Chapter 86 is ready!

Blackhawkrider, you got your wish.

Here’s the first regular chapter of the week, Chapter 86 – Storage Ring

Edit: Here’s the optional adfly link to support my work suggested by shuiko. Not even sure if they’ll pay but we can experiment right? I don’t think the money will ever hit the point of $50 per extra chapter so I’ll figure it out. If you know what other translators do, comment below.

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7 Responses to Chapter 86 is ready!

  1. shuiko says:

    can you add adfly like a lot of other sites are doing for click money —> bonus chapter?

  2. shivani2608 says:

    you can join with other translating sites if you are interested

  3. shivani2608 says:

    there are try it on gravity tales