Chapter 81 is ready!

Here’s your second chapter of the week, Chapter 81 – Trapped Old Lady.

No donations at all! *Cry* I’ll just bank the extra chapters for a rainy day…

If you guys are bored, here’s a fanfiction that has potential. Fusion: The Journey. Imagine Re: Monster writing style with a Wuxia character transported to a Lord of the Rings setting. Chapters aren’t that long so you can kill an hour or two.

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9 Responses to Chapter 81 is ready!

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Btw, you can always start another project if you aren’t getting enough donations for this one.
    Or, you could join another translation team…..

    • omgitsaray says:

      not sure what other project to start since a lot of good novels require a VIP subscription… there’s no way I’m gonna give my credit card to a Chinese company lol, any suggestions?

      And I didn’t know other novels were hiring translators?! Which ones?

      • Fang Xiang and Meng Ru Shen Ji are both excellent writers- you can find other possible novels here:
        The VIP subscription is really irritating but most novels have hundreds, if not thousands, of free chapters. I was considering picking up Covering the Sky (Chen Dong) a while ago except I gave up after the first chapter. That series has something like 2000 chapters so it would take ages for me to reach the VIP chapters, and I doubt that I would’ve even got that far.

        Also, patriarchreliance is always hiring. JOIN US! There can never be enough translators XD
        (If you’re looking for donations tho…. well we don’t get that much either lol)

      • Radiant translations is also recruiting btw. Now, they do a great job at translating, but taking up 7 projects at once isn’t really the best idea.

      • omgitsaray says:

        What? You have a really good story and still aren’t getting much donations? No wonder I ain’t getting any lol.

        I wonder if radiant translations offers full health and dental…

        By Covering the Sky, do you mean Shrouded? Someone gave up at chapter 32 last September.

      • yeah, it’s also known as shrouded. I have no idea why it was translated as that tho. It even says ‘covering the sky’ in the synopsis or something lol.
        My original plan was to edit those 32 chapters and post them all in one go, but alas, things don’t go as planned. The chapters lordofscrubs did were generally alright but needed some editing and tlcing. The chapters done by fungshen would take longer to edit than retranslate tho T_T

  2. thank you omgitsaray, thank you for your hard work!!

  3. Hi, great work but you lack PR. I hardly found your site after looking for what else left i couldnt read.
    Maybe you should make your site known by making relations with known group sites such as WW or Gravity.
    Or join with other pretty known translaters like chinanovel, novelsnao, translations nation etc.
    At least make a post on spcnet to announce your site.