Ch 194 – Break Your Dog Legs

At this time, the person Lei Yu hated the most came over with a grin. Seeing his face made Lei Yu want to slap him upside the head. But he didn’t do that and only frowned a bit before quickly calming his facial expression.

“Lei Yu! Are you going to give me face? Let’s toast and clink our glasses!”

“Fine, drink!” Lei Yu clinked glasses with him and downed everything.

“You are really worthy of being the family’s second young master! Generous and filled with momentum! I hope the second young master doesn’t mind what happened in the past. You have proved to all of us that pure gold does not fear the furnace¹. I, Lei Yun utterly admire you!” That’s right; the person that came to toast Lei Yu was the one that forced Lei Yu off the cliff back then – Lei Yun.

Lei Yu placed his glass down and stood up. Even if a person had a good temper, seeing such a person in front of him made Lei Yu want to say a few words.

“I don’t mind at all. If it wasn’t thanks to you, I would never have been enlightened and would never have gotten the lightning brand to appear so quickly. Lei Yun, I will never forget you. Don’t worry; I will forever remember everything that you have done!” Lei Yu’s words weren’t that straightforward but it was clear the meaning behind it wasn’t good. This was already the limit of what Lei Yu could tolerate. Some people are just too shameless, they knew they would be publicly humiliated yet they still came running over.

One could see the muscles twitching on Lei Yun’s face. He wanted to say something but didn’t know how to start. The atmosphere of the hall suddenly changed to one of awkwardness. Lei Yun Tian quickly broke up the scene, “Come, come little Yu, try this freshly caught venison from the forests of our mountain, the meat is very tender and tasty!”

Lei Yu viciously glared at Lei Yun a few times before sitting back down. The latter was extremely angry but didn’t dare to retaliate in this situation. Once he attacked, the master of the family would definitely be enraged. At that time, he may actually suffer some physical punishment then. Lei Yun silently said to himself: “Just wait and see, I’ll let you know the meaning of regret!” Lei Yun then awkwardly turned around and left the hall while four other younger looking people followed him. Even though there were some slight changes in their appearance, Lei Yu still recognized them. Ever since Lei Yun had been slated for the next position of Elder, those four lackeys saw Lei Yun as someone closer than their own parents and never left his side. They were always the first ones to do whatever Lei Yun said, which made Lei Yun even more insufferably arrogant.

A smart person may say little, but a person with little knowledge truly likes to show off. This was the comparison between Lei Yu and Lei Yun.

The banquet that was like a slow torture to Lei Yu had finally ended and Lei Yun Tian wasn’t going to let Lei Yu off that easily. Along with the Elder, those three arrived at Lei Yun Tian’s office.

While on the sofa, Lei Yun Tian began by saying: “Little Yu, according to what we spoke about, you agreed that once you came back to Tenglong country, you were going to re-join the family. You shouldn’t have forgotten that right?”

“Was that what I agreed to? My lord father, you seem to be getting quite forgetful.” Lei Yu knew his father wouldn’t just let this go. If he were still the useless trash that the family had abandoned, wanting to see an inner family member would probably be an impossible affair for him.

“Are there any differences? Little Yu, can you not see the troubles your father have been through? He has placed too much emphasis on you, that’s why he’s so eager to have you come back to the family. Can’t you just be a little more considerate for him?” The Elder at the side said this as if he was resentful.

“Of course there’s a difference!” Lei Yu didn’t want to argue with them but there’s times where things had to be laid out. “Previously I had agreed to return to the family, but it would only be possible after I avenged by grandfather and found my mother. Could the Elder somehow forgotten this as well?”

“This… this is a matter the family can help you to achieve so why are you still so stubborn? Do you really have to torture your father like this? Could you be that heartless?” The Elder asked. As for Lei Yun Tian, he was sitting on the side silently waiting for Lei Yu’s answer.

“And how heartless are you guys?” Lei Yu angrily stood up. “When the conversation is not agreeable, to say even half a sentence more is too much. I really don’t understand whether the master of the family is in charge or it’s you Lord Elder. You are always interrupting conversations. Weren’t you the one that incited behind my father’s back to kick me out of the family back then? Now you’re asking me how heartless could I be? For eight years, no one cared about me in the family so how heartless could you guys be? I was forced off the cliff yet who inquired of my whereabouts? How could YOU guys be so heartless?” Lei Yu’s chest was visibly heaving, he felt like a lot of things were caused by this Elder.

“Enough!” Lei Yun Tian yelled out. “There’s no need to mention this again, I will wait for you to deal with your affairs first. Remember little Yu, the Lei family’s door will always be open for you.”

Lei Yu calmed down but the look that the Elder gave Lei Yu wasn’t very friendly, yet what could he do about it?

Leaving the main gate, Lei Yu was about to get in his car to leave. He looked up into the pitch black skies and saw a bright light fly by. “A meteor?”

Continuing to gaze at the stars, Lei Yu felt a closeness to them. Perhaps it was related to him cultivating the Thirty-six Lunar Star technique. Lei Yu unconsciously walked forward and just as he was at the edge of the cliff, he stopped. It was a beautiful tonight; the sky was filled with endless stars which made Lei Yu feel like he was surrounded by the vast universe. This seemed to make him forget about the previous unpleasantries.

At this time, Lei Yu frowned as he detected people coming close to him from the left and right sides. Two of them were Third Order Warriors, one was a Fourth Order, and the last one was a Fifth Order. “Why are you guys sneaking around? Come out!” Lei Yu didn’t bother looking at them as he shouted out.

These four people were surprised they had been found out, but still shot forth towards Lei Yu.

“Lei Yu, you were a bit too proud at tonight’s banquet and did not give my any face. Did you think coming back to the Lei family would still make you the family’s second young master? Let me tell you, calling you second young master was just to humor you so don’t think you’re actually something!” Lei Yun’s face once again appeared in front of Lei Yu.

“Get lost; I have nothing to say to you.” Lei Yu didn’t even turn around and said this in a tone of contempt.

“You… what did you say?!” Lei Yun roared. “I know you have the lightning brand but so what? Your father I, will not believe you can beat all four of us. Even if you’re a late-stage Fifth Order Warrior, you still won’t be able to beat us!”

“Your father, I? Those words are something you can’t handle. If the master of the family heard your words, I wonder if he would break your dog legs and cut off your tongue? You have completely disrespected him!” Lei Yu was filled with disdain, a Fifth Order Warrior? That rank was considered something he passed a long time ago. This poor child Lei Yun still thinks he was the same rank as himself, this was way too funny.


¹ – Describing a person that has a good personality, strong-willed, and can withstand any tests thrown at them.

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