Undefeatable – Ch382

Chapter 382 – Acting Arrogant In Front Of Me?!

The veil of night fell.

The Imperial Palace Banquet Hall.

Nobility, civil, and military officials.

They were all peak figures of the Great Tang.

Luo Tian was there very early on.

Behind him stood Feng Lei, Xuan Yuanyi and the rest. None of them had sat down yet.

Using their words: We will stand behind you to increase your momentum!

Luo Tian couldn’t change their minds and could only let them stand there.

Daoist Qing Niu came the earliest, followed by Venerable Wu Nian.

They both brought a small gift with them.

Daoist Qing Niu gave Tang Jiu a courtesy gift and said: “This is our Antarctic Immortal Sect’s Longevity Pill, capable of increasing one’s longevity by one hundred years. Consider this a small token of friendship from our Antarctic Immortal Sect.”

One medicinal pill.

A legendary pill for longevity!

One single pill can extend one’s life by a hundred years. This medicinal pill on the market would most likely auction off for around 500 million xuan stones, yet it was actually a priceless existence.

A commotion was heard in the crowd.

They all started discussing in whispers.

“Immortal sects are truly not ordinary. A simple move of theirs would allow them to take out a Longevity Pill, a medicinal pill at the sky grade!”

“They are truly extraordinary. It’s no wonder all the youths try to work their asses off trying to enter an immortal sect. Even I wish to join them now, except my cultivation… heh heh.”

Tang Jiu got up to receive it and didn’t dare to show any negligence.

This banquet was said to treat the four immortal sect envoys but it was actually to help Luo Tian build a firm relationship with them.

It was to let the four immortal sect envoys know that Luo Tian wasn’t a bumpkin or some poor kid. He had a noble identity and was a member of the Great Tang’s imperial family.

Even though…

The Great Tang wasn’t anything in the eyes of the immortal sects; this was the most that Tang Jiu could accomplish.

“Thank you, Great Immortal.” Tang Jiu personally received the item and said politely: “Please take your seat, Immortal Master.”

Daoist Qing Niu smiled politely and made a faint salute. He then looked over at Luo Tian and gave him a polite smile as well. A brief flash appeared in his eyes before saying to himself: “A crippled dantian?!”

“How can this be?”

A single glance from him and he could tell Luo Tian’s dantian had traces of being cracked.

And it happened to be an injury that cannot recover.

It should’ve been caused by some type of violent medicinal pill where most likely he will never recover for the rest of his life.

This made Daoist Qing Niu completely shocked!

Tianxuan Continent was a place where martial artists reigned supreme. Any cultivator that wished to condense the heaven and earth’s profound energy had to absorb it through their dantian. Once their dantian is crippled, this means they won’t be able to absorb profound energy and cannot make any other breakthroughs with their cultivation.

How did Luo Tian do it?

Daoist Qing Nu couldn’t figure it out and his expectations towards Luo Tian was drastically reduced. He started laughing at himself when he thought about how he gifted out a Longevity Pill. “Looks like I came here for nothing this time. Even if you beat me to death, I refuse to believe this kid was the one that killed Devil Monarch Skysoul. He definitely had some sort of outside help.”

Immediately after…

Venerable Wu Nian revealed his yellow stained teeth with a smile and said: “I left in a hurry and didn’t have time to bring something with me. This is my Mount Hua Immortal Sect’s transmission token. As long as the Great Tang is in trouble, break it and my Mount Hua Immortal Sect will send someone to help out.”



“Too courteous.”

“This is basically forming an alliance with the Great Tang.”

The crowd was once again in shock.

Daoist Qing Niu started laughing in ridicule before sending a sound transmission: “Hahaha, Wu Nian you idiot, you actually gifted them such a precious item. You’ve lost money big time. I won’t be competing with you for this kid anymore; you can take him if you want him.”

Venerable Wu Nian gave a wretched smile towards Daoist Qing Nu before saluting: “This old daoist thanks you then.”

Daoist Qing Nu started chuckling and said: “No need to be so polite.”

He was laughing his ass off internally while saying: “Most likely this pony-tailed old daoist doesn’t know the kid’s dantian is crippled. This kind of person is not qualified to enter an immortal sect. Even if he does join an immortal sect, he would only waste their resources. Even if they were to give him large amounts of resources, someone with a crippled dantian will only stay as garbage his whole life!”

Venerable Wu Nian also glanced at Luo Tian with a faint smile. He didn’t use his powers to observe his body but went straight to his seat.

Someone had spied on his body. Even if Luo Tian’s strength was poor, he could still sense the intrusion.

Looking at Daoist Qing Niu’s expression, Luo Tian said to himself: “It looks like he knows the matter of my dantian being crippled.”


Seconds and minutes flowed by.

A full two hours had passed the agreed time already.

The Starsea Immortal Sect’s envoy finally arrived. He went inside the banquet hall without any excuses or a gift. He looked at Luo Tian and his expression changed. He then coldly scoffed: “A piece of trash with a crippled dantian!”

“I really don’t understand why Grand Elder had me come recruit this type of disciple. What a waste of my time.”

Immediately after…

The Starsea envoy shouted outside: “Brother Tian Lin, there’s no need to come. This kid is a complete trash! With a cripple dantian, there’s no way he can cultivate. A piece of trash like him will only be wasting an immortal sects resource and provoke criticism from others.”

At this time…

The Imperial God envoy slowly walked in with a carefree attitude. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe in the Starsea’s envoy words but he still had to make an inspection to verify it himself.

Upon entering the banquet hall…

He looked at the packed hall before revealing an angry expression. He then shouted: “You guys really think your something huh? What qualifications does a bunch of mortal commoners have to sit with me? Are you trying to rub off some of my Imperial God Immortal Sect’s glory for yourself?”

The expressions of the crowd sank.

Tang Jiu maintained his smile and welcomed them with full etiquette. “Immortal Masters, welcome and thank you for gracing us with your presence.”

“You’re the Emperor of the Great Tang?” The Imperial God envoy said with a cold glance.

Tang Jiu maintained his respectful expression and replied: “Yes.”

The Imperial God envoy continued by saying: “Seeing how you understand the correct etiquettes, I’m too lazy to continue pursuing this issue. It is your Great Tang’s honor for my Imperial God Immortal Sect to come here. Just from gaining this honor, shouldn’t you pay some xuan stones as tribute?”


Everyone’s expressions changed once again.

The two earlier envoys had come bearing gifts, yet this Imperial God Immortal Sect was the complete opposite!

Tang Jiu didn’t hesitate. As long as he could give Luo Tian a firm base, he was willing even if he had to take out more. He immediately ordered a guard: “Go to the treasury and bring out three thousand top grade xuan stones!”

“I obey!”

Without waiting for the guard to leave, the Imperial God envoy coldly harrumphed and said: “Only three thousand? Are you treating me like a beggar?”

Tang Jiu immediately apologized and said: “Heavenly Sword City just experienced a big battle so our treasury is almost empty. We only have that much for now and I know that Immortal Master doesn’t put that amount in his eyes. If Immortal Master can give me a number, I will immediately send people out to gather the sum.”

There was pretty much nothing left inside the national treasury.

Three thousand top grade xuan stones were already the maximum they could come up with.

Most likely the entire Heavenly Sword City coming together wouldn’t reach that amount.

The Imperial God envoy swept his cold gaze past and revealed a high and mighty expression. “Seeing how you know your manners, then I shall accept a little less. Within two days, gather up 50,000 of them. Those xuan stones will be used to pave the road for that kid with the crippled dantian. A piece of trash like him isn’t qualified to enter the Imperial God Immortal Sect. You should know what those 50,000 xuan stones are for, right?”

Upon saying that…

The Imperial God envoy glanced at Luo Tian with contempt, his gaze completely filled with disdain.

Luo Tian stood up and started laughing out loud. He then pointed at the Imperial God envoy’s nose and scolded: “I’ve seen shameless people before but I haven’t seen one as shameless as you! Hasn’t your mother ever taught you that in front of me, Luo Tian, you better act low-key a bit?”

The Imperial God envoy’s gaze turned fierce before he angrily shouted: “Kid, are you courting death?!”

Luo Tian showed no fear as he felt annoyance inside him. He then directly scolded: “Your granny! Are you forcing this daddy to explode you?!”

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