9HTM – Ch381

Chapter 381 – teaser

“This…” The official paused for a bit before saying: “Lord Governor knows that the two manor lords planned to open a martial arts school so he specifically setup a banquet to congratulate you two. Therefore… therefore please do not decline it or else this little one will definitely be punished when I return.”

Lei Yu thought for a bit before saying with a smile: “How about this: Just Manor Lord Zhou will go with you to the banquet… what do you think?” Lei Yu really didn’t want to participate in these matters, especially when he didn’t belong to this world.

2 Responses to 9HTM – Ch381

  1. Felipe Gonçalves Fernandez says:

    Hi! Thanks for all the chapters. You have an amazing team and i’m really happy that i’ve read until this point. Unfortunately you just gave up the novel, so I guess me and all the readers will never see the end of the story. I hope someday you guys finish translating this novel and give us, the readers, a big surprise.

    Thanks again for translating all the way here. Hope to see it more in the future.


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