Ch 100 – Berserk State Again

Lei Yu’s face had become emotionless, and the brand on his right arm had started changing from its original color to another – that would be green. At the same time, the color of his eyes no longer looked like what humans were supposed to have; the green color had completely taken over it. Lei Yu’s lips formed a sneer revealing a row of white teeth. If one were to say which part of his body was the most attractive, it would be his set of teeth.

With green eyes and messy hair, his body was filled with wounds and his arms and legs pierced by metal hooks. Add all that together with his emotionless face; it was if Otsuka was staring at a demon in front of him. Having been back from the brink of death several times, Otsuka suddenly had that same feeling again.

But this time, it felt like he had no chance of surviving. Inside the small room, there was only him and Lei Yu. Lei Yu was no longer in control of his conscious, with such a disciplined mind, this power was able to break past that and control his mind, thus we can see how powerful and terrifying this power was.

Lei Yu gently raised his hand, not caring the steel hook was restraining his limbs. With such a simple act, he was able to break free of the restraints. One step at a time, he neared Otsuka.

With snot dripping out of his nose, Otsuka had already gone crazy. He just couldn’t understand what on earth was going on? How could Lei Yu who was unable to fight back moments ago suddenly become like this?

If he had known the truth, he would definitely be filled with regret; regret for saying those words moments ago. If he were to only whip Lei Yu, then the berserk state may not appear. Unfortunately, he poked at the most painful wound in Lei Yu’s heart which was the key that made him lose control of his consciousness.

Wanting to run away, but he found Lei Yu’s body had already blocked the door out of the room. Otsuka panicked, completely panicked; his dog like demeanor once again revealed itself: “I’m sorry sir, please spare my pathetic life! I… I… I’m now releasing you! Is that okay? I beg you to treat me as nothing more than a fart and let it go!”

Not mentioning that Lei Yu couldn’t hear him, even if he did, with Lei Yu’s personality, what he despised the most were these people that could throw away their pride like this to save themselves. There’s no way he would let him go.

The bloodthirsty green eyes were staring at Otsuka’s chest. As Otsuka looked down at his own chest to see what Lei Yu was staring at. Lei Yu’s hand moved instantaneously which already penetrated into Otsuka’s chest.


Fresh blood was spraying out like a fountain. Otsuka’s eyes were wide and round, he couldn’t believe he was going to die like this. He couldn’t believe that he, an Advanced Ninja, was worth less that a piece of dog shit compared to Lei Yu’s power. Just like this, the person that Lei Yu hated the most died. It was a pity that Lei Yu killed him under such conditions, since his own conscious would not know something like this happened.

Lei Yu was screaming like crazy from the splitting headache, both his hands were cradling his head, howling into the sky, sorrow contained within his voice. The sadness and resentment in his voice sounded like it had been buried for over a thousand years. The green color in Lei Yu’s eyes suddenly swelled up, he spun around and struck the door with a palm strike.

With an explosive sound, the solid wooden door shattered into tiny wood splinters, not a solid piece of wood could be found. Lei Yu then strolled out through the doorway.

Because of that loud howling, people outside naturally heard it. They wanted to rush in to see what had happened. Three Fire Shadow Ninjas swiftly dashed over, but once they saw Lei Yu, they became dumbfounded. One of them with a slightly quicker reaction immediately took out their walkie talkie, screamed some things into it before taking a fighting stance.

The three of them had rapidly completed a series of hand seals, but these actions to Lei Yu were considered as nothing. Especially since whatever was wearing Lei Yu’s skin right now did not have Lei Yu’s knowledge and thoughts.

With a hand sweep, his fingers that had inadvertently brushed upon the brick wall immediately pulverized the areas he touched. With the green energy as a supplement, it formed a terrifying beam of light, and this beam of light also contained Lei Yu’s mysterious lightning energy. The three ninjas in front of him did not even have time to react before their charred blackened bodies toppled to the ground.

One step at a time, Lei Yu walked outside. Suddenly looking like he realized something, his mind slightly trembled; the splitting pain in his head once again touched upon his nerves.



Lei Yu started throwing out punches all around non-stop, causing waves of air ripples everywhere. Wherever the energy-filled air ripples traveled past, everything was demolished in its path, spreading a scorched smell into the atmosphere.

At a distance away, many wanted to rush forth but stopped their advance. Advancing forward would mean to rush to their own deaths right? This included the head boss of the Yamaguchi-gumi, Hasegawa. He too hesitated from advancing as he saw the powerful energy Lei Yu was releasing; he did not dare to get close. Although he was considered a divine legendary ninja, achieving the peak level of an Ultimate Ninja, but when facing Lei Yu’s current state, fear actually manifested in his heart.

“You two, go restrain him!” Once that command was made, two people on the side looked at each other. So the boss was basically telling them to seek their own deaths? Yet do they dare to not follow the command to do so? Cautiously and carefully, the edged closer towards Lei Yu.

The swinging of Lei Yu’s fists did not stop; the waves of air ripples containing a lightning net had an effective attack range. The two timed the attacks, just as the air ripples dissipated, they rushed towards Lei Yu. Thinking they could grab a hold onto him, yet who knew the instant those two Shadow Ninja’s got close to Lei Yu, they only felt their bones go numb. The next moment, they couldn’t see anything. Little did they know, their thoughts were still lingering but their heads had already exploded like a watermelon from Lei Yu’s slap.

Everyone could not help but gasp. Was Lei Yu still human? He was basically a demon! The thirty to forty people gathered here did not dare to take a step forward, afraid that even one step and they would end up like those two, having their heads shattered like a watermelon.

This scene was deadlocked as such, and Hasegawa did not dare to send his other underlings to their deaths. In the Kou country, the number of ninjas was too scarce, yet under Lei Yu’s hands, at least ten plus lives of ninjas have been taken.

Hasegawa could tell that Lei Yu seemed to be in a berserk state, completely not conscious of his actions. Releasing such a force from the body, it should eventually deplete itself, thus making a move after would be the best strategy.

In another part of the Kou country, Nami told Cui Ying Ying everything of what happened. The latter immediately contacted people in Tenglong country including Nuo Hu and Liu Hao, and other trustworthy individuals. In order to prevent Ai Er from getting worried, Cui Ying Ying told those people not to spread this information out.

Taking a flight, Liu Hao, Nuo Hu, Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng, Hu Li who had once fought with Lei Yu in Dragon Team, and finally Instructor Fan Hong Chang all rushed over.

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