Undefeatable – Ch626

Chapter 626 – Ancestors Of The Five Elements

“Time is almost up.”

“Kid, looks like you’re going to lose.”

Daoist Lie Yan coldly harrumphed as he felt strongly that Luo Tian was playing them for a fool.

Before he could finish speaking…


The Tang Blade in Luo Tian’s hand chopped down as he shouted: “Break for me!”



“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a T-rex. You have gained 5,000,000 experience points, 500,000 profound energy…”

“Congratulations to player…”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. You are currently at Profound Emperor 5th rank.”

Leveled up!

There were only a dozen or so minutes left.

At this moment…

Daoist Lie Yan’s expression froze, then slowly became distorted until he looked like he had just swallowed a fly. His face was unsightly to the extreme! His eyes were bulging out, staring at Luo Tian while muttering to himself: “How, how, how can he suddenly breakthrough just like that?”

“There’s no logical explanation for this.”

Daoist Tian Mu’s brows furrowed as observed how Luo Tian’s aura had become much stronger than before. This kind of aura couldn’t be imitated, showing that Luo Tian had indeed made a breakthrough!

Breaking through in less than three hours?


For a brief moment, two old monsters that had lived for several tens of thousands of years were dumbstruck.

Have they truly become outdated?

Or could it be that the outside world was no longer the same, people could just kill demonic beasts to make breakthroughs?

The devil sect experts can only rely on killing people to make breakthroughs!

They couldn’t explain what they were seeing.

At the same time, the two old guys eagerly wanted to know so the two camps of demonic beasts under their control quickly withdrew backward. Two different voices instantly arrived at Luo Tian’s left and right sides. Daoist Lie Yan hurriedly asked: “Kid, how did you break through like that?”

His gaze no longer had disdain or mockery, and actually had a trace of admiration.

Daoist Lie Yan was that kind of person.

He liked what he liked, and hated what he hated. All those emotions were shown on his face and he would never deliberately try to hide them.

Daoist Tian Mu also asked anxiously: “Did you cultivate some special secret skill? And it allows you to make breakthroughs from killing demonic beasts? Otherwise, there’s no way I couldn’t sense any changes in your aura or your fleshly body for the past three hours. Whether it’s your body, your sea of consciousness, or your mind, they all instantly broke through in an instance. There’s no way a sudden enlightenment would work that way.”

From the very beginning, he had been observing everything Luo Tian did.

Luo Tian didn’t reply to his question and asked a question in response: “Senior, do you believe in me now?”


“I believe. How can I not believe in you when you really broke through within three hours?” Daoist Lie Yan actually took the lead to speak. He now felt that Luo Tian was a very interesting guy. He grinned happily and put his arm around Luo Tian’s shoulder and said: “Brother, just tell us whatever you want to say.”

Daoist Tian Mu nodded and said: “I believe you, so just speak your mind.”

Luo Tian clenched his fists briefly and asked: “How many demonic beasts are inside the ancient battlefield?”

He really wanted to know!

Luo Tian can keep leveling up as long as there are sufficient demonic beasts.

After breaking into the Profound Emperor 5th rank, the experience from the Tarbosaurus and T-rex had sharply reduced to three million points. That was a drop of two million experience points due to Luo Tian having leveled up. This meant Luo Tian would have to kill even more demonic beasts the higher he leveled up.

Daoist Tian Mu didn’t expect Luo Tian to ask such a question so he was stunned briefly by it.

Daoist Lie Yan chuckled and replied: “Apart from us five old undying monsters and the seven waning moons in the sky, there’s basically only demonic beasts in the ancient battlefield. You’re asking how many of them there are? Then I really don’t know how to answer you except for saying there’s probably at least billions?”

The ancient battlefield was extremely large.

Even they cannot give an accurate calculation.


“Then that should be enough.”

Luo Tian felt a lot more relaxed as he originally thought there won’t be that many demonic beasts for him to kill. He then said with an excited smile: “Two seniors, I will not hide it from you. I can kill demonic beasts to make breakthroughs. The more I kill, the fast I breakthrough. I was forced beyond any other options to enter the ancient battlefield. I have to leave this place as soon as possible because my brothers and my friends are waiting for me to rescue them. I also wish to rebuild Mount Hua Immortal Sect and let it rise up once more. Everything I want to do actually requires the cooperation of all of you.”

The key to the problem had arrived!

Luo Tian became very serious while asking: “Two seniors, can you two cooperate with me?”

“I want to kill the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign!”


A series of muffled thunderous sounds were heard from the sky and the dark red sky turned even more bloody looking. Luo Tian’s words seem to have angered the Gods or something as the killing intent in the atmosphere turned into an ocean of killing intent that suppressed the entire place.

The expressions of both Daoist Tian Mu and Lie Yan changed at the same time.

The aura of those two exploded out instantly and they used it to cover Luo Tian’s body. Their brows formed a frown as cold sweat appeared in their palms. Luo Tian’s mind tightened as he could sense the nervousness coming from the two elders.

Luo Tian didn’t move even a single tiny bit.

Half a minute passed by.

The thunderous sounds gradually disappeared and the bloody red sky became dark red once more.



The two elders started gasping for air. Daoist Lie Yan’s eyes became enraged as he viciously stared at the waning moons in the sky. “Your granny! Sooner or later, this daddy will personally slaughter you!”

Daoist Tian Mu looked at Luo Tian and said: “Just then, that was the spiritual sense of the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. If he were to find out you were around us, Seven Moon Devil Sovereign will definitely not let you go. This place is too dangerous, let’s head back before we talk more.”

Daoist Lie Yan followed up by saying: “That’s right, let’s discuss this with the other senior brothers.”


“Kid, what did you say just then?”

Luo Tian said once more: “I want to kill the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign. I want to leave this place.”


“What a wild and arrogant statement! But I like it! I’m sorry for looking down on you before but you’re now the brother of I, Daoist Lie Yan! Hahaha… “Daoist Lie Yan was like those old men who were still young at heart, patting Luo Tian’s shoulder and truly treated him as a brother.

Luo Tian started chuckling along with him.

The three of them flew for about half an hour.

And then arrived at a cave residence.

The cave residence was very simple with just a stone table and five stone chairs. The three people inside were startled when they saw Daoist Tian Mu and Daoist Lie Yan return. They all came out and the one in lead asked: “Aren’t you two supposed to be controlling those demonic beasts to slaughter each other and condense killing intent?”


“He’s the person that entered the ancient battlefield today?”

“Coming here just to die.”


“Kid, seeing how young you are, most likely the Seven Moon Devil Sovereign won’t be bothered using you so you won’t be able to live for more than a few more days.”

The three of them made some casual remarks while looking at Luo Tian.

Daoist Tian Mu then started introducing, “This is Daoist Ling Tu, Daoist Ling Shui, and this is Daoist Ling Jin. You’ve previously met Daoist Ling Huo already. We are called Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s Ancestors of the Five Elements. The three that you are newly meeting are in control of the Stegosaurus legion, the Pterodactyl legion, and the Velociraptor legion. There are a total of five different types of demonic beasts inside the ancient battlefield.”

“My three apprentice-brothers…”

Daoist Tian Mu then continued saying in all seriousness: “He can bring us out of here.”


(T/N: Ling Tu is spiritual earth, Ling Shui is spiritual water, Ling Jin is spiritual gold, and Ling Huo is spiritual fire. I can only assume Daoist Lie Yan is given the title of Ling Huo, which is fire/flame and Daoist Tian Mu is Ling Mu, spiritual wood.)

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