Ch 111 – Meeting A Beauty In The Air

“What are your plans?” Lei Yu was in his own home, his hands resting on the window sill and looking at the outside scenery while he asked this.

Nami was the same as usual; respectfully standing beside Lei Yu except her facial expressions was slightly different from the past. “If the young master does not wish for me to follow by his side, then I will return to the Kou country and live with my grandmother. Young master did originally say that our agreement was only for the period of time you were staying in the Kou country. Now that you’ve returned to the Tenglong country, I…”

As she was saying this, Nami’s eyes began to turn red. In reality, she could not bear the thought of leaving Lei Yu’s side.

Lei Yu sighed softly. Technically as a man, he should bear some responsibility towards Nami. As a person who already had a girlfriend to do such deeds to her, it indeed made Lei Yu feel ashamed of himself. Every time Lei Yu saw Nami, he didn’t know how to face her and he couldn’t forget the night of ecstasy at the hospital.

But there was one thing that couldn’t be ignored; inside Nami’s body resides the origin strength of the Spiritual Bead of Longevity. If Nami was to find a male partner in the future, then the bead’s power may be gifted to that person. Lei Yu was unwilling to have that scenario happen yet he could not be so selfish. There’s no way he could keep an unmarried girl besides him for the rest of his life right? That’s why Lei Yu was having this major headache.

“It’s not that I don’t want to keep you by my side, it’s because I’m a person that already has a girlfriend. This whole thing was my fault, not to mention I can’t give you want you want. If you keep following around my side, how are we supposed to treat each other in the future?” Asked Lei Yu as he turned around and looked at the beautiful and charming girl that men won’t ever bear to abandon.

“Young master, I am only your servant, your slave, I’ve never dreamed of anything more. As long as I can be by your side, I am willing even if I am alone to the day I die! Your inadvertent love that night has already satisfied me. Moreover, wasn’t it because of that incident that you saved my life?” Unknown where that courage came from, Nami raised her head and replied emotionally.

Hearing Nami say this, Lei Yu felt somewhat pressured but this was a very reasonable explanation. To outsiders, he could tell them that Nami was his maidservant or a nanny etc. Of course he couldn’t say she was a servant or a slave inside Tenglong country because people would not accept that here.

He, himself understood there was a small part of him that was reluctant to part with Nami. And there was also a critical reason, which was the Spiritual Bead of Longevity.

Although he had already thought this through, Lei Yu did not change his decision; he still intended to go to the U.S. alone.

Lei Yu pulled Nami along, he then grabbed Nuo Hu and the three of them approached Ai Er. Through Lei Yu’s miraculous spinning of words and Nuo Hu’s eyewitness account, they told Ai Er the whole shameful story. We can say that Ai Er at times was a spoiled little girl that loved to play games, yet at times she was a gentle and loving woman that was sensible and reasonable. Even though her heart was still filled with some reluctance, but after hearing Lei Yu had encountered such a serious event, that passionate night wasn’t considered much in the scope of things.

Ai Er cried. She cried not because her own beloved man did such an absurd act, but because such a major event happened to Lei Yu and he didn’t mention a single word to her. Everyone knew about it while she was the only one in the dark; of course this made her extremely angry.

But everyone knew Lei Yu’s personality; he just didn’t want Ai Er to suffer and not wanting her to be worried to death. So, this crisis eventually came to its end; Nami got the acceptance of Lei Yu and got the recognition of Ai Er. With such a sensible and reasonable girlfriend, could anyone not see how blessed Lei Yu was?

Before leaving, Lei Yu debated with himself for a while and eventually decided not to visit the Lei family. Even though Lei Yun Tian did help him out a lot during the later times, Lei Yu still did not have any good feelings towards the Lei family. He will just go with the flow; if things were to happen then it will happen. So what if he could predict how certain things would eventually develop into? Like the saying goes, you can’t fight fate.

For this outing, Lei Yu could be described as loaded because the country had directly appropriated $1.3 billion U.S. dollars for Lei Yu. From the entire event, Lei Yu’s paltry compensation for his role would be considered a little sardine fish in the scope of an ocean.

Rejecting the country’s assignment of a private jet to him, Lei Yu intended to use a commercial airline to leave the Tenglong country. Thus he embarks on a trip to an unfamiliar land, the United States of America.

Handing over his boarding pass, Lei Yu went and found his seat. He didn’t bring any carry-on luggage with him since he really didn’t need to in the first place. On his finger was the storage ring that contained everything he needed, the space inside was enough for him to move everything he has ever owned.

It’s unknown why, but ever since Lei Yu started cultivating the methods in his mind, his body had undergone minute changes that were difficult to explain. The old Lei Yu was considered pretty good looking but it lacked the deep profoundness he possessed now. He now also gave off a sense of assurance and maturity, couple that with a young face and a pair of profound eyes, this made Lei Yu exude an aura different than ordinary people. All of this was undoubtedly a deadly combination of poison to some girls, a forbidden poison they could not resist.


The clear and crisp voice made Lei Yu open his eyes. From the voice, it should belong to a young woman. His gaze turned to his side and a beautiful girl dressed in a sky-blue uniform smiled to him while bending down. Upon seeing Lei Yu’s eyes, she almost lost her senses but quickly recovered and said: “Sir, the plane is about to take off. Please fasten your seat belt.”

Lei Yu nodded and revealed a smile that could capture the hearts of thousands of girls. He made a slight grin, “thanks for reminding me.”

The girl nodded, her heart already doing somersaults in her chest. She then turned around and proceeded to remind several other passengers. Lei Yu unconsciously checked out this girl; the outline of her front and back had the perfect S curve; her chests were bountiful, her buttocks were firm; and she exuded the aura of what a flight attendant should have. Viewing her from the side profile, she could already be considered top notch compared to all other women.

With her long hair tied into a bun on her head, willow curved eyebrows and large eyes, the oval face that typical beautiful girls had, this total package even made Lei Yu a bit dazed. Noticing the girl looking back towards him, Lei Yu hurriedly looked the other way and chuckled to himself.

The airplane slowly took off. Lei Yu closed his eye to sleep since there was nothing else better to do. Since there’s no way for him to cultivate here, he might as well get some much needed rest.

About an hour into the flight, the airplane was rapidly flying forward at a high altitude. Lei Yu had gradually drifted into the world of dreams, yet even so, he is able to immediately detect the slightest movement around him.

Hearing light footsteps almost like the steps of a kitten that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to detect, they were approaching and stopped at his position. Lei Yu didn’t open his eyes but felt that something was moving on top of his legs. Needless to say, it should be the pretty air stewardess draping a blanket over him. Unknown if it was intentional or unintentional, his crotch area received a gentle touch. Then in a quick movement, the hand that touched him suddenly pulled back. The hurried footsteps of someone walking away made Lei Yu open his eyes to take a look; it should be that pretty stewardess that told him to fasten his seatbelt right?

Not caring too much, Lei Yu pulled up the blanket and continued to sleep.

This air stewardess returned to the staff area was patting her chest, her face was flushed red. “Thank god he was asleep; otherwise it would be too embarrassing! Really, how could I be so careless?” Thinking about it, perhaps she was too focused on Lei Yu’s face and did not realize the position of her hand.

“Xin Er, what’s going on with you?”

A colleague’s voice asked from the side. The air stewardess called Xin Er frantically shook her head, “Ah! Oh, nothing, it’s nothing.”

Lei Yu woke up from the world of dreams, feeling a lot better. As he was about to get up to use the toilets, the airplane suddenly started shaking. Followed after this was a broadcast over the speakers: “Attention all distinguished guests, the shaking and tremors were caused by turbulence in the air. Please do not panic and fasten your seatbelts, we will pass this patch of turbulence very soon.”

After this, the same announcement was made in English. Lei Yu shrugged. “What a coincidence… just when I need to use the toilet.” He could only helplessly sit back down. Even though he didn’t really care about bumps caused by turbulence, what would others think when he disobeyed the rules?

An airplane’s speed is really fast, at least faster than an auto rickshaw¹ many times. The plane punctually arrived at an U.S. airport. Lei Yu stretched his body a bit before preparing to leave the plane.

Once again seeing the air stewardess, Lei Yu lightly smiled without saying anything. The face of this stewardess called Xin Er began to heat up again as she recalled the previous incident.

Arriving in the U.S., Lei Yu was not as restricted like the time he got to the Kou country. His English level was considered not bad, especially since when he learned it, the pronunciation and accent he was taught in was American English. Finding a hotel or pretty much anything here was much easier.


¹ – Not sure why the author put that comment in unless he believes most of the readers have never flown on an airplane before. But I bet most of the readers have no clue what an auto rickshaw is!

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