Chapter 36 and 37 are ready!

We’ve reached another milestone – 500,000 page views!

Your second regular chapter for the week, chapter 36. And bonus chapter 37 to celebrate the milestone.

Rant: I think Tales Of Demons and Gods is my new favorite, I binged read 70 chapters and the MC doesn’t go on massacres like other novels. Good times!

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9 Responses to Chapter 36 and 37 are ready!

  1. yaoz889 says:

    My Limitless Sword God @ is good too you know, jk, jk, ty for the chapters

  2. midoriha says:

    Thanks a lot!
    500k page views? Woah—-! -cheers and buys ice-cream- it’s a cause for celebration! Haham you like binge reading, huh? Have you tried yao nie bing wang by mechamushroom translations?

  3. Yea just got caught up to the translation after starting it yesterday and my own slight complaint is his harem reluctancy

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