Undefeatable Chapter 863

So I haven’t been posting my monthly revenue for this site because they are too pathetic. None of the months have passed the $8 requirement. But for those curious, we start where we left off which is May 2022 – $4.84, June -$3.53, July – $4.57, August – $3.91, September – $5.40, October – $2.82, November – $3.43, December – $0.99, January – $0.32. My views are maintaining the same amount so it’s the poor pay out rate that’s causing this. This means companies are not buying enough from ad companies, further demonstrating cost cutting effects and the incoming recession. The only way to support me now is through patreon or donations!

Head on over and support me on Patreon! You can read up to 7 chapters in advance now!

Here’s Chapter 863 – Explosion of pleasure

This is 11/12 regular chapters for the month.

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1 Response to Undefeatable Chapter 863

  1. Belkar says:

    Sounds rough, I hope Patreon is giving you some support.


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