Ch 102 – He’s Not Dead Yet

Hasegawa and used all his strength, he could guarantee Lei Yu’s death was certain without any chance of survival. Looking at the surrounding people in sorrow, Hasegawa coldly humphed. Waving his hand, the rest of the ninjas prepared to get rid of these several people.

“Impudence!” A shout resounded through the sky. Everyone’s gaze looked off into a distance, and an elderly person was observed vigorously approaching their position.

“Impudent thing! Let’s see how you deal with the consequences!”

“Grand… grandmaster?”

Hasegawa blinked his eyes; he never thought that the person who has secluded himself from the affairs of the world, an eminent level figure would appear here today.

“Lei Yu’s death, do you know what it would do to the Kou country? From all the havoc you have wreaked inside the Kou country, I can still let you go. But the death of Lei Yu will make our Kou country the enemy of the Tenglong country! The financial strength of the Lei family can overwhelm our Kou country’s economy, and the experts of Martial Sect are sufficient to flatten our Kou country! You’ve messed up big time!”

Nobody could understand what the two were conversing about, but everyone knew this was the Kou country’s issues. Right now, they were only grieving over Lei Yu’s body so no one cared what the two were talking about. But there was one thing that was for certain, no matter what, they will not let Hasegawa off.


“No matter what, the country will not let you off easily. Even though you’re my student, but there’s no way I can help you. Go, give up everything here and leave!”

“Grandmaster, are you kidding with me? I’ve only killed a single person while he killed countless of our ninjas!” Hasegawa was showing a rare emotional outburst. The Yamaguchi-gumi was single-handedly built up by him, if it was a single Lei Yu that caused him to give up everything, of course he was unwilling.

“If you wait until the Tenglong people come here to settle the score with you, even if you have a few Hasegawa’s here, your death would still be inevitable! Hasn’t your water beast already died?” The elderly person pointed at the monster lying next to Lei Yu. “Even if the strength you possess now is considered at the peak, but you shouldn’t forget, anyone of the leaders of the Tenglong country can cut you up into thousands of pieces. Moreover, Lei Yu is connected with two of the strongest forces, so just leave!”

Unwillingly, Hasegawa quietly left through the back of a mountain. The crowd that was crying in grief did not notice this, this included the hot headed and straight-forward Nuo Hu and Lei Yu’s disciple Liu Hao, they hadn’t even recovered their senses to take revenge yet. Hasegawa had already gotten on a speedboat and left the island, yet where was his destination? No one knows, but there was one thing for certain; for an ambitious person like him, he would be unwilling to live a secluded life.

Nuo Yi Long lifted up his head and gave a long sigh. Lei Yu was someone he most valued, apart from his own son. He already treated Lei Yu as his second son, but something like this happened today which caused his heart to thoroughly pulse with rage. Looking around, he didn’t see who he was looking for. He then settled his gaze on a distant elderly person and walked towards him.

“Where’s Hasegawa?” Asked Nuo Yi Long as he clenched his fists.

The elderly person lightly smiled, “he already left, as for where, I do not know.”

“That bastard, he wants to leave after killing someone?” Nuo Yi Long coldly humphed. It looks like he already figured out what to say when he returns to Tenglong country and reports to Martial Sect.

Even though in the past, Lei Yu was not particularly valued in Martial Sect, but ever since winning the duel with Cai Zhong while showcasing his own personal strength, Martial Sect saw him under a different light. A twenty something year old attaining the strength of a peak stage Fourth Order Warrior, how can people not be shocked? But one thing that a lot of people weren’t clear on was that Lei Yu was already at the peak of a Fifth Order Warrior, a super expert that even Nuo Yi Long couldn’t utterly defeat without suffering serious injuries. Such a strong expert and his life ended like this, how can people not be upset? How could Martial Sect just let this go?

“Hadn’t Lei Yu also killed countless ninjas? The respect that martial cultivators in Tenglong get, you and I are both clear on. Yet ninjas in the Kou country are also a presence that is fully respected as well. Countless lives of ninjas have been taken from my country under Lei Yu’s hand, just look at the situation here, is this not the case?” The elderly man pointed all over at the ruins of the surrounding; on top of boulders, inside bushes, and also among tree branches were corpses that had begun to darken.

Nuo Yi Feng heard the two converse and stood up. Although her eyes still had the glimmer of tears and her eyes puffy red, but people could still not take her piercing gaze as she stared at the elderly man. She finally said: “How can you compare my Tenglong country to your Kou country? The enmity of Tenglong country against your Kou country will officially start now!” The words of Nuo Yi Feng were almost spoken through her clenched teeth, but this showed how bad her feelings were currently.

Fan Hong Chang and Hu Li were standing behind Nuo Yi Feng like they were cheering for her, each of their faces filled with vicious looks. Even if this elderly man in front of them was the Kou country’s most powerful expert, but they still didn’t have any sense of fear going against him.

Nuo Yi Feng’s sudden outburst made the elderly man unable to answer. Frowning, he wanted to kill off everyone here, especially when he could do it effortlessly. But the problem from doing that would mean the Kou country would definitely face the danger of being annihilated. This was definitely something he couldn’t be responsible for, especially for a former apprentice, it wasn’t worth it to endanger the entire country.

“We should always be reasonable in dealing with things; Deputy Commander Nuo cannot be this unreasonable right?” The elderly man deeply sighed as he gave up the dumb thoughts he just had.

Nuo Yi Feng coldly humphed as she looked back onto Lei Yu’s body. Her fierce gaze had disappeared and was replaced with the unspoken love an elder had for their junior.

Nuo Yi Long was standing in front of the elderly man not saying anything. The two stared at each other for a while without making a sound.

Nuo Hu sobbed hard twice, “little Yu, why didn’t you let me come help you? I know I can’t help with much, but at least I am willing to die for you! You are my good brother! How could you just leave like that?” Nuo Hu’s words were said in a trembling voice, making others extra sad. As he looked upon Lei Yu’s body, his eyes were filled with a difficult to describe regret. “Little Yu, your big brother apologizes to you. It has always been you helping your big brother yet I haven’t taken enough responsibility as your big brother. I’m really sorry, really sorry. Little Yu! Little Yu! What will happen to Ai Er? Ai Er is still waiting for you; you can’t just die like that!” Nuo Hu had almost lost his voice, even Hu Li who was considered a manly man could not hold back the tears from dripping down from his eyes. He could only walk up besides Nuo Hu and gently pat his shoulders.

The two girls Cui Ying Ying and Nami were already holding onto each other, the appearance of the two teary eyed girls was enough to make a God’s heart shatter. Their cries could pierce people’s heart and lungs, the man they loved had left just like that, how would they not suffer? Even though they could not be together with Lei Yu, but as long as they could see him, as long as they could chat and banter with each other was enough. But now this simple request has become a luxury.

The surprising thing was Liu Hao did not say a single word; his eyes were somewhat awkward as he stared at Lei Yu. Slightly wrinkling his nose, he wanted to say something but seeing everyone around him awashed with tears, he really didn’t know how to say it out loud. His voice filled with hesitation: “Ma… master, he’s not dead yet.”

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  1. agila0212 says:

    Thank you for the chapter


  2. Title is a bit spoilerish, but we all know that since he is the MC he’s got Plot Armor.

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  3. How can Liu Hao know but no else?


  4. kagi88 says:

    Thanks for translating. In Chapter 88, Lei Yu said:
    “With the Lei family clan as a deterrent, he’ll probably won’t dare to do anything to me,,,”.
    Lei Yu was so wrong, dead wrong, if not for Plot Armor? 🙂


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