Ch 107 – Sudden Mutation

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Most of the ninjas here were primarily at the Elementary and Intermediate levels. There were only two or three Advanced Ninjas so how could they be opponents to Black Panther and his group? Running and scattering in all directions, there was no way they could get away from Black Panther – an expert who prided in his speed. With the speed of lightning, his body caught up to them while his fists punched out non-stop; there was no way they could handle that. With a flip and a backward somersault, his body at a slight angle, he kicked out with force and an Advanced Ninja was struck flying away. Fortunately for that ninja, it wasn’t a lethal blow. Knowing that he couldn’t escape, the ninja slowly stood back up to fight.

This ninja did not have the battle experiences or the hatred Black Panther had; just from the momentum alone, he had already lost a big part. Sure enough, after exchanging blows for a short time, Black Panther used extreme speeds and stabbed his sharp fingernails into the ninja’s chest.

Several others also quickly resolved their battles. Using Gray Bear as an example: Wrapping his arms around a ninja, his explosive strength squeezed the life out of that guy making his body into a distorted figure.

Lei Yu, Nuo Hu and Liu Hao, these three jump aboard a boat and opened one of the boxes. Inside contained some unknown drugs. And another big box contained a familiar creature, the insects that were filled with bacteria. Looks like the Yamaguchi-gumi are refusing to give up their ways…

If these insects were placed in a city and they started spreading this infection, then the consequences would be disastrous. The Yamaguchi-gumi wanted to sell these antidotes against the infection at high prices to reap insane profits once again, they were truly a bunch of f*cking bastards.

Lei Yu felt uncomfortable from seeing these disgusting insects that made one want to throw up. An unbearable and tremendous force started rising up in his body. Under Lei Yu’s will, the energy started dispersing, breaking up into specks of purple light that scattered onto the bodies of the insects. One, two, ten, one hundred, then thousands of these insects started struggling. But no matter how much they struggled and fought, they could not escape their fate of being electrocuted to death by the purple lightning.

After Lei Yu took care of things on his side, Black Panther and group had already buried all the ninjas on the beach on their side.

“Let’s take a look further inside!” Lei Yu took the lead and went forward. The surface area of this small island was quite large, comparable to the size of an average city. There were countless white buildings on the island, and inside these buildings should be some more ninjas and probably some scientists along with their research equipment. Lei Yu was not someone that was easily recognizable, and these research scientists did not even have time to leave before they met with him head on.

One of the scientists with eye glasses who appeared older than the rest hastily stuffed something into his pocket. But this was discovered by Lei Yu so he walked towards him.

Lei Yu asked in English: “What are you trying to hide?”

The scientist with glasses on turned his head to the side, clearly not caring what Lei Yu had said to him. On the side, Black Panther narrowed his eyes and then used the Kou language: “You dog bastard! Didn’t you hear the young master ask you a question? If you don’t answer, I will kill you right now!”

Who wasn’t afraid of death? The two dozen or so of gentle and well mannered researchers slightly shivered, but this old man with the glasses only sneered, still not saying a word.

For these hardcore researchers, compared to their life, their research is simply much more important. They’ve toiled their entire lives away researching inside a laboratory. And having today’s achievements and the importance the Yamaguchi-gumi placed on him, this old man was already very satisfied with his life. It was very clear that he did not want to answer any questions; he grabbed a vial of pink liquid on top of a desk and drank the entire contents.

Lei Yu did not make any moves to attempt to block the old man from his actions. If someone wanted to die, why would he try to stop them? Furthermore, Lei Yu couldn’t be bothered about the life or death of these Kou people. Looking closely, the thing inside the old man’s pocket should be a hard drive of some sort. What sort of information could be stored inside that hard drive? Lei Yu’s interest was certainly piqued by this.

But what surprised everyone was the vial the old man drank was not poison, it was actually something to mutate one’s body. This type of mutagen was unsuccessful in changing the genetic makeup of the body during earlier trials. Black Panther and his group were basically the results of these failures. But now that this mutagen has been improved upon, who knows how much stronger it has become.

After placing the vial back on the desk, the old man smiled coldly. While he was smiling, his body was undergoing constant changes; his skin began to loosen and wrinkle up, but then would rapidly become taut again. The dark spots on the skin of his hands from old age had rapidly disappeared and becoming smooth; then from the back of his hands, something was extending from his joints. Looking closely, they looked like spears made out of his bones!

That’s right; the old man’s appearance had undergone a bizarre change. His breathing becoming solemn and deep, while his previous look of not caring if he died becoming someone with vicious intent. One could clearly see that his height was constantly growing; his original 1.65 meter height continued going up.

Two minutes later, a person of 1.9 meters tall with an exaggerated muscular body ripped away his clothes. Almost having no chin, his muscular neck seemed to blend in with his face. On the back of his hands, four sharp bone spears protruded out giving off a chilling white aura.

The scientists present were beyond surprised from seeing these changes. It appears that this drug not only worked on typically strong people, it actually made such drastic changes to an old man that was half a step into his coffin. But the only drawback being how was this old man supposed to go out and meet the public now? Would he have to become this monster for the rest of his life and be feared by the world?

Black Panther was only somewhat surprised since he’s already seen these types of changes before. When he was injected with the model #H2236 mutagen, the characteristics he received made him look like the African Black Panther. It was only after taking some additional agents before he went back to a human appearance, except the weird smell that came with it would not go away no matter what.

Black Panther flew forward like an arrow, initiating the attack on the old man that had undergone a transformation. His body disrupting the atmosphere, Black Panther’s figure was like a blur. Once his figure arrived in front of the mutated old man, the old man effortlessly lifted his arm with the bone spears and stabbed through Black Panther’s right chest. The old man then kneed Black Panther in the abdomen which made him go flying off.

Fortunately, this attack was not fatal. If the bone spears and penetrated into the left-side of the chest, then Black Panther would simply be unable to breathe the breath of life any more. Gray Bear rushed forward to support Black Panther, and only after finding he was okay did he turn his gaze at the mutated monster that they couldn’t handle as an opponent anymore.

The corner of Lei Yu’s mouth made a sneer. He could clearly feel that this extremely weak and old research scientist had now become something like a super mutant. He had become something similar to a Shadow Ninja or a Fourth Order Warrior in strength. With this type of strength present, no one else would be his opponent apart from Lei Yu. Even though Nuo Hu could take him on without a chance of losing, but this was simply a waste of time.

Lei Yu walked forward a few steps with disdain on his face. “Let me ask you, do you know where Hasegawa went?”

With a cold “humph,” the old man who underwent mutation became extremely arrogant, wanting to make a move to kill Lei Yu. But with his current strength, was he even capable of making any moves? They both raised their right arms up, and Lei Yu’s fist smashed with the old man’s fist that contained the bone spears.

“Crack, crack, crack, crack!”

The chilling sounds of bones being broken were heard. Looking closely, the old man’s four bone spears were already broken and fallen to the ground. As for Lei Yu, he gently blew on his fists to remove the shattered bone residue, his face showing it was no big deal.

The mutated old man’s forehead was filled with sweat. Even though the bone spears had extended outside, yet it still was part of his body so the terrible pain was unbearable. He was also suddenly in fear of Lei Yu. He understood how powerful this mutagen was, yet it was completely useless against this young man that was slightly taller than a typical Kou male. He even started to doubt his own research after this.

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