Translation Schedule

I have decided to make the translation schedule less precise since less than 1% of the readers look here and just check NovelUpdates. There will be two regular chapters and up to 10 sponsored chapters per week. My time zone is EST for Americans, and UTC -05:00 for the rest of the world. I usually release in the afternoons at random times.

Since I’ve established this site, I have never missed a week of releasing translations. In the event that I do, I will make it up the next week with bonus chapters.

The first regular chapter will be released either on Monday or Tuesday.

The second regular chapter will be released on Friday or Saturday. And Thursdays on a blue moon.

Last modified @ May 22, 2016  8:22 AM EST


4 Responses to Translation Schedule

  1. tellestarle says:

    Good luck and thanks for the hard work ^^


  2. Robert Fong says:

    Thank you for the great work !!


  3. Hey omgitsaray,

    When you get time, could you send an email to We’d love to get in touch with you!



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