Ch 196 – Trying To Be Clever With Words

“Little Yu, I’m begging you! Please let Lei Yun go. Just blame everything on me, he… he’s still considered to be the successor the family’s Elder position! You don’t have to care about him but shouldn’t you at least think about what’s best for the Lei family?”

In fact, the Elder had already hated Lei Yu to the extreme. It wasn’t only because of what was happening now; there was also the scene that happened inside Lei Yun Tian’s office previously. The words of Lei Yu had made the Elder completely lose his face in front of the master so how could he not be enraged?

But Lei Yu was right; from beginning to end, everyone in the Lei family was against him. And the words Lei Yu spoke were the truth but not everyone was broad-minded enough to accept it.

“Fine, I had no intentions of killing him. I had already withdrew my internal energy early on and I’m helping him to recover now so don’t bother me.” Lei Yu closed his eyes. Was it really helping Lei Yun recover? What a joke. Lei Yu wasn’t a vicious person but he wasn’t compassionate to this point either. Being begged by this bitter old man, was Lei Yu going to miraculously become soft-hearted? Nope, Lei Yu just didn’t want to waste his internal energy. He was currently retrieving his energy from within Lei Yun’s body, nothing more.

After hearing Lei Yu’s words, the Elder shut his mouth and didn’t dare to disturb him. As the saying goes: An expert has their own mysterious ways. Lei Yu had now been placed in a position of a super expert just like his father. Even though there’s only one level difference, a Sixth Order Warrior was similar to a divine presence. Except in the eyes of the Elder, Lei Yu’s divine presence was still lacking. Just based on the two incidents of today, the Elder would be very happy to kill Lei Yu, but unfortunately he lacked the capability.

With the present situation, the Elder was going to use all means to prevent the master from allowing Lei Yu to rejoin the family. If Lei Yu really managed to come back into the family, he was afraid the following days this pair of grandfather and grandson would no longer have a good future.

A while later, Lei Yu had finally retrieved all his internal energy. Spilt water was difficult to retrieve, but it’s possible when it came to internal energy. But after all, releasing the energy was easy yet retrieving it took quite a bit of time and effort.

The Elder quickly held onto Lei Yun, and it was this moment that Lei Yun woke up. His lips were pale, his voice was weak, and he kept mumbling: “Too terrifying! Too terrifying!” It was obvious he was shocked by Lei Yu.

After carefully observing Lei Yun, the Elder’s face became uglier and uglier. One could see that his body started trembling as if he was similar to Lei Yun who was under the attack earlier.

After gently placing Lei Yun on the ground, the Elder clenched his fists and stood up. He then pointed at Lei Yu and cursed: “You damn bastard! Look at what you’ve done!”

Lei Yu frowned, “What do you mean?!”

“What do I mean? You actually asked me what I meant? Come and take a look for yourself!” Said the Elder as he pointed at Lei Yun lying on the ground.

Lei Yu started walking over. If something had happened, the worst case would be his strength had weakened and nothing else other than that.

Once Lei Yu got close, he then realized why the Elder was so angry. He could only hear Lei Yun repeatedly mumble: “Too terrifying, too terrifying!”

“He became retarded? No way!” Lei Yu felt this was too unbelievable. How could a cultivator’s willpower be so poor? This was completely beyond the imagination of Lei Yu.

What sorts of things did Lei Yu experience? If it Lei Yun followed Lei Yu around and met with the ninjas of the Kou country; the pile of corpses at Dr. Tony’s base; and the city of death created by the Vampires and the Werewolves; perhaps Lei Yun would have become retarded thousands of times already.

“You can’t blame me for this; you can only blame him for not having the destiny to inherit the position of an Elder. You might as well continue serving this position.” Lei Yu simply didn’t care when dealing with this type of trash. Lei Yun was talking all big but when he encountered an issue, his courage was as timid as a mouse. Perhaps for him to reach the strength of a Fifth Order Warrior in these short few years were most likely the effort and assistance of the Elder.

“I will definitely report this to the master, and then we’ll punish you with the family rules!” The Elder ignored his grandson on the ground and quickly rushed into the family compound.

Lei Yu stood there quietly with indifference. He did go overboard a bit, but Lei Yu never expected Lei Yun to be so useless. Lei Yu wasn’t going to run away because as a man, he had to be responsible for what he had done.

Shortly after, the Elder returned with the master Lei Yun Tian following behind. There were also a group of family members rapidly rushing to this place as well.

When everyone saw the scene where Lei Yun on the ground kept repeating a single sentence did they finally believe the Elder’s words. Lei Yun Tian asked: “Little Yu, what exactly happened here?”

“I…” Lei Yu didn’t even have a chance to continue talking when the Elder interrupted. “Lei Yu was taking his revenge on being thrown off the cliff a few years ago!”

“Is this true?” Lei Yun Tian asked.

“No, it isn’t. I don’t know who you’re going to believe, but I was merely defending myself and didn’t make the first move. Lei Yun was holding a grudge from my words during the banquet so he made the first strike. I only raised my arm and nothing more.” Lei Yu’s explanation was simple and to the point. Those that heard this immediately understood the situation but inside the family, was there anyone that was going to side with Lei Yu? Perhaps the only one would be Lei Yun Tian since he’s the one that wants Lei Yu to rejoin the family as soon as possible.

“Lies! You’re definitely lying! There’s three people testifying against you! It’s all you! You tricked Lei Yun to this place and wanted to reenact the scene from a few years ago!” The Elder was hysterically screaming this and disregarded his own status.

Lei Yu raised his hands and shrugged, “I have nothing more to say. With Lei Yun’s lackeys testifying, what they said is exactly what you guys think happened. Is there any need for me to further explain myself?”

Lei Yun Tian believed Lei Yu since he wasn’t a fool. Lei Yun was the only grandson of the Elder so he was spoiled rotten by the Elder his entire life. Now that his grandson had become retarded by Lei Yu’s hands, the Elder would naturally use countless reasons to condemn Lei Yu.

After all, an Elder in the family has quite a prestigious status. Lei Yun Tian then asked: “Then what would you like done about this Elder?”

Without even thinking about it, the Elder said: “Implement the rules of the family! Break both his arms!”

“Why?” Lei Yu asked.

“Because you have inured a member of the Lei family!” The Elder rebutted. The two then started arguing back and forth.

“Doesn’t the punishment of the family rules only have the whip and the cane? Why was it that day I was thrown off a cliff, they only suffered a few whips by the family rules, yet now I have to have my arms broken?”

“Because back then, you were no longer a member of the family and had already been kicked out! Could it be that the injuries to my grandson can’t cause an outsider to have his arms broken?”

“So am I considered a member of the Lei family or not?”

“This… this…”

“Elder, are you becoming senile? An outsider like me, how can you scare me with family rules?” Lei Yu coldly said.

“You… you… you’re just trying to be clever with your words and twisting them! Master, you decide! I hope you will administer a fair judgment!” The Elder was speechless and could only put his hopes on Lei Yun Tian.

Being requested by the Elder, Lei Yun Tian suddenly felt that this wasn’t easy to handle. On one said was the future hope of the family, while the other side was a prestigious family Elder and the Elder’s successor.

If he really punished Lei Yu with the family rules, then how would he support this? Currently, Lei Yu was indeed not a member of the Lei family and the Elder and he were the ones that made the decision of kicking him out back then. This path wouldn’t make sense at all.

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