Chap 2 is ready!

Read chapter 2 here if you want to skip my rant.

So a little more info about my translations. Chapter releasesĀ are somewhat random because I work 4 days , off 2. It’s best to look at the semi-live status page to gauge releases. The average Chinese characters per chapter right now is about 1850. I try to keep the author’s paragraphs pretty much the same, so if you compare the raw to the English translation, it should match up 99% of the time. Occasionally, I will minus or add stuff to the translation to make the author’s idea more clear to English readers. I try to reign in the grammar mistakes, but that’s pretty much out the window. And finally, translating idioms, slangs, and acupuncture points is a pain in the a$$. *kow tow’s to Ren, Flower, GGP, alyschu and others*

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