Ch 103 – The Spiritual Bead Disappears

Everyone’s gaze all centered on Liu Hao, even the elderly man looked at Liu Hao with some shock.

Everyone present apart from the two girls had strength surpassing Liu Hao many times. But such a statement was made by him, even though the believability of his words was close to zero yet everyone present held a glimmer of hope.

The elderly man with the title and strength of an Ultimate Ninja, Nuo Yi Long and Nuo Yi Feng, they all could not detect any life from Lei Yu’s body. So why did Liu Hao say something like this?

Cui Ying Ying grabbed onto Liu Hao like she was crazy, “is it true what you’ve said? Lei Yu’s not dead? Quickly tell me the truth! Tell me it’s for real!”

Nuo Hu didn’t dare say a word, his face looked extremely anxious. He was even trembling while he tried to clear his throat. His hand was holding onto Lei Yu’s shoulder, not willing to let go while his eyes filled with hope was staring at Liu Hao.

“Stop fantasizing!” Said the elderly man. “There’s no life present in his body, there’s no way he can come back to life!”

The elderly man’s words shattered the sliver of hope in everyone’s heart. Being disappointed again and again, these tumultuous emotions made it difficult for them to bear.

“You’re farting!¹” Liu Hao stood up as he pointed at the elderly man and scolded.

The elderly man suddenly became flabbergasted being insulted like that. In the Kou country, no one has ever dared to talk to him that way. Even the Prime Minister of the Kou country would never dare to say such words to him. Yet right now in front of him, he was being insulted by a Third Order Warrior which was equivalent to an Advanced Ninja, how could he be not shocked?

“Liu Hao, quickly explain what’s going on!” Hu Li saw that no one was saying anything so he urged Liu Hao.

Lightly exhaling, Liu Hao crouched down. He smiled as he stared at Lei Yu’s stomach. “I am the disciple of master; I can still detect a trace of life inside master’s body. And this trace of life is alive at the cultivation origins. Although the abilities between us two are different, but the cultivation methods I’ve learnt was taught by master. I am completely familiar with the circulation of the life essence and the internal energy’s movement; therefore I believe master is still alive. As long as that trace of internal energy is not compromised, he will definitely be able to wake up!” Each of Liu Hao’s words was said with force, deeply imprinting into everyone’s mind. There’s no way they won’t believe Liu Hao’s words now, especially since they were hoping this was for real.

“Then let’s not waste any time, quickly send him to the best hospital!” Nuo Yi Long was the first to recover his senses while he hurriedly said this.


Inside the hospital, Liu Hao was arguing with several doctors. The doctors were all saying that Lei Yu was already dead without any signs of life. But Liu Hao was insisting about his feelings he wasn’t dead, making them work on him. No heartbeat and not breathing for such a long time, how was there hope to resuscitate him? This caused a heated argument where eventually Nuo Yi Long came forward and made them assign Lei Yu one of the best equipped hospital units. Even if Lei Yu was dead, they were willing to shell out huge amounts of money to make Lei Yu more comfortable.

“We’ll be returning to Tenglong country first. If anything miraculous happens, immediately notify us!” Nuo Yi Long made Nuo Hu promise to do this. “Also, don’t let Ai Er know about this incident. If she were to find out, we really don’t know what would happen to her, understand?”

Nuo Hu nodded without saying a word. Nuo Yi Long then said: “Don’t worry, once we get back, we will report everything to Martial Sect and make the Kou country explain themselves!”

Nuo Yi Long and his sister, Fan Hong Chang and Hu Li, these four left the Kou country. Liu Hao, Nuo Hu, and the always present Cui Ying Ying and Nami stayed behind.

As the seconds and minutes passed by, looking at the time showed it had reached ten o’clock at night now. Everyone was sitting around Lei Yu’s bed, watching Lei Yu’s face which was turning green. Everyone’s heart was in high spirits but at this time, Nami suddenly screamed out loud and fell to the floor, foaming at the mouth.

After being examined by the doctors, they found out that poison was the cause of Nami’s symptoms. And currently, there was no way to treat her poison, they could only observe her. Therefore, she was sent to the Intensive Care Unit for special care. The thing was that all the hospital staff was looking at this group of people as fools, surrounding a dead person and hoping this dead corpse would resurrect. They were basically living in a fantasy story, but since they had money, they could only quietly gossip about this amongst themselves.

“Aghh! My head hurts!” Lei Yu was cradling his head, forcefully trying to wake up. Looking around his surrounding… strange? Why was this place so familiar?

Lei Yu was shocked!

“The place why the sky meets the earth? Why would I appear at this place?”

Although this place appears to only show where the sky meets the earth forming a line, but if one looks more closely, they will find that this place had a wide expanse of area. We can only say that compared to reality, the person in this space appears to be closer to the sky and the earth. The sky didn’t have the sun or the moon, just a haze of red. Being here, Lei Yu felt like he was a pillar of the heavens, standing on earth to support the sky.

In such an environment, it really made Lei Yu not know what to do. Once again looking around, the scenery was exactly the same wherever he looked; there was no clue on what he was supposed to do. Looking up at the sky, then looking down at the ground, Lei Yu didn’t know what to say… “What’s going on, did I die?”

His sight started to blur a bit so Lei Yu thought there was something wrong with his head. He started shaking his head hard but the blur stayed there. Gradually, Lei Yu had a splitting headache. Kneeling on the ground, the yellow bead lodged in his brains started spinning rapidly at a horrifyingly extreme speed. This made Lei Yu unable to bear with the friction that was generated by the rotation.

Gradually, the yellow bead’s surface started glowing a brilliant yellow light. This light was similar to sunlight shining on every part of Lei Yu’s body. The light gradually spread around and the deep wound on Lei Yu’s head started restoring to its original state like he had never been hurt. Then the body’s meridians and bones that were already fractured began to heal like they had never been damaged before as well.

Lei Yu was ecstatic. He couldn’t believe that this yellow energy would have the same ability as the green energy with the repairing effect.

When the spinning rotation of the yellow bead began to slow down, Lei Yu was finally restored to his senses. He then remembered the name of the yellow bead, “wasn’t it called the Spiritual Bead of Longevity? Wasn’t it supposed to preserve my life? It actually was true!”

Lei Yu excitedly watch as his traumatic injuries rapidly repaired itself before his eyes. Even his dantian region, a mad rush of energy was rushing into his empty Sea of Energy, connecting with that sliver of internal energy. And this yellow energy was constantly purifying and removing the impurities. Lei Yu felt that his internal energy was gradually recovering, giving him an extremely wonderful feeling.

When all of Lei Yu’s energy was recovered, and all the internal and external trauma he had received was fully repaired, Lei Yu was pretty much jumping about in excitement.

But at this time, the spinning rotation of the Spiritual Bead of Longevity suddenly stopped. Carefully looking at it, the bead had lost its luster looking like a plain yellow bead without its previous shiny appearance. Lei Yu could see that there was still a trace of essence inside the bead, and that trace of essence slowly escaped from it.

“Bang!” The Spiritual Bead of Longevity instantly exploded as granules of a shattered yellow stars fluttered throughout his body. The last bit of essence followed the meridian paths and flowed downwards, towards his abdomen area. Lei Yu could only feel a sudden burst of pain in his lower abdomen, then his little brother involuntarily became erect.

“What the hell?! No way!” Cried Lei Yu in shock.

Inside the hospital patient room, only Nuo Hu and Cui Ying Ying were inside. Liu Hao was smoking a cigarette in the hallway, and it’s unknown when he started the habit of smoking. Perhaps it was due to him being upset these few days. But coincidentally while he was smoking outside, the only person that could detect the changes in Lei Yu’s body was not present. Nuo Hu and Cui Ying Ying couldn’t detect it so they had no reactions whatsoever.

The current time was about 12 o’clock midnight, and it was all quiet at the hospital’s patient room ward. Only at the distant end of the hallway, a young girl was leaning against the wall with all her effort. One step at a time, she walked with difficulty towards the room where Lei Yu was. Her eyes were so red and swollen that one’s heart would hurt from looking at it while her messy hair had obscured the white skin of her neckline.

According to the calculated time, Nami consumed the transparent vial of liquid around 1 o’clock in the morning. Another hour later and her body would fester into sores; all seven apertures will start bleeding until her death. But of course she didn’t know about this, the only thing she wanted was to see Lei Yu one last time. Deep inside Nami’s heart, she knew that she wouldn’t live much longer and the only fortunate thing she felt was that she did not give this drug to Lei Yu to consume.

Her figure was getting closer. As Nami arrived at the doorway of Lei Yu’s room, her mouth was panting for breath, her breasts moving up and down was very enticing. Gently opening the door and seeing Lei Yu whom had still not woken up, Nami became teary eyed again as she went inside.

Nami’s situation was not too optimistic. According to the doctor, the bacteria was rapidly spreading. What she needed was to minimize her activities to avoid spreading the bacteria faster.

Nuo Hu and Cui Ying Ying saw that Nami wanted to say something but couldn’t bear to continue with her words. Grabbing a chair and placing it next to the bed, Nami lowered her head as she sat down. Her body had weakened to the point that a gust a wind could have blown her over. She raised her slightly trembling delicate hands and held onto Lei Yu’s hand.

“So hot! The young master…” With Nami’s face filled with shock, one could not tell she was even poisoned.

Her sentence wasn’t even finished when Lei Yu suddenly sat up, his eyes wide and round. He grabbed onto the weak Nami by his side and started ripping off her clothes!


¹ – Chinese people use that term to mean they are blabbing nonsense.

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