How to get bonus chapters

Here’s my new concept for free Undefeatable chapters:

You will notice there’s image or video ads on pages you visit. Do not click the ads unless you are interested in the product. As for video ads, let the video run until the end.

It costs me $8.25 per month to run this site. Any advertisement money that exceeds that amount will be added to the bonus chapter queue. For now, I am not factoring the cost/time it takes for me to translate a chapter.

For example, if I make $10.00 of ad revenue for the month, that means:

$10 – $8.25 = $1.75 to the donation bonus queue.

I will update readers of ad revenue every month so please, view the ads or the video ads in its entirety!

Ronald N. from the U.S. – First donator, aka God of omgitsaray translations.

Babatope B. from the U.K. – Second donator, aka Demi-God of omgitsaray translations.

Tom W. from the U.S. – Third donator, aka Saint of omgitsaray translations.

Marcus S. from Germany – Fourth donator


7 Responses to How to get bonus chapters

  1. Bro says:

    Hello. How do I contact you?


  2. im new to using word press. how do you add the donation option for your website


    • omgitsaray says:

      The way I did it was to go to Customize, Widget, Sidebar, +Widget, Image, Copy the donate button image from paypal and use that, then just put in my paypal link into the image.


  3. 您好,我阅读了您在博客发表的翻译小说,您的文笔非常棒,以及您的粉丝反馈也是很好的。
    邮箱 谢谢


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