Chapter 71 is ready!

Here’s your second chapter of the week, chapter 71 – The Grand Banquet.

I’ve been so bored lately, nothing new to read, even Royal Road novels aren’t doing much for me… what to do?!

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6 Responses to Chapter 71 is ready!

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Dude, check out world of cultivation. If you can remember a couple of the pinyin terms, it’s absolutely amazing (it has over 100 chapters tled as well)!

    Of course, I will also shamelessly promote the series that I am currently translating, God and devil World.

  2. just a small correction. 3000 sq m is 32000 sq ft

  3. Thanks for the chapter! thank u for your hard work!

  4. Surf Diver says:

    Thanks for translating this novel, you should try ‘A fresh start’ by rlfj, it’s similar to deja vu acendensy a little. the Mc doesn’t get super powers but more political powers. I really liked it and binged it over a weekend. The synopsis doesn’t really do it justice.