Chapter 83 is ready!

Here’s your second chapter of the week, Chapter 83 – He’s A Fraud! Things are starting to heat up.

If you’re like me who like to save up a bunch of chapters before reading, it’s time to swing on by Sovereign of the Three Realms  with 44 chaps. It’s right up my alley for political battles with xianxia involved where the MC is super smart like TDG! If you have money to spare, sponsor them so we get more chapters!

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7 Responses to Chapter 83 is ready!

  1. agila0212 says:

    Sovereign of the Three Realms team should join a group, preferably WW or GT to attract more people in reading this awesome novel.

  2. kekkojoker90 says:

    yup and another good novel i’m reading is romance of snake and dragons.

  3. Yea…he is a fraud!!! I am the young master!!!!!!!

  4. etvolare says:

    Haha man! I was surprised to see a link to the site. Thank you for your support and the shout out! <3 We had a huge donation thanks to the current arc so we'll be seeing a lot of releases over the past couple of days. 😀