Chapter 8 is ready to go!

Read Chapter 8 here.

Aren’t you guys happy there’s a bunch of new wuxia/xianxia novels being translated on

So people should have noticed that I’ve started sharing stuff that I’m reading. I’m not deliberately promoting anyone’s site, just purely for reader’s sake for entertainment, especially for my fellow Americans who are on summer vacation. So the past few days, I’ve had visitors from Aho-Updates, went to check out the site and found a Japanese light novel that was quite entertaining! If you haven’t read it, it’s called The Man Picked Up By The Gods. About a guy that died, met 3 gods, and got transferred to a new world. Very typical theme but nevertheless quite entertaining. Enjoy!

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6 Responses to Chapter 8 is ready to go!

  1. I love The man picked up by the gods!


  2. slaawi says:

    Is thunder in the title correct? I think it should be lightning… Thunder is just the sound shockwave created by lightning. Lightning is the bright electric flash part.


  3. omgitsaray says:

    Thanks for your input but I went with the actual translation of the title containing 雷, which is thunder. 闪电 is lightning. Also if you are aware, Thor is known as the god of thunder, not god of lightning even though he uses lightning, and in Chinese, his title is 雷神. So I think the author probably had a Chinese Thor in his mind while designing his main character.


  4. slaawi says:

    I see… It sounds better anyways…


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