Ch 17 – Complete Domination

“I told you to come down!” Lei Yu raised his voice, “I’ll fight with him!”

Upon hearing this, Lei Tian’s eyebrows perked up, “you, alone? Do you even have the qualifications?” Continuing to speak in a carefree attitude: “But since you don’t want any face, then I will let you shame yourself all the way back home. This will also let the governor’s son know that he acknowledged the wrong person as a master, and made friends with the wrong person.

Liu Hao obediently jumped down from the stage, staring towards the stage while directing the words to Lei Yu, he fiercely said while spitting out saliva: “Master, pummel him, beat him so bad that when he goes home, his own mother won’t recognize him!”

Because of the governor’s presence, some people openly jeered.

“Fight, fight with him!”

“A good show is about to start!” Xiao Fei said on the side, secretly sneering.

Lei Yu lightly jumped onto the stage. Lei Yu did not allow Liu Hao to fight with Lei Tian because the reason was very simple. The power of the Lei family were hidden, unlike other people, the Lei family will spread their internal energy throughout the body’s periphery, no one would be able to see it so there would not be any violations. The rules of the competition was based on strength and techniques, but the Lei family all use hidden strength, so even if they used their internal energy, no one will notice it. What his own disciple is capable of, Lei Yu knows very well, he was definitely not Lei Tian’s match.

Lei Yu gently exhaled. In front of so many people, Lei Tian’s action today was undoubtedly to show people that the Lei family and he were on the complete opposite side of Lei Yu, similar to enemies. Since it has come to this, he would not hold back anymore..

Since the competition has evolved to this point now, everyone would like to see exactly how exciting these two antagonists’ fight will be. Governor Liu and the other two judges discussed amongst themselves, then decided the competition would start right away.

Lei Yu gently stroked his sleeves, while Lei Tian was indifferent. He had already experienced Lei Yu’s ability two years ago, so he did not even consider Lei Yu as anything in his eyes. But little did he know how big the changes were for Lei Yu in the past two years.

Since he wanted to make a fool out of Lei Yu, then it should be a quick move, a one strike victory. Lei Tian gathered internal energy into both his arms, but from the outside one could not see any traces of it. But Lei Yu also secretly gathered his purple internal energy into his arms and legs.

Lei Yu did not move while Lei Tian first rushed forward.


Lei Tian raised his hand, a straight punch directed at Lei Yu’s head, the air around his fist giving off a whirring noise. Lei Yu stood motionless waiting for the arrival of the attack. When Lei Tian’s fist was only one palm length distance away from his head, Lei Yu suddenly raised his left hand to quickly block, and at the same time, the stored power at this moment explosively burst forward, releasing all the hatred he had against the Lei family at this single point in time.

The humiliation in the past along with the shame of today, with a “ka cha” of shattering bone sound that chilled the hearts of everyone that heard it, the competition had ended.

“Agh! My arm! Agh!” Lei Tian fell to the ground rolling back and forth. One hand was clutching his other arm while suffering from a terrible pain so bad that it made Lei Tian want to go crazy.

Silence. Complete silence. The only sound came from the ground where Lei Tian was rolling around screaming in pain.

The entire audience, the three people sitting on the judge’s seat, winners from the five rounds, including Ai Er and Nuo Hu, plus Lei Yu’s disciple Liu Hao, all involuntary had their jaws drop and their mouths agape. They all did not know just exactly how it happened, Lei Yu simply raised his hand and his opponent was lying on the ground cry out in pain. All this happened in an instant.

Time seemed to freeze at this moment, and after a full ten seconds, the entire audience began to boil in excitement.

The youths in the audience began chanting “awesome!”

One by one, these government officials and social elites began to cheer, some even chanted “Lei Yu, Lei Yu…”

Liu Hao looked at his master, eyes filled with worship. This level of worship is even more intense than before.

“Starting today and onwards, no… Should be from the start of two years ago, the Lei family and I do not have the slightest relationship. You openly and publicly humiliated me, I think no matter who you insult, they will definitely not let it go you asshole! You forced me, it was your Lei family that forced me!” Lei Yu made this statement on top of the stage so that everyone would understand his determination, and also see Lei Yu’s strive for independent recognition.

Sounds of cheers and whistles everywhere. Lei Yu suddenly became the focus of the entire audience. Xiao Fei and other several official participants felt a big gloomy, as for the Lei Tian who was crying bitterly on the ground was carried off by two people for first aid.

The reason the entire audience were boiling with excitement was not because they understood the conflict between Lei Yu and Lei Tian. Everyone knew the Lei family’s strength was considered great even though no one had seen it because the Lei family was extremely secretive. Lei Yu who was labeled as a coward actually only used one move to easily cripple Lei Tian’s arm. Plus with Lei Tian’s arrogance and during introductions, he was introduced as a genius of the younger generation by the host. These cheers were for Lei Yu who deserved to win and establishing a precedence on this high stage.

“Master, you are too awesome! You are the idol I most admire!” Liu Hao was holding onto Lei Yu in an excited fervor.

Nuo Hu and Ai Er on the side were so happy that they couldn’t even close their mouths from grinning. Yet Lei Yu was unable to laugh out loud, the relationship he had with the Lei family were now really and completely cut off. And after today’s incident, the Lei family will not sit idly by, in the coming days he will definitely be harassed by them. Lei Yu could not avoid thinking about what he should do in the future.

Being together with Lei Yu for such a long time, Nuo Hu knew what he was thinking in his heart. Whispering in Lei Yu’s ear, he said: “Don’t worry, I will ask my father to go to the Lei family to settle this matter, I think they should at the very least, give my father some face.”

Lei Yu nodded gratefully, in his eyes, this big brother of his suddenly become bigger and taller. (T/N: metaphor for growing admiration)

After some celebration, Lei Yu faced the host and the three judges on the side and said respectfully: “I’m sorry for interrupting the competition, I’m really sorry about today’s incident.”

“Child, you’re quite good, I will leave Liu Hao in your care!” said Governor Liu, laughing and patting Lei Yu’s shoulder.

On the side, Captain Zou and Instructor Zhuang weren’t your typical person. Lei Yu’s simple performance on the stage were clearly absorbed into their eyes. This kind of instantaneous burst of strength, reaction speed, and cool headedness made the two appreciate his skills.

“Do you have an interest in joining our Eagle Group? I believe you will get even better training in the Eagle Group” said Captain Zou.

Lei Yu responded with an apologetic smile and said: “I’m sorry, I’ve already joined Dragon Group.”

Instructor Zhuang on the side did not say a word, he already knew the existence of Lei Yu. Although he has never seen him yet, but had heard about him. This Instructor Zhuang was only responsible for training the new recruits, so naturally he did not have the chance to see the elites of Dragon Team, this extremely powerful existence.

The uproar Lei Yu caused today were based on three factors: the first, Lei Tian was placed in a high position of admiration, yet Lei Yu instantly shot it down, naturally replacing Lei Tian’s position or even higher; the second, driven by the banquet hall’s atmosphere: and the third, Lei Tian’s personality of being arrogant and unreasonable.

Lei Yu smiled and said “please continue with the competition.”

Leaving these words, Lei Yu hurriedly left the banquet hall. Ai Er and the other three wanted to follow and leave, but because of Lei Yu’s words, they were unable to. Nuo Hu had to continue participating in the competition, Ai Er had to stay to cheer for her brother, while Liu Hao had to stay to watch the competition and learn from it.

Lei Yu standing outside the banquet hall exhaled a long breath, “it looks like I need to quickly get into touch with Uncle Liu, to see if I can get any news about my mother from him.” At this point, Lei Yu was more concerned for his personal life and origins.

Today’s results was depended on his skillful control of his internal energy. If this happened a year ago, it’s highly possible that he may not be able to leave this banquet hall in one piece.

Lei Yu took a taxi back to his residence. Right now, he had to recover the internal energy he had just used up. Constantly keep their body in a state that is filled with internal energy was something a cultivator had to maintain.

The surging internal energy shuddered for a while before restoring its calm. Lei Yu methodically caused his internal energy to flow throughout, and at the same time, absorbing the trace amounts of spiritual energy from the atmosphere.

Currently, Lei Yu was at the mid-stage of [Integration] and had only started at the beginning stages of joining the traditional hierarchical ranks. There were actually quite a lot of people at this rank, therefore Lei Yu would not dare to slack off. Raising one’s strength was the only way to be not defeated, only what the strong say is the right way, that is what Lei Yu has realized. If one was strong enough, the shame he experienced today and the humiliation he suffered two years ago would never have happened. Today at this point in time, Lei Yu had become a different person, he was no longer the Lei family’s second son of the leader, who worked tirelessly and trained for the family’s recognition. He is to become a powerful force for himself, to become a strong and independent Lei Yu.

Lei Yu’s performance today had not been spread around, only the people in attendance knew of it. When Lei Yu left, Nuo Hu actually stood on top of the stage and explained to everyone the situation. Everyone had to keep today’s incident a secret. Nuo Hu was not considered to have much influence, but his father on the other hand, not many people would dare offend. Therefore everyone kept a tight-lip.

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