian has once helped our Titan race. And our Titan race will never do any unvirtuous deeds.”

Luo Tian was lost in thought.

Tai Lei’s voice became more respectful as he said: “When the young lord’s blood goes crazy inside your body, you only need to endure it and you will possess what all our Titan race has, the Titan God’s Might. This will greatly increase your strength.”

The little carp then said: “You need to consider this carefully since you will be enduring a life-threatening level of pain.”

Luo Tian smiled and said: “Let’s do it!”

Gaining Titan God’s Might?!

The power of the Titan race?!

He was already infatuated with the pure physical power that Tai Lei had released.

This kind of tyrannical strength was terrifying!

If he could gain such power, then it would be just too awesome!

Immediately after…

The little carp didn’t speak nonsense anymore and made a wound on himself.

Luo Tian also made a wound on his palm.

The two wounds were then clasped together. In an instant, explosions started occurring inside Luo Tian’s body. He was shaking as a powerful force started absorbing his blood.

Luo Tian harmonized his state of mind before yelling internally: “Explode!”

The power of the Azure Dragon’s bloodline was released.

A phantom image of an Azure Dragon appeared near his body while a dragon’s roar rose into the sky.



A fierce-looking Azure Dragon had wrapped itself around Luo Tian’s body! Its green scales were sparkling in the light while its pair of dragon eyes contained a preeminent majesty.

“Azure Dragon!”

“Azure Dragon!”

“It’s really an Azure Dragon…” Tai Lei was extremely agitated.

At this moment…

The blood inside the little carp was going crazy as Luo Tian’s blood entered his body.

Blood loss!

Luo Tian’s lips turned white first before his rosy cheeks gradually turned pale. It was very uncomfortable like his body was being drained empty.

The little carp made a sound transmission and asked: “Can you endure it? Do you want to give up…? Your vitality is getting extremely weak. If we continue doing this, there’s a chance that you might die.”

Luo Tian replied: “I’m fine; continue on!”

Luo Tian was slightly touched by the words of the little carp.

The blood loss continued!

The Azure Dragon roared into the sky once more, causing the Dark North Sea and the rest of the continent to start shaking.



On the verge of losing consciousness, Luo Tian activated his Regeneration skill. His blood cells started regenerating while he said to himself: “Motherf*cker! It’s fortunate that this daddy got the Starsea Immortal Sect’s secret skill in the loot explosion, or else I will be in deep crap right now.”

“The quests all seem to be linked together.”

He sighed emotionally inside his heart.

If he hadn’t accepted Princess Dark North’s request, Luo Tian wouldn’t be able to complete the Titan’s Remains quest. The two S-ranked quests were actually intricately linked with each other.

Without the Regeneration skill, this blood exchange wouldn’t be successful.

So he wouldn’t be able to complete the quest.

His blood quickly recovered and the little carp became shocked. He was so excited when he looked at Luo Tian that he couldn’t speak.

Luo Tian sent him a sound transmission: “Don’t absorb all of my blood, okay? Stop when it’s enough to remove the curse from your body.”

The little carp was so emotional that he wanted to cry!

It was the same with Tai Lei. His huge eyes were shimmering with light as tears swelled around. He was secretly rejoicing that he didn’t smash Luo Tian to death with his anchor.

Ten minutes later.

Red starry lights started coming off the little carp’s body. He then suddenly said in seriousness: “It’s done. My inner body is undergoing some crazy changes. Move away a bit because I, I, I’m going to transform back into my Titan body…”

Before he could finish his sentence…

The little carp’s body transformed while his figure surged into the sky!

In a blink of an eye…

A steel-like structure exploded in front of Luo Tian! The body was exuding pure unparalleled power! This kind of power appeared to have become a solid-state as it wrapped around the body in a terrifying manner!

“I’m back!”

“I’m back! I, Ke Long, am back!”


Ke Long leaped into the air laughing madly while his voice shook all nine heavens and even the outer territories. The whole Dark North Sea was shaking and caused the waves to become crazy turbulent!

“Thank you!”

“Thank you…”

“I am really sincerely thanking you and don’t know how to repay you.” Ke Long was so excited that he could barely speak.

Also at this time…

The system gave off an alert tone.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for finding the remains of the Titan race. The quest has been completed.”

“You have gained the reward of…”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Titan race’s bestowment…”

What could it be?!

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