Undefeatable bonus Chapter 355

This is a bonus chapter brought to you by the readers here allowing the ads to load up. Thank you all!

My patreon account had dipped below $100 target so next month we’re dropping back down to 12 chapters.

Just a quick update about my new partner media.net. I’m getting $0 revenue from them these past 2 weeks because they say they are still optimizing my ads to this website. I’ll give them a few months to see how it goes. If there’s still no revenue from them, then I might just revert back to the old $8.25 a month wordpress hosting plan and see if they can give me a partial refund.

Head on over and support me on Patreon! You can read up to 7 chapters in advance now!

Here’s Chapter 355 – Mighty Generals

This is 1/1 bonus chapters for the month.

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