Ch 195 – An Old Scene Repeats Itself

Lei Yun suddenly became dumb and unable to speak. How could someone like him, who had always been treated so highly accept this? A vicious idea then sprouted in his mind, “It looks like you want the scene a few years ago to be replayed again!”

“Oh?” Lei Yu wasn’t angry and actually smiled. He turned around, “I would really like to see how you guys will replay that scene.”

Lei Yun stepped forward and cried out: “I will pin him down and you guys beat the shit out of him!”


Lei Yu maintained his signature smile, his lips gently curved upwards. He stood there motionless since he really wanted to see what abilities Lei Yun had to pin him down.

“Whoosh!” With Lei Yun as the center, a wave of heat rose up around him. Lei Yu suddenly started feeling warmer amongst the slightly chilly night, making it quite comfortable. Lei Yu’s mind wandered off… If a woman married into the Lei family, not mentioning being blessed, but in the off chance she was married into a less fortunate household, sleeping at night and holding onto this warm guy would certainly be a wonderful thing.

This was a fight that Lei Yu paid the least attention to in his life. There’s no need to pay attention because Lei Yu wasn’t planning on striking out or taking their lives. But he shouldn’t just stand there and take the beating right? So Lei Yu started releasing his internal energy from his dantian and circulated through his body before using it to cover his periphery. Under Lei Yu’s suppression, the bright starry purple light of his internal energy did not appear and nothing could be seen.

Lei Yun cautiously got closer towards Lei Yu. He knew that the currently Lei Yu was no longer the useless trash and waste of food. Possessing the noblest lightning brand would surely make him difficult to deal with. Lei Yun would refuse to believe that Lei Yu had reached the rank of a Sixth Order Warrior because based off of age, it was an impossible matter. Since Lei Yu was the same rank as him, and with three helpers on scene, the outcome was already determined in his mind. Unfortunately Lei Yun was wrong, completely and utterly wrong.

Once Lei Yun pounced forth hoping to restrain Lei Yu, he found that a powerful suction was pulling him in. Wanting to retreat backwards had become impossible now.

Lei Yun’s body was practically dragged on the ground to the front of Lei Yu. The latter still with a smile on his face gently placed his hand on Lei Yun’s shoulder. Suddenly, a powerful lightning current shot into his body making Lei Yun’s nerves almost collapse.

Lei Yu had used this move previously when Black Panther wasn’t his underling yet.

Everyone only saw Lei Yun’s body shaking like crazy and his eyes filled with fear. Even though it was nighttime, they could see still see that his face was all red and the veins on his neck were all exposed. Lei Yun looked extremely horrible and even under these conditions; Lei Yun didn’t dare to raise his head to look at Lei Yu. Inside Lei Yun’s mind, Lei Yu was simply a terrifying demon!

The three at the side looked at each other and weren’t sure if they should rush forward or not. Because Lei Yun did not give them any further instructions, so for the meantime, those three idiots just stood there staring at Lei Yun shaking.

Lei Yun’s internal energy was pouring out in desperation, wanting to counteract the power of lightning that Lei Yu was releasing. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t deal with Lei Yu’s powerful internal energy making it look like a pebble smashing against a boulder. Especially when his flame energy rushed out, it seemed to have strengthened Lei Yu’s lightning power. This point was actually first noticed by Lei Yu. It looks like he had to investigate this in the future since it might be even possible to create a more powerful offensive technique.

Seeing that Lei Yun’s internal energy was getting weaker, it appears that his power origins were also affected. Lei Yun was reaching the brink of collapse so Lei Yu was intending to stop, but at this moment, a voice that resounded through the heavens cried out: “Stop!”

Lei Yu looked around and it turned out to be Lei Yun’s grandfather, who was the Lei family’s Elder.

“Not letting go.” Lei Yu completely ignored the Elder’s anger. The intention of withdrawing his hand now changed to adding more power. This time, Lei Yun couldn’t handle it anymore and lost consciousness yet his body continued shaking.

“Lei Yu, you despicable person! You’re actually taking revenge against my grandson for those issues a few years ago!” The Elder’s eyes had turned red. How could his heart not ache when seeing his grandson like this? And looking at Lei Yun’s face, he was definitely in a bad shape.

“Say that again?!” Lei Yu narrowed his eyes; he already had enough of the way the Lei family did things.

“I said you were despicable! A dignified Sixth Order Warrior would bully a person that wasn’t your opponent for revenge!” The Elder had already reached a point of madness since he knew that his grandson was almost at his limit. If Lei Yu did not stay his hands, then the consequences would be disastrous.

“Shouldn’t your three explain everything to the Elder?” Lei Yu turned to the three other guys that were standing there in silence.

When the three of them heard the Elder mention what strength Lei Yu was at, they almost lost their footing. But they quickly recovered; this place was the Lei family household so who would dare create chaos here? One of the three raised his courage, “Elder, what you’ve said was correct. Lei Yu was taking revenge for what had happened to him a few years ago on this cliff, that’s why he made such a move against Lei Yun!”

“You son of a b*tch! You’re so damn shameless that you can lie without your face going red or your heart skipping a beat!” Lei Yu roared angrily, but then calmed down a bit. “Good, since you’ve already framed me for revenge, then I will take revenge for you guys to see.” Lei Yu then narrowed his eyes, “Just wait a bit… just a bit more and the meat of this ‘tool’ would be ready to eat paired with some alcohol on the side!”

In fact, everyone knew that Lei Yu didn’t want to take Lei Yun’s life. He had previously withdrawn his internal energy and the trembling was the natural reaction of Lei Yun’s muscles. It would only take a short period before Lei Yun’s body would be back to normal. But the strength of Lei Yun’s internal energy did make big strides backwards, it’s estimated that he would have to work hard for a few years before he can regain his current strength.

Crazy! The Elder had gone completely crazy! He never expected Lei Yu would dare to do such a thing. The Elder desperately rushed up and grabbed onto Lei Yun’s clothes wanting to pull him away. But what kind of expert was Lei Yu? An expert of the Sixth Order. How would it be possible for the Elder who was a Fifth Order Warrior to do whatever he wanted?

No matter how hard he tried, it was of no use. Eventually, Lei Yun’s clothes were ripped yet he was still standing firmly in front of Lei Yu.

The Elder knew that he wasn’t Lei Yu’s opponent. Even if a few other people with his strength assisted, they still wouldn’t be a threat towards Lei Yu. “What to do? What to do?” He had experienced many things in life and the person he cared about the most was his grandson. But the older the ginger, the spicier it was. Dealing with something like this, the calm part inside him knew that if he further angered Lei Yu, something more horrible may happen. He had to use a soft approach. Now wasn’t the time to care so he could only ignore his own face and beg Lei Yu.

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