Ch 104 – Lustful Atmosphere

Lei Yu suddenly waking up and his sudden movement of ripping Nami’s clothes off made people unable to react.

Nuo Hu and Cui Ying Ying’s jaws were on the floor. Nami had no clue what was going on, she only felt the warmth of the young master’s hand and was suddenly grabbed and thrown onto Lei Yu’s bed.

“RIP, RIP.” Nami’s clothes were all ripped off by Lei Yu. Just like that, Nami’s perfect and seductive body was revealed to Nuo Hu and Cui Ying Ying. Her white skin with a touch of pink, her chest and her ass, including the forbidden area were all displayed for everyone to see. Nuo Hu could not help but slurp back the saliva dripping from his mouth.

Lei Yu’s eyes were bloodshot as his eyes stared at Nami’s curvaceous ass. The current Lei Yu was similar to a beast, stripping Nami without a piece of clothing left. Looking at Lei Yu’s position, one could tell he wanted to dive straight into her peach for its nectar. As for Nami, she wasn’t resisting at all. Not that she didn’t want to resist but Nami understood the young master wasn’t this type of person; there should be a good reason for his current actions. Additionally, she had no strength whatsoever left in her body so even if she wanted to; there would be no way for her to escape from Lei Yu’s powerful grasp.

The only person present that could stop Lei Yu was Nuo Hu, yet he honestly wasn’t sure what he should do. Cui Ying Ying looked worriedly at Nami from the side. Everyone knew how weak Nami was currently. With the poison inside her body, if that poison was to transfer over to Lei Yu if they did that “act”, then the consequences would be disastrous. After all, Lei Yu had just woken up from being in a death-like state, they didn’t even have time to celebrate and this scene happened.

Cui Ying Ying anxiously pushed Nuo Hu, “quickly go stop him! There’s no way Nami can handle such roughness. Besides there’s some sort of poison inside her, if they were to have intercourse, something might happen!”

Even though Nami couldn’t understand what Cui Ying Ying said, but seeing the facial expressions she had on her face, she understood something was wrong. She then suddenly remembered she still had some highly toxic poison inside her; her previous shy and docile nature was shattered. Originally thinking that before she dies, she was able to do this with the young master, she would be satisfied even in death. But if the poison she had were to be transmitted to the young master, then the consequences would be too terrible to imagine. Nami used the last ounce of strength in her body to resist, continuously swinging her white hips around so that Lei Yu couldn’t find his target.

At this time, Nuo Hu flew forward like an arrow wanting to restrain Lei Yu. But when his body hadn’t even reached a meter from the bed, with Lei Yu as the center, a powerful aura was released from his body that created an energy barrier blowing Nuo Hu back.

Trying to get near and being pushed back again, Nuo Hu frantically cried out: “It’s not working! There’s no way for me to get near him!”

“What should we do then? Nami won’t be able to resist any longer!” Cui Ying Ying’s face was filled with anxiety; she had no clue on what to do. Seeing Nami’s face was getting more pale, with her already frail state, her forceful struggles had caused her white body to be covered with a fragrant glean of sweat.

Lei Yu appeared to become crazier, Nami’s struggle made him even more ramped up. Grabbing onto Nami’s hair, his other hand held down Nami’s lower body. After that brief struggle, Nami had no more strength left.

At this time, they could only hear the sounds that made people aroused. Nami screamed, her eyes filled with tears. Lei Yu was like a beast that had endured for thousands of years, thrusting with madness. In this large hospital room, an awkward atmosphere was present. Cui Ying Ying and Nuo Hu whom could not do anything stood to the side, watching Lei Yu venting his rage. As for Nami, the crazy thrusting from Lei Yu had already made her unconscious.

Nuo Hu’s eyes were slightly dazed. He has seen many beautiful girls in his life, even ones with Nami’s level of beauty he had still seen quite a few. But for such a beauty to be exposed naked in front of his eyes like this, then this was considered a first. Not to mention this beauty was undergoing such an exercise before him.

Nami’s bountiful breasts were rocking back and forth following the rhythm of Lei Yu’s thrusts. Although already unconscious, her brows were still tightly frowning.

Cui Ying Ying was firmly clutching onto her clothes. She was imagining in her mind, if she was the actual lead actress for tonight, how wonderful that would be! Forcefully shaking her head, she then started cursing at herself. “How could I think of such a thing?!” But once she saw Lei Yu’s rather robust penis, Cui Ying Ying could not help peeking at it a few extra times.

As time went by, Nuo Hu tried several times to get close but was pushed back each time by the energy barrier. The two were really embarrassed, taking glances out the window. With this scene in front of them, they felt like they were a third wheel by being here. But they were afraid to leave, fearing something bad might happen to either of them. Even if they tried calling the doctor here, this scene was not too appropriate.

The two of them continued with this lust filled environment; ten minutes, twenty minutes, forty minutes, then a full hour!

Nami’s eyes suddenly opened and screamed in a heartbreaking manner. The bacterium inside her had already occupied her entire body; the pain she felt made her forget that Lei Yu was still rocking her body back and forth. Sounds from her hysterically crying could be heard. The cries of pain made Nuo Hu and Cui Ying Ying immediately turn around. Seeing Lei Yu had no signs of stopping, the two thought the pain was caused by Lei Yu. They were anxiously rubbing their hands yet they couldn’t figure out what to do.

It was precisely due to Nami’s heart wrenching cry that made Lei Yu even crazier, his thrusting speed literally increased several times. With this rapid humping motion, it made Nami’s scream sound even more miserable.

“Ahhhh!” Lei Yu screamed, feeling an extremely powerful air colliding inside his stomach. Inside Lei Yu, a stream of yellow energy followed Lei Yu’s ejaculation spraying out.

The sound of his breathing become more intense, Lei Yu’s hands firmly grabbed onto Nami’s bountiful breasts. Nami’s eyes opened wide, her long slender legs suddenly tightened as if she was doing her best to absorb Lei Yu’s essence.

Gradually, they both seemed to calm down. What’s surprising was that Nami was no longer in pain. Nuo Hu and Cui Ying Ying thought it was because Lei Yu had stopped his thrusting. But Nami’s heart realized even though the pain that came with Lei Yu’s thrusting motion was not little, but compared to the pain of the poison spreading throughout her body, it was considered nothing. The strange thing was that once Lei Yu came inside her with his essence, the pain in her body had disappeared without a trace. As if her muscles were being ripped apart, it had all subsided. The toxin inside her body was rapidly dissipating. To be accurate, Nami was able to clearly feel two inexplicable energies flowing around, as if one thing was chasing the other thing.

With no more strength left, Lei Yu fell on top of Nami’s bountiful white body. Nami calmly and gently stroked Lei Yu’s back. This scene in front of them almost made Nuo Hu and Cui Ying Ying have a nosebleed.

Nami’s cry was really loud. Liu Hao who was outside quickly rushed in. Once he opened the door and saw the scene before his eyes, he was suddenly dumbfounded. His master was alive, but should he be happy or… what on earth is going on?

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  1. umbraperfide says:

    haahahahahahhahahahahaha. the sperm of life! AHAHAHAHHAHAHA all it takes is one burst and all your pains and aches will go away.No matter how close to deaths door you are, just let yourself be filled to the brim with the wonderous essence of healing. AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA i just had to comment. this is the first thing ive ever read where the Main Character had healing semen. What in the absolute f*ck.

    thank you very much for the chapter.

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  2. cythril says:

    well played MC well played~
    figures that he has fluid that can be used to heal xD


  3. Well no going back from that.


  4. Candycoal says:

    Lool this chapter made me laugh and cry at the same time. Even I felt awkward as hell

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  5. Alex says:

    Jesus Christ, what is it with these over-sexualized Xianxia authors that they have to fetishize rape. Now I can’t finish reading this piece of ****.


  6. Oh my….I don’t know what to say. I’m left speechless.

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