Ch 101 – Huge Water Beast

After exchanging simple greetings with Cui Ying Ying, the group of people rushed towards the main government administration building of the Kou country and met with the leader of the Kou country. Once the Prime Minister heard what happened, he was in a state of shock. As a Deputy Commander of an elite army in Tenglong country, as well as being the second young master of the Lei family, if something were to happen to him in the Kou country, the seriousness of this matter would be beyond their imagination. Not mentioning being the Deputy Commander of Dragon Group was already too much for them to handle, if the Lei Family wanted to initiate a series of attacks on the Kou country, the devastation that would cause was something they could not handle at all.

Quickly gathering his cabinet members for a discussion, they decided on sending people to the Yamaguchi Island for negotiations, seeing if Lei Yu was dead or alive. Of course, they wished Lei Yu was safe and sound; otherwise, the Kou country would suffer an unprecedented catastrophe.

The person they were going to dispatch for negotiations would be of eminent level status. The Ultimate Ninja that was working on behalf of the government, this strong figure in the Kou country only had to stomp his foot down and tremors would be felt at the seas surrounding the country.

These series of the events rapidly took place but the people from Lei Yu’s location couldn’t wait that long. Lei Yu was similar to a monster with endless energy, throwing out attacks through the air couldn’t satisfy him any longer, he started heading towards the people. And upon this little island, a comedic game of an old eagle try to catch little chickens was underway.

Those that could run, ran; those that could hide, hid. Those that couldn’t run away fast enough were torn to pieces by Lei Yu.

Seeing each of his underlings slowly being killed by Lei Yu, Hasegawa finally made a move from anger. Condensing his unique ability, he rapidly formed a series of hand seals. Already well versed in ninjutsu at an unfathomable deep level, he summoned an unnamed water beast from the sea.

Its height reaching about ten meters, with blue eyes and horrifyingly sharp fanged teeth with dripping ooze on it, that made one want to vomit from its sight. Four limbs of sharp claws grew at its lower abdomen, and on its back were gills that were natural to aquatic creatures.

The emergence of such a large monster comforted many ninjas. They knew their boss raised an unknown creature, and they only knew at times, people would be assigned to drop off raw meat into a certain area of the sea. Each time they would drop off at least one ton of meat, and now they finally knew that they have been feeding such a monster.

At this time, it appears that the unknown creature moved according to Hasegawa’s thoughts. With its four claws on the ground, it strode closer to Lei Yu one step at a time. Without understanding the situation, Lei Yu rushed towards the monster.

“Ooowwww!” Howled the monster into the sky.

This howl that pierced one’s’ heart and lungs made Lei Yu’s consciousness hesitate. Right after, the monster’s tail swept towards Lei Yu.


Lei Yu was struck and his body flew off sideways before smashing into the trunk of a large tree. Then, he stood back up as if nothing happened, like he didn’t feel any pain at all.

To suffer such punishment, one would wonder how much pain Lei Yu would be in when he recovers his conscious? These are merely words for later on; the current issue is whether Lei Yu can get past this obstacle. Taking a closer look, the monster’s entire body was covered in fish-like scales, so there’s no doubt that these fish scales had some defensive properties to them.

Hasegawa knew that he, himself, could not take on this monster, not to mention Lei Yu whom had only reached the late stage of a Fifth Order Warrior. But was Lei Yu really going to be subdued by this monster? The answer is no.

The green energy inside Lei Yu was continuously circulating. The original purple internal energy inside his body had been completely taken over by the green energy. The only place with Lei Yu’s own internal energy was inside his dantian’s Sea of Energy acupoint. And this internal energy was Lei Yu’s essence, if even this was missing, Lei Yu would lose his ability to recover his consciousness. But it looks like this green energy is merely trying to protect him at all costs.

Facing the huge monster, Lei Yu dashed forward. With his emotionless green eyes, he stared at the huge monster like he was staring at a dead corpse. The monster was somewhat frightened of Lei Yu, causing it to hesitate. Lei Yu had already reached the monster and grabbed onto one of its claws. No matter what aquatic life form, they all had a certain characteristic: They were afraid of electricity. Of course those marine life that could give off electricity themselves were exempt, such as the electric eels of the Amazon waters. But it was quite obvious that this monster in front wasn’t one of the exemptions.

The green energy mixed with the strong electrical current slowly climbed up through the monster’s claw. This powerful shock could be described as horrifying, there’s no one that could endure it including this huge monster. The ten meter tall body started quivering and a smell started drifting into the air. If people could smell it, their initial reaction would be summed up in two words: “Smells good!”

Heartache; Hasegawa felt like his heart was bleeding. This was his ten plus years of effort, was it going to be ruined by this brat? In order to delve into the essence of summoning ninjutsu, Hasegawa lost count of how many methods he had attempted. He could now finally control the thoughts of a living creature, especially when it was a powerful water beast, but now it was being grilled alive by Lei Yu into a delicious dish.

Due to the strong electrical current, the monster was finally unable to bear with it anymore and toppled over. Due to Lei Yu’s release of power was too strong, he was completely drained empty of internal energy. The green energy also inconspicuously left a strand of weak energy in his heart. As for Lei Yu, the brand on his right arm was restored to its original color. His green eyes that terrified people subsided reverting back to its dark brown and white color. At the same time, Lei Yu became conscious.

But the Lei Yu who had recovered his conscious did not have the strength to support his own body anymore. “Bang!” He fell on top of the monster’s body while panting for air.

Hasegawa’s vicious eyes were staring at Lei Yu as if he wanted to swallow Lei Yu alive. “My countless years of effort have been destroyed by you! Go to hell!”

Knowing that Lei Yu’s strength had already dissipated, Hasegawa had no more worries. Stepping off like an arrow, his target being Lei Yu, this unimaginably strong bastard.

Mixed with a powerful energy, the surface of Hasegawa’s body gave off a grayish black light, his fist containing an unimaginably terrifying amount of force.

Lei Yu’s eyes were watching as Hasegawa got closer and closer to him. He basically didn’t even have the strength to raise his head. “It’s over, it’s all over. Ai Er, big brother, my good disciple, goodbye. I’m really tired; I don’t have the strength to continue fighting.”

Lei Yu suddenly felt his will starting to get weaker. Hasegawa’s approaching fist was distorting the air, bringing forth a burst of wind that blew his hair back. Lei Yu smiled, his subconscious mind told him that he personally killed Otsuka. The only anguish in his heart was that he has still not seen his own mother; he wasn’t able to avenge his grandfather; he wasn’t able to live happily ever after with Ai Er. But Lei Yu did not regret what he had done for these were considered responsibilities; this was the spirit of a hot blooded youngster.



With a large combined scream, a piercing cry came from a distance on the island, “DON’T!”

Cui Ying Ying, Nami, Nuo Hu, Liu Hao, and Nuo Yi Long rushed over like they were crazy. But it was too late already, Lei Yu’s eyes closed. One could see a deep wound on his head, deep enough to take his life.

“Lei Yu!”

“Little Yu!”

“No! Master! Noooooo!”

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  1. what a fucking cliffhanger. Thanks for translating this awesome series

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  2. Osiris says:

    Damn that is going to leave a hell of a headache


  3. cythril says:

    just why? Q-Q
    this cliff is just too much

    Thanks for the chapter~


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