Chapter 55 is ready!

Hope everyone this pertains to had a good Thanksgiving! Here’s your second regular chapter of the week, chapter 55. This chapter contains some mature content not for kids.

I was browsing some translations, forgot which one but one of the translators said they were busy reading Deja Vu Ascendancy that was completed with 400+ chapters. Always thirsting for new novels to read, I found some links on Royal Road Legends. There was so much sex and taboo themes that I couldn’t handle it anymore, I had to skim through them waiting for the MC’s power to develop. Mind blown. If you guys are bored, interested, curious, or just plain horny, here’s the royalroadl link to the post. You will find links to other novels as well. Leave a comment if you do read Deja Vu, I want your reactions.

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4 Responses to Chapter 55 is ready!

  1. midoriha says:

    thank you for the chapter—!
    lol, deja vu ascendancy sounds horrifying for me, ahaha! i couldn’t even handle the sex stuff in MGA, deja vu ascendancy sounds a whole lot worse! i’m ok with gore, but torture is out…my boundaries are very odd, but pretty specifically drawn, lol! also, deja vu ascendancy’s taboo themes? hearing the word ‘taboo’ makes me run even further away, ahaha!


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