Ch 113 – Buying A Car Again

“Just some personal matters.” Lei Yu replied with a smile at Hu Xin Er who was sitting in the front passenger seat.

“How long will you be staying here? Not sure if we’ll get to see you again in the future.” Said one of the girls somewhat reluctant to part ways.

Lei Yu shrugged. “I’m not sure myself, but it might be a while.”

Returning to the hotel, Lei Yu decided he will change hotels tomorrow. If he continues hanging out with these girls, sooner or later something might happen. If there were any more “accidents,” Lei Yu wasn’t sure how he was going to explain it to Ai Er.

Taking off his clothes, Lei Yu quietly sat down cross-legged on the floor. He slowly circulated his internal energy through each meridian and veins. The way to circulate it was all according to the last few cultivating methods that were etched into his mind.

Just because Lei Yu had reached the [Detachment] stage, he wasn’t filled with the sense of satisfaction. He wanted to explore deeper into the profoundness of his abilities since there’s no way that cultivators can only achieve the Sixth Order rank right? If a cultivator reaches the peak of the Sixth Order and breaks through, then what would happen? During the time he spent cultivating, this was the point that Lei Yu was most curious about. A human’s potential should be limitless, yet not everyone is able to dig out that potential. Lei Yu was hoping that as he reaches his peak in cultivation, he will be able to dig out that potential and create something unimaginable.

Ever since he came back to life, Lei Yu felt empty inside his body like it was missing a lot of things, and missing something he could rely on. He was only left with his own internal energy circulating around the body. That green energy that once circulated around as protection was hiding somewhere; it never had an inkling of wanting to come out at all. As for the yellow energy of the Spiritual Bead of Longevity, its power naturally disappeared without a trace. Suddenly losing two treasures that were crucial in his own cultivation, Lei Yu’s progression rate of cultivation had definitely slowed down. He also had to be extra cautious now too.

He couldn’t be reckless like before, not caring if his veins were damaged or not. Right now he didn’t have anything to help him repair them so if for some reason he caused damaged to his internal body, then it will take a long time for it to recover.

Lei Yu was breathing steadily. Breathing out the turbid air from his abdominal cavity, and gradually entering into a state of calmness.

After reaching the [Detachment] stage, Lei Yu’s internal energy was not circulating around in a tyrannical manner like before, and it was easier to control now. Each time his internal energy finished a full cycle, Lei Yu was able to clearly feel that his own physique was continually being improved on. He was becoming more powerful than before; his meridians and bone structure was also becoming more resilient.

As always, Lei Yu avoided the piece of jade resting against his chest. It was now different from the past; when the Spiritual Bead of Longevity was still inside his body, he still had to think long and hard before entering it to absorb the moonlight’s essence. Now that he didn’t even have that bead, someone can threaten to beat him to death and he still won’t enter the pendant. Having already reached the strength of a Sixth Order Warrior, if he wasn’t careful and failed miserably inside the pendant, his crying will only fall on deaf ears.

From the beginning, it was merely physical strength to load bearing strength, then to attacking power. Now Lei Yu’s lightning power allowed him to release it outside of his body into a physical state. Lei Yu’s improvement was extraordinary which everyone could obviously see.

After a night of cultivation, Lei Yu slowly opened his eyes. Recently Lei Yu had felt somewhat uncomfortable because after he finished cultivating, it wasn’t like before where his whole body would be covered in impurities. We’re not saying Lei Yu was a masochist and enjoyed being tortured with stench; it’s just that after releasing those impurities would make him feel like he was floating on air. The sudden disappearance of the treasure that could clear impurities made Lei Yu not get accustomed to it. And he suddenly loss two types of abilities, which made Lei Yu hate Hasegawa even more. These were ultimate treasures that benefited Lei Yu’s cultivation greatly and having them simply disappear like this, his heart ached painfully.

Out of habit, he went to wash up and put on a set of clean clothes. Lei Yu intended to go out and look around New York City so he could familiarize himself here.

Lei Yu wasn’t sure if the target he was searching for was hiding in this city, but every city should have the presence of cultivators or practitioners about. With those people’s help, Lei Yu should more or less be able to find some clues.

While in the Kou country, he had already found out that Hasegawa was connected to some research base here in the U.S. Regarding mutants, Black Panther had already given him some information on them. When Black Panther was injected with the H series mutagen, it was actually co-developed by researchers from the U.S. As long as he can find the American version of mutants here, then everything will be solved eventually.

Lei Yu took a taxi cab and arrived at a busy downtown area, Lower Manhattan – Wall Street. This place had a rich environment for businessmen especially for people in the financial industry who were too numerous to count. But Lei Yu was not too interested in any of this; he was thinking that arriving at a new place without a car was really inconvenient. Even if he could walk until his legs broke, he still won’t get used to this place. Therefore…

Having a soft spot for the Mercedes brand, Lei Yu chose the E series roadster¹. The included equipment of this car completely satisfied Lei Yu, and using the cash he possessed in the U.S. was more convenient than in Tenglong country. There was no need to go back and forth for currency exchange².

Abandoning the thoughts he had while in the Kou country, Lei Yu could not reveal the mysterious young master had arrived in the U.S. or else he would certainly set off some big waves. If this was the case, Hasegawa would probably roll up his pants and run off barefoot.

Within a crowd of people, Lei Yu was eating some delicious cookies while wandering around. Many people passing by him weren’t his target, so it appears wanting to find a breakthrough point was not an easy thing. Getting back into his brand new car and driving off, it was already evening hours by the time Lei Yu returned to his hotel.

“Wow! Such a nice car! Handsome guy, you are way too cool!”

Hearing the compliment in the Tenglong language, Lei Yu turned around. Trying hard to recall who this sexily dressed beauty was, he finally remembered she was one of the air stewardesses he went out with last night. Eyes filled with admiration, this air stewardess had many large and small bags in her hands while she was standing in an empty spot of the parking lot not too far where Lei Yu was parked.

Used to being in such a situation, Lei Yu didn’t really mind. With a slight smile, “pretty girl, want me to help you carry some bags? You’re going back to the hotel right?” Lei Yu really couldn’t remember her name so he could only use the pretty girl greeting that was popular and the “in” thing nowadays.

This girl did not hold back, “thanks then!”

Holding her things, Lei Yu then asked: “How come you’re alone? Where did all your colleagues go?”

The girl pretended to be angry and pouted: “With such a big beauty like me is not enough? You are way too greedy, wanting my fellow sister colleagues to accompany you as well?


Arriving at the hotel entrance, they happened to meet Hu Xin Er and the girl she was rooming with. The girls were surprised as they looked at all the bags Lei Yu was holding onto before they looked at their colleague beside him.

“You two went out together to buy things?” Asked the girl who was holding onto Xin Er’s arm.

Lei Yu smiled. “We just happened to meet in the parking lot. What’s going on? You two are going out right now?”

“Yea, we’re going out for a bit. Handsome guy, do you want to come with us?” Asked the girl bluntly, ignoring Xin Er shoving her.

Lei Yu shrugged, “it doesn’t matter, I don’t really have anything to do so hanging out with you guys sounds good. If you two could wait a bit, I’m going to help bring her stuff upstairs before I take you two.”

Without waiting for their response, Lei Yu and the former girl went into the elevator. Xin Er and her roommate didn’t understand what Lei Yu meant when he said he was going to take them? But with a hot guy accompanying them, they didn’t really care and just felt how wonderful it would be.


¹ – There’s no Mercedes Benz dealership anywhere near Wall Street in our world but there is one in the author’s world.
² – If a reader is confused, Lei Yu was given $1.3 billion U.S. dollars by the country that were still in U.S. denominations and not the Tenglong currency.

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