Ch 145 – Returning to Modern Times

Before the huge rock, Lei Yu jumped off the back of the golden bull. “Thank you; it’s time for me to leave.”

“Benefactor, I don’t really have anything to give you as a parting gift but it’s a fact that you’ve rescued me from the labyrinth and I will always remember that. From this day on, Greece will never forget you!” Minotaur Linos had already transformed back to the bull’s head and human body appearance with a touch of sadness on his face.

Lei Yu’s heart was filled with sadness since this journey was simply too wondrous!

“Benefactor, since I have nothing to give you, how about this… If you don’t mind, I will give you the cultivating method that Ares gave me, the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique?

Lei Yu was overjoyed. “Was it the move you demonstrated on the battlefield?” Lei Yu clearly witness the great power behind that attack.

“That was only one of the moves, there’s a total of thirty-six forms (styles).

“That’s great then! But I don’t have any axe type weapons, can I still use it?” Lei Yu asked.

“No matter what weapon you use, you can still display its power. I believe with your strength, even bare handed will allow you to release a horrifying degree of power!”

Lei Yu was extremely shocked in his heart. If he could really successfully learn such a powerful cultivating method, then there would be so much use for it in the future. There’s no such thing as being burdened with too much knowledge so Lei Yu wasn’t afraid to learn more.

Both of them sat down cross-legged. A crack was seen in-between Minotaur Linos’s eyebrows, and a golden light rushed out. The golden light had a thickness of a finger that flew straight for Lei Yu.

Suddenly feeling a tremor in his mind, Lei Yu entered a trance-like state. His mind was constantly filled with countless martial moves and the pathways to circulate his internal energy.

When everything was finally clear and settled down, Lei Yu felt like he was in the middle of the universe. The cultivating method that bull-head transferred to him appeared before him in the vast starry space.

The Thirty-six Lunar Stars combined into a perfect picture, each Lunar Star represented a certain point. Lei Yu carefully noted that every line connecting the thirty-six Lunar Stars together was the path for his internal energy to circulate. Every connection point had its own marvelous use as it linked with each other. This made Lei Yu feel nothing but shock. Such a powerful cultivating method was something he had never seen in his entire life.

Lei Yu was deeply fascinated with the magical effects of the Lunar Stars and the vastness of the universe. He then attempted to circulate his internal energy according to the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique.

Although he was only at the preliminary stage of understanding the technique, Lei Yu was still overjoyed. This was equal to adding a new set of attacking power to his arsenal. In the past, he relied on his own training and actual combat experience in order to come up with attack methods. Now that he had a complete set of cultivating methods, how could he not be excited?

Minotaur Linos withdrew the golden light in-between his eyebrows. He slowly stood up and looked towards the horizon that had started to get lighter. “Benefactor, take care of yourself. I will create a barrier here so that no one can bother you! The queen will soon wake up so I have to get back.”

Minotaur Linos’s transformation was really fast; from a bull’s head and human body to a huge golden bull was almost instantaneous. As if striding forth on a bed of flames, he disappeared without a trace.

Lei Yu was in the midst of a profound state and could not get out of it. Wanting to grasp all thirty-six forms at once was simply a fool’s dream. Even if it was Lei Yu who had talent and potential beyond ordinary people, it still wasn’t possible.

One point to pierce, pierce the heavens to grasp the moon, contain and seize the group, convey the Lunar Star’s intent!

Lei Yu silently recited the mnemonics as he felt an additional warm energy grow inside him. This energy was completely different from what he original had since it exudes a milky white glow. Even though it combined together with his energy, Lei Yu could easily separate the two without using too much effort.

White light was mixed with the starlight making it look exceptionally bright. Lei Yu took a deep breath before slowly opening his eyes. When he awoke from his profound trance like state, the sun was already above his head meaning it was noon already.

Lei Yu gratefully smiled as he felt a powerful force in the surrounding area that seemed to wrap around him. He knew that this was a barrier setup by Minotaur Linos, afraid that someone or something would bother is cultivation. Both arms filled with a powerful might, he forced the barrier to burst apart leaving deep grooves on the ground. Lei Yu left this area and arrived in front of the huge boulder. He then started chanting the spell that he couldn’t understand himself. The loose gravel on the boulder started falling off onto the ground and an opening was revealed. Lei Yu then went inside.

This place was no longer a labyrinth but a long tunnel. Lei Yu walked straight all the way to the end where spring water was whirling around on the wall, making it quite an attractive sight.

Gently sucking in a breath of air, Lei Yu took out a golden bowl from his storage ring. Using his powerful internal energy to wrap it around the spring water, he forced it to start pouring itself into the bowl.

At this time, Lei Yu suddenly saw a series of light rapidly firing at him from the wall. Then, he finally understood how he came to this era.

A clock was portrayed on the wall, a clock that shouldn’t belong to this time period yet here it was.

A light emitting from inside the clock wrapped around Lei Yu and a prompt appeared in his mind. Lei Yu chose the time to return to and a blinding light flashed, lighting up the entire tunnel. Lei Yu’s body instantly turned into a star and disappeared without a trace.

Lei Yu made a lot of effort in order to open his eyes, and his surrounding suddenly became dark. When his sight returned, Lei Yu was once again back in the tunnel. But in his heart, it was clear that outside of here, there will no longer be the existence of Telephassa. Especially there will no longer the existence of Minotaur Linos, the bull headed fiendgod. Although he’s not sure why in his current time period, Minotaur Linos, a fiendgod that could live thousands of years was not present; but at least he got to know him. It could be considered that Lei Yu experienced a soul-stirring unique vacation.

Inside his heart, he still felt a tiny yearning for the beautiful Queen Telephassa. But since Ai Er was outside patiently waiting for him all this time, Lei Yu couldn’t wait to accelerate his pace to get out of here.

About to exit the place, Lei Yu turned around to take one last look. The labyrinth should have been broken through by him a thousand years ago, so why would it reform itself back when he first entered it? Blinking his eyes… why continue thinking about it if he had no clue? Lei Yu quickly ran up the steps and the modern day’s air drilled into his nostrils. He then took a deep breath in.

“Child, you’ve finally come out!”

Originally with his eyes closed while taking a deep breath, Lei Yu suddenly opened his eyes. “Old madam! How… how… how come you…” Lei Yu felt his brains weren’t functioning properly. What he couldn’t understand was he thought the old woman should be trapped inside the labyrinth, so how could she appear outside here now?

According to Lei Yu’s calculation, the current time frame should be five minutes after he went back into the labyrinth looking for her. The time he calculated should be absolutely correct.

“Brother Yu, how come it took you so long to come out? I was so anxious, if it wasn’t for the old madam stopping me, I would have gone in to look for you.” Ai Er ran up and hugged Lei Yu.

“Ai Er, how long have I been inside?” Lei Yu asked while blinking his eyes.

“A whole day and night! You told me to stay here and wait for you, and not to go in. How could you make us worry so much?!” Ai Er pouted, showing a super cute face.

Lei Yu held Ai Er in his arms tightly, unable to further repress his feelings. Two hot lips tightly affixed together as he fiercely kissed Ai Er. Naturally slipping his tongue inside her mouth and playing around a bit, Ai Er suddenly opened her eyes wide. But she went with the flow and was moaning shortly after.

The old woman smiled as she turned away. She silently said in her mind: “Looks like he experienced something unimaginable inside!”


It’s been more than ten days since the three have left Greece and returned to the United States. Counting the days they’ve left for Greece and came back, it’s been a whole month already. Lei Yu was now rushing towards the newly opened nightclub.

“Young master, you’re finally back! I tried calling your phone but it wasn’t in service, but we’ve basically settled everything here and just waiting for you to make some final decisions.” Gray Bear brought Lei Yu to the end of the corridor to a private room. Inside the private room sat a young man wearing a leather vest that revealed his bulky muscles. With a cigarette dangling from his mouth, he narrowed his eyes at the newcomer. Because Lei Yu went in first, he didn’t see Gray Bear following behind so he asked in an indifferent tone: “What are you here for?”

“You impudent thing! Why aren’t you greeting the young master?!” Gray Bear screamed out from behind, scaring the young man into almost pissing his own pants. He has heard the deeds of the young master countless times and had already regarded Lei Yu as his idol. He never thought that the first time meeting his idol would make him leave behind a bad impression. He hurriedly stood up from the sofa not quite sure what to do now.

Lei Yu merely smiled: “Don’t worry about it; your attitude is already quite decent for guarding the door so just do your best. Following I, Lei Yu, will guarantee you won’t suffer any losses!

“Thank you young master!” The young man bowed. Very few westerners would perform such a posture but the young man pulled it off quite smoothly.

According to Lei Yu, when Americans meet someone more superior than them, they would only slightly nod their head. And maybe if they were to ask a woman for a dance in a formal setting would the guy bow. So the gesture of bowing was rarely seen here.

Lei Yu smiled as he walked further into the room with Gray Bear behind him. The young man hurriedly press a button and a section of the wall, without making a sound, opened up revealing a doorway. Lei Yu then went up the stairs to the second floor.

The place had been completely setup already. They went with a simple decoration style yet it still gave off a wildness about it. Drawn on the four separate walls were mythical beasts: a black dragon, a white tiger, a phoenix, and a black tortoise. They were so lifelike that it looked like these mythical beasts transformed into a painting.

At the highest point of the ceiling, several steel chains crisscrossed each other as a decoration piece. And in the most center of the floor was the arena stage. The arena was indeed not small; it was at least 100 square meters and was surrounded by a metal cage. This gave one a feeling that the arena looked like a place to tame fierce animals.

The second floor was almost like an indoor stadium, the step-like seating area had at least ten thousand seats. Who knows if there will be that many spectators but at least there’s no shortage of seats for them.

Situated at the four corners of the arena stage were four thick steel columns acting as support. On top of these steel columns were something like a small house with floor to ceiling windows and sofas inside. Occupants could look directly at the arena with a superb view, making it the VIP rooms.


(T/N: I just had to make a comment here. The author could’ve made Lei Yu go back in time to before little Ke got molested/raped! That would be so awesome to create a time paradox!)

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