Chapter 9 and a disclaimer

A whole week without Martial God Asura! What should we do with our free time?! *twiddles thumb*

So the past few days, I’ve had a huge influx of new readers. It’s either that or there’s a bunch of spam bots combing through my pages! So I’ve decided to reiterate my disclaimer in, since not everyone might be from there.

Disclaimer: I estimate my translation accuracy to be about 80%. Sometimes 90%, sometimes 70%, but everyone will get the author’s general idea. There will be grammar mistakes and following the author, lots of commas,,,,,,,,,,. Sometimes words will be missing a letter or two, like “the” when I meant to say “they” or vice versa. By reading this disclaimer, you are hereby willing to be my slave for all eternity. Please read my translations at your own risk. Read Chapter 9 here.

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3 Responses to Chapter 9 and a disclaimer

  1. fivetor says:

    Thanks for the chapter, and the disclaimer :’)


  2. thejum says:

    This isn’t bad. Totally threw me when the car showed up though.

    Still, seems promising. Thank you for the hard work! 🙂


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