Chapter 27 is ready!

Please enjoy the second chapter of the week, chapter 27 here.

Now for a semi-major announcement: I will be going away in October for a 3 week vacation (holiday). I’ll be visiting relatives in Taiwan; half the time there I will have internet living at home; the other half of the time I will be sight-seeing around the country living in 2-star hotels so whether they have wifi or not is unknown.

I will give you updates before I leave, I’m not the type of person to leave you guys hanging wondering what’s going on with this translation =)

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2 Responses to Chapter 27 is ready!

  1. midoriha says:

    Taiwan, huh. Nice. I’ve only been to Hong Kong, haha! Thanks for the heads up, and have fun—-!


  2. simonmchen says:

    Thanks for working hard enjoy your vacation


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