9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch349 – Ch352

May’s ad revenue was $30.36, minus hosting costs equals $22.11 to the bank. I’m going to save the bank and do bonus chapters in September since I’m already doing bonus chaps for Undefeatable this whole summer.

Chapter 349 – The great dahl ape
Chapter 350 – Attacking the weakness
Chapter 351 – A cloud of dust rises
Chapter 352 – One splits into two

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9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch345 – Ch348

April ad revenue was $34.18 with about the same amount of ad views.

Here’s your monthly dose of Lei Yu:

Chapter 345 – First combination
Chapter 346 – Taking the nascent soul
Chapter 347 – Swordback Tiger
Chapter 348 – Refining the nascent soul

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9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch342 – Ch344

Hey guys, here’s your monthly dose of 9HTM!

Chapter 342 – A very generous gift
Chapter 343 – Jade revolving
Chapter 344 – White scaled giant crocodile

I only get about 250 readers for 9HTM each month but I will struggle onwards and try to complete the novel!

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Undefeatable Ch140 Bonus

Hey guys, March ad revenue came in at $32.10 so that pushed the bonus bank to $48.98. Since it’s so close, I decided to push out a bonus chap and reset the bank back to $0.

Chapter 140 – Dispelling Gu is available at gravitytales.

9HTM will come out tomorrow, unless I’m busy again.

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9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch339 – Ch341

Chapter 339 – I don’t want to kill you
Chapter 340 – Sea emperor’s birthday
Chapter 341 – The black tortoise true god

If you guys want more Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable, go to gravitytales ranking page and vote for my novel. Every 500 votes equals a bonus chapter, and you can vote once per day! (You need to register for an account in order to vote)

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Undefeatable Ch123 Bonus

Hey guys, the bonus chapter of Undefeatable has been released here at gravitytales. Thus $50 has been taken from the bonus bank but then February ad revenue has come in at $29.76 so our new bonus bank balance is $25.13. I think the advertisers didn’t pay out that well in Feb so the revenue is pretty low.

I’m slowly updating the Undefeatable chapters here so bear with me.

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9 Heavenly Thunder Manual Ch336 – Ch338

My in-laws are here so Undefeatable chapters might increase next month. Also maybe a bit more 9HTM as well. Nothing set in stone in case they have jetlag and can’t help with the kids that much.

Chapter 336 – Big sister goddess
Chapter 337 – Heavenly lightning tribulation
Chapter 338 – Forest of fog

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