Ch 105 – Detachment Stage

Lei Yu once again fell unconscious, but this time it was only for a short time. As a result, Nami held onto Lei Yu, letting his large body lie on top of hers. She was also reluctant to let Lei Yu go, reluctant to let the sensation of Lei Yu’s sturdy body leave hers.

Lei Yu’s mind was racing around. Although his eyes were closed, his mind was very clear. “I’m finished! I actually did this to Nami… f*ck, I’m such a f*cking beast!”

Lei Yu was criticizing himself to no end but his previous actions weren’t under his own control. When the Spiritual Bead of Longevity used up all its energy to repair Lei Yu’s body, it had already lost its effect. But the last trace of energy was the bead’s original essence, a bead that Qilins possess, a bead that the Ink Beast gained after defeating it. And this last trace of energy was like the essence of the Qilin’s power. The nature of the Qilin was strong, this essence seemed unremarkable and bland but once it invaded a man’s genitalia, thus it resulted in the previous sex scene.

After releasing the bead’s origin essence, releasing it out of his body and into Nami’s body, one could say that Nami had become the mothering body that was to nurture the Spiritual Bead of Longevity’s power. We could say that Nami had become a priceless treasure.

However, the apparent effects weren’t shown yet. It requires a long period of time before the Spiritual Bead of Longevity can restore its original ability.

Lei Yu’s actions were caused by the bead’s own desire; he wasn’t willing, especially not willing to hurt Nami like this. But the reality had already come to pass. In fact, if he actually had a choice in these matters, then he would definitely choose Ai Er. If he couldn’t choose Ai Er, Lei Yu would not do it at all.

Apart from feeling depressed, Lei Yu carefully inspected the situation inside his body. The current Lei Yu felt that his body had reached its peak, he felt even more wonderful than before. Observing the changes inside his dantian, Lei Yu was now in utter shock!

The last stage! The [Detachment] stage!

“My heavens! I’ve actually reached the [Detachment] stage! This is too incredible!”

This powerful internal energy was like the waves of the sea, mixed with an immeasurable power of lightning. The explosive power of it made Lei Yu unable to believe his eyes, yet there it was in front of him.

After reaching the [Detachment] stage, Lei Yu finally understood all the benefits he had obtained from advancing through each stage by following the cultivating methods.

The first stage [Lightning Foundation]; helping draw out the power of lightning inside his body. This was an early stage that did not show off its strength. Arriving at the second stage [Refining Body] was when Lei Yu truly started to become strong. The power of lightning was continuously refining Lei Yu’s body, all his bones, meridians, his flesh and even his hair had become much stronger.

And when he reached the [Integration] stage, Lei Yu’s strength had changed dramatically. From being only able to use his brute strength to using internal energy as the source of power, he was able to use the powerful properties of lightning to take on his opponents.

Arriving at the [Energy Suppression] stage, Lei Yu could hide his presence. This type of ability could make experts much more powerful than him unable to detect his presence. This type of scene appeared when he was dueling with Cai Zhong. The was also an additional feature, his internal energy seemed relatively calm at the [Energy Suppression] stage, but hidden in this calmness was fury. Through Lei Yu’s own refinement, he could absorb his internal energy into a meridian, then he could fight with all his power and still have that meridian filled with energy as a last ditch effort to escape.

And before reaching this last stage, Lei Yu’s [Discharge] stage allowed the power of lightning to condense throughout any part of his body. He could even make this energy appear on his body in the real world, like making him into a being similar to those lightning god statues people worship.

But the Lei Yu now had shed everything of his past. The moment that the Spiritual Bead of Longevity disappeared from his body, his body had undergone tremendous changes. His bones that had metallic properties inside them had once again risen to a new level, the toughness of it would be unimaginable to people. If the old Lei Yu could merely use his brute strength and physical resistance to punch through a wall, then the current strength of Lei Yu’s body had almost reached the hardness of a diamond.

For other people to reach the Sixth Order Warrior, their strength was indeed powerful. But no one could cultivate their outer body to this degree; this was an existence that is considered an anomaly.

The [Discharge] stage allowed the power of lightning to surround his body in order to achieve a powerful attack. And now that Lei Yu was in the [Detachment] stage, he could now freely manipulate the power of lightning which meant it could leave his body and achieve a long range attack. As for the distance of the attack, it will be closely related to whether he was at the early, mid, or late stage.

Understanding everything about his cultivation, Lei Yu smiled. “This Lei Yu Divine Arts is really not bad, the heavens are helping me. I survived such a huge calamity, and with the Spiritual Bead of Longevity saving my life, looks like I, Lei Yu was not fated to die yet! Your father I, will see to the complete destruction of the Kou country! I will completely make them disappear from this earth!”

At this time, Lei Yu became distressed because he knew that he would soon regain his consciousness. But how will he face this group of people after he wakes up?

With some reluctance, Lei Yu opened his eyes. He suddenly realized his hands were holding onto something very soft. Gently moving his fingers, this softness was extremely comfortable that had some flexibility to it. And in the middle of his palm, he noticed something pink. This type of stimulation suddenly made Lei Yu’s brain short circuit. But all of this was considered nothing, the most important thing was his most precious jewels seemed to be wrapped around in something… something warm and wet, all walls tight together that changed according to Nami’s breathing pattern.

Lei Yu cried out loud and with unimaginably flexible grace, he jumped up.

Lei Yu’s sudden departure made Nami feel kind of empty inside, but her face instantly flushed red. She hastily pulled up the blanket to block the view of her alluring white body.

The posture of Lei Yu leaving the bed was too funny, and it was like this that he stood on top of the bed naked. And besides him, three people were staring. These three people had their mouths agape in an O shape, looking at Lei Yu like they were staring at an alien.

Lei Yu finally realized how embarrassing this situation was but the blanket was already taken by Nami. Right now, Lei Yu looked completely and utterly like a fool.

Once Cui Ying Ying told Lei Yu all about Nami’s condition and how it came to be, Nami was severely reprimanded by Lei Yu. But at the same time, he understood that Nami’s poison was thus removed. The Spiritual Bead of Longevity originally had the ability to repair and now it was also known to detoxify poisons. Through Lei Yu’s semen, it went inside Nami’s body and began to chase after and kill off all the poison.

After Lei Yu woke up, the people around him got the explanation of his abnormal behavior which was caused by the Qilin’s nature. But coincidentally it was due to this that saved Nami’s life. At the last moment where Nami’s body was about to break out into festering sores, Lei Yu’s release of semen had saved her and saved himself. If this sexual impulse was not released, then Lei Yu would have lost his life from holding that Qilin energy back.

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