Ch 108 – Contribution To The Country

Waving his hand, Lei Yu looked over at the dozen or so mutants. They all understood his meaning; leaving the wounded Black Panther, they rushed over to subdue the rest of the scientists. As for the mutated old man, no one approached him since no one dared to. This old man still had another hand with white chilling bone spears protruding out of it. The all saw the results of Black Panther clashing with him so they clearly didn’t want to try their luck.

All the scientists were ushered next to a wall. Lei Yu once again asked the recently mutated old scientist: “I’m asking you again, did Hasegawa contact you recently? What type of status do you have here?”

He originally did not say anything before but after seeing Lei Yu have a profoundness that he couldn’t see through, fear appeared in his eyes. Opening his mouth with a dull voice: “The boss went to the United States and he’s staying with people he has partnered with before. I am a research scientist that has followed the boss for many years, and I’m in charge of all research here.”

“Dog shit research!” Lei Yu cursed in rage. “You guys are f*cking manufacturing biological weapons and harming humanity!”

Thinking about the history of biological warfare, Lei Yu’s emotions were completely enraged. As a hot-blooded youth, Lei Yu’s impulsive nature was natural but he was still able to resist the urges to kill this monster in front of him. Continuing to ask: “Which part of the United States do his partners live at?”

“I’m not too sure; we’ve only ever exchanged scientific data and have never met anyone in person. I have never been involved in any transactions since I’ve only been responsible for research. As for what the intended use of my research was for, that’s not something I can control.”

“What else would these things be used for apart from harming humanity? You’re trying to defend your actions with illogical and lame excuses!”

“I’ve said what I’ve wanted to say.” Then, his trembling and still bleeding right-hand reached into his pocket and brought out a hard drive. “Inside this thing is my life’s work. With this, you could advance a country’s economy for at least ten years, or you could use this to cripple a country’s economy for ten years!” The old man’s gaze suddenly changed. “I will smash this in front of you!” As his voice said this, his right hand started squeezing with strength and the hard drive started cracking with fracture lines appearing on it.

Lei Yu’s reaction could not be considered slow. Under desperate circumstances, a materialized electric beam shot out of his finger that directly hit the old man’s wrist. The old man’s tendon and bones was then severed by this power of lightning. Even if the old man wanted to continue using strength, it was now impossible. The hard drive slipped from the grip of his hand and no one was capable of seeing the blur of Lei Yu’s figure. In an instant, the hard drive was within Lei Yu’s hand while he returned to his original location like he had never moved an inch.

The angered old man screamed into the air. After screaming in pain and grief, he finally gave a long sigh. His left fist that was twisted in the wrong direction had already been pierced into his own chest. A monster that had just underwent mutation toppled onto the ground, unable to stand up ever again.

The majority of the ninjas on the island had already left previously for the United States. As for the others, they were responsible for handling the leftover cargo and equipments. Lei Yu took all these leftover goods and equipments and stored it into his storage ring.

As for those research scientists, Lei Yu didn’t want to kill them. If he were to send them to the Tenglong country, it’s possible that they could make some contributions to his own country. Making up his mind, Lei Yu prepared to return to Tenglong.

“Black Panther, your injuries shouldn’t be too serious. I estimate that in a few days, you will make a full recovery. With this, the Yamaguchi-gumi has been wiped out from the Kou country. Your group will therefore build up your own forces on this island. Once I return to my own country, I will look into the hard drive. If a method is found to remove the stench from your bodies, I will immediately contact you.” Lei Yu said with a smile.

“Young master!”

“Young master!”

With a “plop” sound, the group of twelve mutants fell on their knees. It appears that they didn’t know what else to say to express their gratitude and their respect for Lei Yu. Although Lei Yu’s appearance had broken their calm and peaceful lives, but it did allow them to regain the dignity they had lost for many years. This dignity was something humans needed. Even mutants who have exceeded ordinary humans were eager to regain this to show humanity still existed within themselves.

Helping everyone get up, Lei Yu waved his hand. “I believe the Kou country’s ninjas will no longer be enemies to I, Lei Yu. Since you guys are my people, no one would make your lives difficult. Further develop yourselves here but don’t let this place be the root of where bio agents come from. Modify it somewhat and make a large bridge so it can be connected to the newly developed city. I believe the future prospects won’t be too shabby here!”

This proposal inspired something in Cui Ying Ying. She was then secretly thinking and planning the future developments of this place. Although the Kou people were downright bastards, their economy was still regarded as quite powerful in the world. There were still a lot of things she needed to learn about in the business field, so Cui Ying Ying will benefit a lot as she develops her ideas here.

Lei Yu stood at the highest peak of a mountain in the Kou country, surveying every corner of this small country. Even though he couldn’t see everything that clearly, it filled him with many emotions. It’s not easy for any country to establish itself… Giving them some minor punishments would be enough, there’s really no need to cause the complete destruction of a country. Even though he now had the strength to do it, he was, after all, not those conscienceless Kou military back in the last war. Lei Yu was unable to pillage and burn like those actions of pigs and dogs. If he were to do the same things, then he was no different from them.

However, if there’s any advantages he can gain out of this, he will take it. This was the minor contribution he wanted to do for his own country. The only people leaving the Kou country would be Lei Yu and the siblings Nuo Hu and Ai Er. Liu Hao will be accompanying Cui Ying Ying in staying here. The main thing being this clown of a Liu Hao wanted to live his dream; he wanted some management level position in Meng Yu Corporation. He would then be completely satisfied if he could hang out and accompany whatever current popular artists or actors were to dinners or out for drinks.

Back at Tenglong country, the first thing Lei Yu did was meet up with Nuo Yi Long and others. Even though they had already heard the news of Lei Yu’s resurrection, they still couldn’t help getting emotional from actually seeing him again. And Lei Yu broke out a heart attack inducing piece of news to them.

“I’ve attained the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior, but it’s only the early stage of it.”

Lei Yu was practically begging that this information stay amongst the present people, saying there was no need to tell others. If this was known to others, it’s possible that it would stir up a major storm amongst the other powers in the country. It’s not that Lei Yu would assume that everyone would be fighting over him; it was mainly because of his age. A twenty something year old Sixth Order Warrior, not to mention the present, even in the history of the country such a thing was never heard of before. Maybe someone like that did exist before and no one knew about it, but Lei Yu would be become the first one ever found so far.

As for the Lei family, Lei Yu wanted to go back to take a look around. But once he thought about the disdainful faces of the clan, he eventually gave up on that idea.


Nuo Yi Long and Shangguan Xi Hong brought Lei Yu to the main city of the country.

The main city of the country was naturally more prosperous than other cities. Elevated overpasses for the cars, pedestrian bridges crowded with people, and the masses of people going along with their daily lives at the business district revealed the prosperity of the country. Lei Yu and others went towards the heart of the city and arrived a magnificently designed building.

Inside was the headquarters of Tenglong country’s Supreme Ruler. Wanting to see him was something even harder than becoming an immortal. In the entire country, there were less than a hundred people that had the status to meet with the Supreme Ruler. Shangguan Xi Hong and several of his important family members naturally had that right. Additionally, some ancient martial clans and the Commanders of the major military groups were eligible as well. Even if you were a Deputy Commander, your position was still not high enough to have that honor. But today, a twenty something year old Lei Yu was about to meet Supreme Ruler who was respected by everyone, an event that anyone would be proud of.

There was large courtyard with a total of seventy-two gates amongst a thousand acres of land. At each gate, there would be two burly men in suits standing guard. After carefully examining them, Lei Yu found out that they were pretty much all at the strength of a Third Order Warrior. Inside the Tenglong country, those that can fight against them amounted to less than a hundred people. Furthermore, if these people all combined their strength, then their powers would become much higher.

Driving the car, they encountered multiple checkpoints. Arriving at the final barrier, they stopped the car at the entrance. Lei Yu and them went through a final pat-frisk before they could enter inside.

Inside was a small quiet and peaceful courtyard. Lei Yu’s expectation of a magnificent palatial ground was as different as night and day from seeing this courtyard. A variety of plants and flowers were planted inside this courtyard, it even had species of plants that Lei Yu could not put a name to. And all the plants and flowers looked like they had just been watered and pruned. Lei Yu was certain that the Supreme Ruler really liked gardening.

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