Announcement for 9HTM and Undefeatable

Most of you should know the 17k licenses have been settled for gravitytales except for 9 Heavenly Thunder Manual. I don’t know all the specifics but 17k was asking for a price that was similar to CSG and ZL. The problem is that 9HTM reader base is much much lower than CSG and ZL so the cost exceeded the ad revenue by many times. That’s why it didn’t make sense financially to get the license for 9HTM.

I will continue releasing 9HTM here at about 1 chapter per week while Undefeatable will be moved to gravitytales at 3 chapters per week. I’m going to be changing some terminology so it will take me about a week to re-edit all the old chapters. I hope to start releasing new chaps in about a week, so see you guys soon!

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