Undefeatable Chapter 22 is ready!

Here’s your chapter for the week, Chapter 22 – Little darling, here I come

As human beings, we have been gifted with the ability of reasoning. We can come up with reasonable explanations of events when given pieces of the puzzle. With the sudden move of so many Gravity translators to Wuxiaword, 99% of you figured out why yet no one has stood out to confirm it. I personally don’t know the reason but I have come up with my own explanation. What existence has emerged recently that wasn’t around a few months ago? Everyone can guess that without me spelling it out. Now look at the patreon accounts of some of the translators out there, add in donations, add in a piece of the advertising pay, most of you that have taken math can guestimate what a popular novel can rake in for a translator every month. IF the translator is extremely scared of losing that novel because this is their full-time job, no matter if talks are in progress or not, they might try to protect themselves in case something goes wrong.

And thus you have this explanation by me that is not backed up with evidence, but explained with my deductive reasoning. None of my novels are popular and you guys can see how much I make here each month in my posts. The popular novels out there have at least 50x the view count of my novels.

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  1. Explanation TO events (2nd line), why [punctuation] yet (3rd line), because IT is their full this job (10th line). There are other syntax and punctuation errors but nothing major.

    Rewrite this and post it on reddit, please. You make 1 + 1 equal 2.


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