Ch 112 – A Group Of Competing Beauties

Making his selection the same way as the Kou country, Lei Yu picked a hotel that wasn’t too far from the airport. After making arrangements for a room, he then entered inside.

He removed some clothes from the storage ring and hung them up in the closet. Lei Yu turned around and went inside the bathroom to enjoy a hot bath.

New York City was the largest city in the United States, and it also contained the largest port in the country. Located in the northeast of the Atlantic coast, this place was where the world’s most important commercial and financial centers were situated.

Major media companies, politicians, educational institutions, entertainment and fashion behemoths were all gathered here. This was considered one of the three major global international cities.

Lei Yu’s current location was the famous New York City. The Meng Yu Agency he established in the Kou country had partnered with a few of companies here, so Lei Yu coming here was not an utterly clueless undertaking. Lei Yu was considered to have some fame so there weren’t many people that didn’t know about him in the upper echelon of society. Even the ordinary people have heard about him, it’s just that they’ve never gotten a chance to see him in person.

After washing up, he put on some clean clothes and made a call to one of the hotel’s service departments. A short while later, a young man came to Lei Yu’s room and took away his dirty clothes.

Night time in New York was considered beautiful. Lei Yu’s interest was perked, intending to go out and look around. The most important thing was to fill his stomach – the saying goes construction requires steel and iron while humans require food. Lei Yu’s existence is different from ordinary people; it’s not too problematic if he doesn’t eat. But as a human being, how would he be willing to give up such an enjoyable process? Lei Yu was very happy to accept such an enjoyment.

Americans are very casual when it comes to food but they’ve managed to make it interesting; even simple fast food here was quite delicious. New York City can be considered as a world renowned culinary city.

Leaving his hotel room, Lei Yu walked to the end of the hallway to the elevator.

When it comes to coincidences, Lei Yu wasn’t a believer yet there are times that even he has to admit it happens. With his superhuman hearing ability, Lei Yu heard a conversation inside a room as he was walking by.

“Xin Er, what’s with you today? How come you’re so out of it?”

Hearing the people inside were using the Tenglong language to converse, Lei Yu’s interest was piqued. Pausing to eavesdrop a bit, little did he know this conversation was going to freak him out.

“Did you know how shameful it was? Today on the plane, there was this really good looking passenger. I originally wanted to be nice and help cover him up with a blanket, but I wasn’t paying attention and touched his… ack! I don’t want to say it anymore!”

Lei Yu could not help but blink. “What the hell? No way!”

“Quickly tell me, how good looking? You are too lucky, actually being able to touch him there… you are too formidable!”

“You’re so hateful, let’s stop talking about this. I’m hungry; let’s go get something to eat!” As these words were said, the hotel room door opened. Lei Yu was still standing there like a dummy and the two people’s eyes met.

The cell phone in Xin Er’s hand dropped out of her hand. Lei Yu’s reaction was almost instantaneous, he bent down and grabbed the phone out of the air and handed it back to her. This scene seemed to have frozen for over ten seconds while Xin Er did not even reach for her own cell phone. She suddenly slammed the door shut in Lei Yu’s face which made him speechless. “She doesn’t want this cell phone anymore?”

With her back against the door, Xin Er’s heart was beating like crazy. “What should I do? What should I do? I’m about to die of embarrassment!”

“Xin Er, what’s going on? Aren’t we going out to eat? Let’s hurry up and go!”

Hearing the voices inside the room, Lei Yu gently knocked on the door.

“Who is it?!”

Xin Er didn’t say anything; it was the other girl in the room that yelled this out. Lei Yu rubbed his nose, “you don’t want the cell phone anymore?”

“Cell phone? What cell phone?”

The door once again opened so Lei Yu smiled while handing the cell phone over. Lei Yu’s eyes were casting a gentle look which thoroughly subdued this young girl called Xin Er. All she could do was stare in a daze as Lei Yu’s back gradually walked away.

“Wow! He’s really good looking! Xin Er, you… you weren’t talking about him right?” The young girl whose appearance was considered not bad patted Xin Er’s shoulder while she peeked out watching Lei Yu leave.

Xin Er lightly nodded her head. “Woa! This girl is going through spring fever! You’re in love with Mr. Anonymous!”

Lei Yu walking away hesitated and almost stumbled over his own feet. The words this girl was using was rather blunt, he never expected this! Lei Yu increased his walking speed and pressed the elevator button.

“Thump thump thump!” The sound of footsteps of someone running could be heard. Lei Yu turned to look and a girl pulling another girl was running towards him.

“Handsome guy!”

Lei Yu hesitantly put on a smile, “you’re talking to me?”

“Of course, is there anyone else here besides you?” Behind the girl that was talking, Xin Er kept her head down in shyness without saying anything.

“Uh… do you need something? Lei Yu was kind of puzzled. Just because she touched his deadly weapon, she’s not going to talk to him about marriage right? It’s not possible right?

“Are you alone? Want to treat us to dinner?” This girl’s blunt and coarse attitude was hard for Lei Yu to get used to. Isn’t she somewhat similar to the old Cui Ying Ying?

*Cough cough* “That’s… sure, no problem. What do you two want to eat?”

What a joke. Lei Yu was worth $1.3 billion U.S. dollars, why would he care about treating someone to dinner? No matter if the way to eat abalone or shark fins¹, Lei Yu could afford it plenty.

“No, it can’t be just two of us; can we call all our fellow sisters out?” This girl had a grin on her face as she looked at Lei Yu. Behind her, Xin Er was tugging at this girl’s clothes while Lei Yu could not help sucking in a breath of air.

“No need to be so ruthless right?”

“You aren’t a stingy person right? Looking at your appearance, you shouldn’t be someone poor. You came alone to the U.S. and staying in such a good hotel while we are only staying here on the company’s arrangement.”

Lei Yu clenched his teeth. “Fine! How many people?” Lei Yu gently rubbed his face while his inner thoughts were screaming out. “Am I really fated to be a ladies’ man? No, this scenario isn’t being a ladies’ man; it looks more like a person fated to be taken advantage of.”

A group of hot girls that could cause nosebleeds were surrounding a Lei Yu that was looking left and right. Now this scene was awe-inspiring!

Lei Yu was thinking to himself: “The victim here appears to be me? Are all air stewardesses this open? How come I’ve never realized this before? *Sigh* It would be great if Liu Hao was here right now…”

Among the group of sixteen people, all the girls were wearing t-shirts; some wore denim shorts while others wore miniskirts. This beautiful scene caused many Americans that were unable to resist look over at them. When they saw Lei Yu, they couldn’t help envying him. So many beautiful girls surrounding a single guy, he should be feeling extremely lucky! Who knew that Lei Yu was actually feeling somewhat bitter right now because he’s going to have to dig deep into his wallet soon!

If it were like before, Lei Yu would not have the leisure to do this. Even when he had nothing to do, he would just do something simple. Fortunately these beauties still had some humanity left in them; the place they chose wasn’t particularly expensive. Bustling and loud, the group arrived at a western restaurant. The deserted restaurant was suddenly lively and crowded. Following their customary moves in Tenglong country, if there weren’t enough space for them to sit altogether, then they’ll just push the tables together. Six tables were pushed together, and Lei Yu was pulled by the girls to sit at the head of the table. To one side, they deliberately arranged for Xin Er to sit next to him. And on his other side, a pretty girl with long wavy hair. This pretty girl had great features; wearing a pink mini skirt that showed off her really white legs, she could easily cause guys to have nosebleeds.

“Pick the dishes, pick the dishes!” Yelled out a girl. “Handsome guy, how much money did you bring? Is it enough to treat us?”

Lei Yu picked up the napkin from the table, gently wiping the imaginary sweat from his forehead. “Why didn’t you ask this before we came here?” Pretending to be reaching into his pocket, he quickly took a stack of bills from his storage ring; fortunately he had cash ready. Once the wad of cash appeared, all the girls started making noises. The restaurant manager’s eyes also opened wide before he ran up to Lei Yu. He politely asked in English: “Distinguished guest, how can we serve you?”

Lei Yu gently flickered through at least two hundred bills, each and every one of them being $100’s. “Anything is fine; just pick the best tasting dishes since I’m taking this group of beautiful swans to dinner.”

Was this a joke? Twenty thousand U.S. dollars, if this was exchanged for Tenglong currency, it’ll be worth about $140,000 – $150,000. Eating an entire shark would not cost that much.

All the beauties once again glanced at Lei Yu. They original watched for his reaction while they get could a good laugh out of it, but their eyes turned into eyes of admiration, surprise, and filled with charm. Wasn’t this change too quick?

Lei Yu didn’t really care since this was the country’s money and not his own. Moreover, he never intended to see these air stewardesses again. So going with the flow of his mood, he might as well treat his fellow laborers to a good meal.

Six tables were filled with delicious food. The restaurant manager could only regret that he lacked ingredients and unable to take all of this rich and generous young master’s money.

During dinner, each of the beauties would take their glass of red wine and go up to Lei Yu and flirt with him, all hoping to win his attention. They even put their own cell phone numbers into Lei Yu’s phone that was left on the table. But out of all the girls present, Lei Yu only remembered the name of one girl – Hu Xin Er. She’s the beautiful air stewardess that accidently touched him in that spot.

Throughout the whole dinner, Xin Er never said a word and only keeping her head down. She would occasionally take a sip of the red wine and grab only the food nearest to her, unlike her fellow colleagues who were loud and boisterous. Her fellow sister colleagues were treating this restaurant as their own playground or something. But from time to time, she will take glances at Lei Yu. Each time her eyes met with Lei Yu’s, she would shyly lower her head again afraid to say anything.

This meal took them more than two hours to eat. The group of girls were pleading to go to a bar to have themselves a good time, and since Lei Yu couldn’t argue his way out of it, he could only nod in agreement.

Naturally Lei Yu was not willing to go, but he was helpless in this situation. There are times when one is not in control such as today. He’s like the main character today and if he doesn’t give them some face by going along, then the whole night’s entertainment would probably be over and he will be the cause of it.

Their group were happily enjoying themselves until at least 2AM before thinking of returning to the hotel. Fortunately for the time difference and Lei Yu having slept on the plane, he wasn’t a bit sleepy.

Hailing five taxis, everyone returned to the hotel with a ruckus. “Don’t you all need to work the return trip tomorrow? How are you going to wake up tomorrow by staying out so late tonight?”

Lei Yu casually asked since he was in a taxi with several of the girls. One of the beauties was resting her head on his shoulder while she used her thigh to rub Lei Yu’s leg. “What? Feeling sorry for us? Don’t worry; we don’t work the return flight until the day after. By the way, why did you come to the U.S.? Is there something you have to do here?”


¹ – Being able to afford abalones and shark fins is similar to a person being able to afford caviar.

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